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  1. im actually low just cuz the only reason - if i see the troll in team from the start im just leaving to save my nervs being in pain game about a hour, so i get -15 mmr and need to win 3 games to get back. i dont have a lot of time to play and i dont wanna waste time on game with troll so i just quit, however i still have positive winrate
  2. there was second, he sit in invis, wait for low hp target then pounce or codex, no smoke , no another help, also half of time he was just chasing me all around the map and taking my farm not letting me to lasthit on purpose. How do u think if this guy silver 4 and has 5 kdr on acc, with alot of games played. that means he doing it very often but team losing cuz playing 4 vs 5. We won this game cuz i carried it! May be thats why they didnt ban him, cuz we won it, but still if we even win isnt it griefing ? i think we still need to ban such players even if he is on winner's side!
  3. dude , not all ppl have 4 friends playing hon to avoid trolls, so the only chance to avoid troll is playing as 5 man team. anyways as i said before , there is a lot of guys like this nh with codex that doing it on purpose , and u forced to play 4 vs 5 with a griefer following u stealing farm and kills, but he is not getting banned , dont know why but gm think this playstyle is fine.... no wonder game is dead
  4. i feel u bro, reported the guy on nh who just made a codex and doing nothing just sit in invis and waits for kill, to ks wiht codex, they didnt ban him , its ok his playstyle is fine
  5. Дядь, тебя забанили за что то
  6. BeatFactor

    CC 15

    if i see obvius griefer from the start im not even waiting cc 15, im just leaving to save my time and nerves and searching for next one since i dont care about rating long time ago.
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