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  1. Numbers are always tricky to balance but with the combination of the mobility on W and the stun of E giving him a super early game presence isn't the idea. Giving heroes obvious weaknesses that are offset by niche abilities is one of the most fun ways to balance something. Besides, its not like with R and E he is unable to contribute to fights even early on. Being careful with spells like W is important as it is a mobility, cleave, and useful tool all in one. It probably scales a little too funny though as it gains exponential power with the amount of charges plus the damage so I may
  2. As the title. Madman when triggering Insanity (Staff Upgrade) off of dying with Berserk refreshes itself (Level 2 and 3 Berserk only). Pretty easy to repeat, spawn Madman, give him a Staff, level Berserk to 2 or 3, use Berserk, die.
  3. It already does this built into Gash (E).
  4. I think in the laning phase the deception part is really relevant. Did you ever fix the bug with AFK Timers and TB Ult / SW Ult / Pharaoh Ball hitting them in well.
  5. Question, is the Mystic Illusion Rune buff invisible to enemies? If not, it really needs to be. Also I was playing a game the other day where one of the enemies AFK'd in well and they refused to kick him, knowing that I wouldn't be able to reset my Ultimate on Goldenveil. Is there any way to get around this at all?
  6. Just going to leave this link here because I think it's extremely relevant to most of the discussions that devolve into using stats as a cudgel. Argument From Authority
  7. So would it be insane for Codex to scale like 400 / 550 / 700 / 850 / 1000 instead of just 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800? Considering the item costs 7000 Gold to fully upgrade, most other items at that cost do far more for far less.
  8. Its a small sample size, but I still stand by my initial assessment that the old Spellshards were too strong. Are the new ones too weak? It's hard to say in only 2 weeks but we will see over time. Balancing for the general populace generally isn't the best but I think its worth taking note of.
  9. I would probably put it on non-DoT damage as we don't have a lot of support for targeted instance damage. Thumbs up from me.
  10. As I said I like it. The AoE Purge/Perplex/Silence from the expanding circle is super unique and could be critical in winning a fight.
  11. Soul Reaper is health removal. It doesn't actually deal magic damage. I like the change. I don't think the item itself really needs much else honestly.
  12. Alright, so taking a look at the numbers I have to admit I was kind of shocked. I was definitely expecting a larger trend toward Midwars players being very negative about it, I didn't actually think most FoC players would be negative about it (I'm actually shocked this many people responded)! Not like this has anything to do with anything, but I have to say thanks for the poll and I hope that regardless of what happens you enjoy the 10 year anniversary of HoN!
  13. Alright, another Hero Draft for the fun of it. This time I bring you the Wickerman, an eclectic mix of abilities that can shift easily into a carry role or provide your team with game changing ways to initiate. A fairly squishy and frail hero, the Wickerman shines in keeping your allies alive with it's Harvest ability, while simultaneously punishing enemies. Smart use of its Crow Form will allow a clever Wickerman to avoid the brunt of dangerous fights by quickly repositioning; granting unparalleled mobility when paired with his Circle of the Ancestors. I hope you enjoy reading it as much
  14. I can kind of see a situation where an expensive item like Behemoth's Heart is countered by a significantly cheaper item. What would Sunder be like if it reduced health regeneration by a solid number (to a minimum of 0 regen or whatever)? It would still work to counter such regeneration items but not fully shut it down. Less interactions like Wingbow and Savage is usually better.
  15. Penetration effects happen after any Minus effects. This is why I shake my head when people get Shards on Revenant and Blacksmith when they should be getting Mad Mage and Harkon's instead.
  16. But it can give a quick idea of the general thoughts of players. I'm more interested in what the average GD user feels. Call it vanity.
  17. Colour me curious. Besides I like understanding the community and their thought process.
  18. It seems that the Spellshards change is a hotly debated topic and I was very curious about the opinions of you Newerthians. For those who don't know me, I love numbers and I wanted to see the numbers and actually understand why certain people felt a certain way. Check off one of the poll answers above, I'm interested to see what happens. I don't want to put my opinion here and sour the poll but I'm sure you can find it if you look.
  19. A part of me really wanted to open a thread with a poll asking about the reception of the change (Like / Dislike / Neutral) with what you normally play (FoC / MW / Either). Maybe I'll do that.
  20. Hey Syllab! I'm in the same boat so I'm going to speculate... It probably has to do with Wildsoul or War Beast steamrolling entire teams before they can react. I mean, that's part of why Puzzlebox has always had the cooldown built in.
  21. Anecdotal evidence but honestly as Pebbles you're better off getting Staff (for Mana and the triple toss utility) or Daemonic (to see your enemies driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women). Pebbles very rarely needs Spellshards anyway because he's usually played with a level lead and has enough damage to wipe a good portion of the cast anyway. Seems a little redundant.
  22. Hubaris

    BALANCE Balpha

    What is so imbalanced? Why is it a problem? What can we compare it to? Do you have information that isn't just anecdotal or emotional? These are important questions when looking at balance and this subforum.
  23. I appreciate the lively chat but unless you have numbers to back things up it's just going to be a back and forth opinion tennis. Heroes with magic damage generally taper off, consider it a blessing that there are a plethora of items to help nuking heroes scale into the late game.
  24. Shaman's is a limiting factor in the game. The game was balanced around Shaman's Headdress from some of the earliest patches of DotA. There are plenty of ways to decrease magic armor but very few ways to actually increase it. Besides, why should Spellshards be cheaper and more effective than Armor of the Mad Mage, a 4200 gold item?
  25. Let me ask you all the question: Why? Why should there be an Item that counters Shaman's so cheaply? (I know Mad Mage and Harkon's exist) Better yet, why do you feel that heroes who are meant to be strong early are meant to be strong all game?
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