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  1. Honestly I've been experimenting a lot with the reduced cooldowns on heroes and it's incredibly powerful. In the hands of Qi you basically get a quick W recall and increased damage. In the hands of someone like Goldenveil you basically have a permanent Q and massive mobility. On Hag you have an insanely short blink and scream. None of these even scratch the power of enhanced disables or utility like a 5.6s Cool down Electrician Ultimate. In grindy fights, Grimoire can be key between winning and losing. The item does work but unless you actively think about it it is hard to notice. T
  2. This is going to sound wack but... what if when a Neutral Camp is defeated it helps push the lane (and provides no gold)? Heroes of the Storm does this and it makes the neutrals extremely desirable outside of just the experience (and in this case, gold). It also might help with late game stand offs by adding another win tool in addition to the boss.
  3. Question because I'm not at my computer this weekend, is Bolstering Armband in the side shop? I recall the initial reason for this way back when was because Robe was the only item available in the side shop. Not that this is a massive change, perhaps it can run a check and buy one or the other based on availability.
  4. As you said it would allow for more stuff to do if you can fight over the one set of Ancients. It would also allow the victor of the initial tower to be able to more easily gain that extra influx of gold safely. I'm pro Ancients assuming it's one shared camp somewhere.
  5. This actually reminds me of a brewery in Kalamazoo where FB is/was(?) located. Basically there is a board with a bunch of prices for various types of specialty beers, but as the amount of purchases of a certain brand went up so did beer prices for that brand. Likewise, if a specific beer would not get purchased enough its price would begin to steadily drop until it was low enough for people to decide to spend a couple of bucks buying and trying it. Thus continuing the cycle. I just found the concept extremely interesting and can see it here as well.
  6. I suppose then it comes down to 2 questions: 1) Which Passives are problematic enough to warrant counterplay with Silence or Perplex or whatever? 2) How does one go about doing it? What condition? I really think adding Break is kind of kludgey personally.
  7. Could we just roll certain passives into Silence like the way Night Hound's Invisibility works? If it's a huge issue for very specific heroes it's probably better to look at the offending heroes in general and come up with a more organic way to do it.
  8. Well that sucks. Oh well good to know at least.
  9. Would it be possible to take the mana spent and add them as Numerical Charges on the skill? As damage is dealt charges are removed? Or even a value on the State like the Nome's Wisdom Overheal? I'll honestly even settle for some kind of differentiation between Energy Absorption's Sphere and Electric Shield's Sphere. I get on kicks where I play certain heroes nonstop and it's one of the worst things with Elec.
  10. ElementUser: Can we get a tracker for Electric Shield's remaining health on the skill itself? In the middle of chaotic fights it's sometimes impossible to tell when Shield is up and how much is remaining on it which causes some pretty devastating doublecasts sometimes (as each cast cripples the next). That and we have one for Nome's now so...
  11. Actually I could see it being pretty interesting because he would have to stay within Tether Range of all of his targets at once to maximize the stun. Due to the way he moves he may have to break a tether on one to dodge or reposition.
  12. If you remembered the EA and Blacksmith releases you would understand how much bad PR it would be. In the end it's their choice but it's a losing proposition no matter which option they select.
  13. Would it be possible for Grimoire to reduce the cooldown of abilities that have charges such as Gravekeeper's Q and Chipper Q? It's weird that a lot of the heroes that would get good value out of this item are crippled by the charges not getting reduced in Cooldown (or at least the tooltips don't show a change).
  14. Honestly, EW doesn't really need fast paced considering most of their abilities are auto-pilot. EW has an incredibly low skill floor and cast times are ways to balance EW's excessive range and mostly undodgeable damage. Comparing EW to Chipper as a matchup is a false comparison anyway, you're comparing a burst hero like Chipper who has access to insane range and multiple ministuns against someone who is already slow to cast. You're setting up your own argument to fail.
  15. Soul Trap is honestly fine. It doesn't need a nerf so Regen can be better. Bottle already is a highly efficient item, so are Health Potions. Not only that but the damage from Soul Trap is dependent on being win-more. You actually need to keep killing people (nearby mind you) for it to gain charges else the item is a very expensive Bracer.
  16. I was wondering that as well, the Gravelord Nito Gravekeeper is pretty much the only one I would want... But then again I don't want people to hold my Elder Riftwalker. I waited YEARS for them to fix that damn clipping issue when he walked, YEARS!
  17. Pretty much this. It's not a ... Rap on you guys and gals but the way it's just set up.
  18. Alright, another Hero Draft for the fun of it. This time I bring you Ochre, the Pudding. A Strength Carry who can easily spiral out of control if not handled delicately in fights with burst damage. Ochre has a naturally low Strength growth for a Strength hero and negligible armor and movespeed, but once it begins to spiral out of control it may be too late to capitalize on his weaknesses. Ochre is dangerous if it gains the ability to run his game and get supported by healing heroes. It has the ability to create huge zones of nope with its Q paired with its R to split. Through using its p
  19. The most aggressive laner is always me because I'm a gorilla who can only think 1 step ahead. ... That's not what you meant right?
  20. I honestly wouldn't consider that easy sadly. It's a lot of steps and most people wouldn't even know that's an option. I appreciate that it's there but for the average player it may as well not exist. ?
  21. I very much agree. I only wish there was an easier way to report people after the game is done because sometimes the vitriol I see is unbelievable.
  22. You could easily make it a toggle if it's a massive issue but I don't think it is. Having it as player-controlled creeps or heroes is a perfectly valid targeting system and I can support this idea. I've definitely Greedguttered my share of creeps by accident with Goldenveil.
  23. I appreciate the idea of trying to differentiate them but they are two very different heroes with different purposes. The Witch Slayer Upgrade could be interesting and I think it's a neat design space for dealing damage that just cannot be stopped. I don't really like the Fervor/Blazing Strike one as its counter-intuitive. You want to double the stacks so that means you want to use it after a lot of autoattacks or spells, which means they're probably already at low(er) health, which ultimately wastes Blazing Strike. There's also the idea that the kits of the heroes and the tools they
  24. It is available in Public Games as well as all other modes that have come out, such as Capture the Flag, Devo Wars, and the very not well-designed Darkwood Vale. I'll be hosting them over the next week for fun.
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