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  1. Then switch to a faster ability? Blink strike to someone? I'm just saying it allows for a more interesting design space for the hero instead of just being a pile of hit points and mostly forgoing his entire gimmick.
  2. Decay on Devo? Switchblade Blade Frenzy slowing his attacks? A chunk of Amun-Ra? Almost all Channels? I think it's more than just a debuff, they can make for interesting abilities.
  3. It was always meant to be a hotfix until a better solution came up. Besides, I think he's far more interesting if each form had an advantage / disadvantage to make switching more deep.
  4. People don't actually know how Spellshards work and when they should get them. The fact you see Revenant and Blacksmith with Spellshards is pretty telling. ... And no it doesn't work on GK Ultimate.
  5. Sounds about right. I think some of it is salvageable (mostly Death's Halo), but there's no way in its current state.
  6. So like, what's the story behind Adrenaline? He feels like a HotS hero (Valeera) with the way he manages his "resource" pool. So wack.
  7. I'm a brave fellow, but my time for this kind of stuff has passed. I can wait.
  8. Fun! Can we get a Forum Post here with the updated lines like Silfer did in the last event? Assuming it isn't too much work of course. I find that parsing through Reddit is a massive pain, especially to find interesting tidbits like this. I would even settle with the compiled list once the game itself is done.
  9. This here is the offender I think. I knew something was up. If we trace it back, the damage has gone up and down and up and down, but if it has been problematic it looks like the range is the major contributing factor. By reducing the range to a scaling amount it actually addresses most of OP's concerns. It becomes more telegraphed as the enemy Bomb needs to run closer to utilize it. It becomes a harder to use area denial move. It requires people to make choices early on about which of Bomb's 3 skills to level and take reward on. The quick detonation AoE could be a
  10. For my own curiosity do we have a patch log for Bomb changes? I want to make sure I have the right information before weighing in with something.
  11. Hubaris


    Pharaoh's Hellfire does nearly 1000 damage if you stay within range. Torturer Impalement does 1200 or more IIRC. These, much like Dagger Dance, are unreliable damage. I would almost always take 360 damage and a reliable stun than 560 spread unreliably, not to mention many spells also have additional effects whereas Dagger Dance is simply just damage... Unreliable damage. It's not AoE, it's over time, and it requires you to get up close and personal. 560 situational damage isn't that high when he only has 3 active abilities, one of which requires positioning and trees. Plunge takes 0.
  12. Alright, another month, another Hero Draft for the fun of it. This time I bring you Rake, the Scoundrel. An Agility semi-carry, ganker hero who just loves to gang-up on enemies who are alone and are outnumbered. With his mobility skills, disables, and his positioning heavy Ultimate, he ensures that foes think twice before positioning themselves away from the action. By bouncing from target to target, Rake is capable of splashing around debuffs and create some devastating damage. Rake's two main abilities are Shakedown (Q) and Garrote (W) which both allow him very short ranged blink strik
  13. If anything I would first want to know who on my team activates the Fortifications before making anything else. ... *mad grumbles*
  14. Hubaris

    Master Legacy

    That is because they found that when players got no direct benefit from it it had a significantly lower buy rate.
  15. Honestly EU, the problem with Simple Item View (for me at least) are the vertical categories (8x1) instead of the old (4x2) layout. Also I hate purchasing with RMB instead of LMB. *shakes fist*
  16. Hubaris


    A few very quick points to refute: He needs to be outside of range of a lot of the lane creeps and not have vision to be gaining this health regeneration, which means during laning he is not in experience range or generally not in Plunge range at the very minimum. If he isn't threatening with Plunge, he isn't really accomplishing anything. To say that he abuses Blood Chalice is a little silly, as there are many heroes that can utilize it far better (Succubus for one). It still takes time, and most importantly, early ranks from his other skills which can very well be the difference between
  17. Old Shop isn't supported and thus you can't grab Arcane Bomb or Grave Locket (due to a missing recipe). They don't have plans to update it as it is deprecated... Which sucks because I hate the layout of the new shop.
  18. I really like the new One Man Riot over the old one which I thought was fairly uninspired. He wants to be in the center of attention and it works extremely well with his whole kit. I read old Salomon and I got excited before realizing that we were still referring to the jungling Alchemist instead. I find Salomon to be one of the worst designed heroes in the game, he is so incredibly dull in my mind. He is inevitable even if he does stop scaling; but by then the damage is done. Trying to gank a hero with a 5-7 minute Frostwolf Skull / Heart is basically impossible and it only spirals ou
  19. Blood Hunter Staff Upgrade: - Removed previous because it is laughably situational and pretty silly. Blood Sense can now be activated to send out a sonic scream, dealing 150 magic damage to all enemies within an 800 radius then Silencing and Perplexing them for 3 seconds. The Silence and Perplex duration decreases the further away from Blood Hunter they are down to a total of 0.5 seconds at the maximum distance. Goes on a 20 second cooldown. Gives him more Utility in the later stages of the game and encourages him to be in the center of the action to maximize the amount of targe
  20. Blast from the past. So many names on there that brought me back.
  21. Mana Regen lets you farm harder, fight longer, push further all without having to go back. For some heroes, it's core to their builds. Not everything needs to do everything.
  22. A minor point but I would say that Gauntlet might want to target creeps to maximize the amount of people put into Stasis.
  23. Stacked camps don't matter because Sear is an AoE anyway (200 radius). Letting Sear apply to spells seems great. I'm not a big fan of the active as the window is sometimes awkward to use if you're not a sustained damage hero. What about rolling the lifesteal into it passively (heavily reduce the numbers of course) and let the active apply a Blind in an AoE around yourself? For balance budget we can do something like this (even though I'm pro Grimoire): Lightbrand gives Sear, mana regen, and minor magic lifesteal (2-3%). Grimoire gives the bigger Sear, Sear on spell cast (
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