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  1. Might as well have only a single, nameless hero available with the following: There I balanced Midwars.
  2. Which abilities does she even self cast? Unless you're referring to items in which case I agree.
  3. Hubaris

    Ward meta

    If you want to see everything with a single ward you need to realize that it comes with vulnerabilities. This adds depth to the game. If it was just 2 or 3 optimal ward spots constantly it takes all sorts of nuance away from the game. I don't see how this is an issue, you can either get a ton of vision with the obvious risks attached or you take less vision but almost ensure the ward lasts.
  4. Hubaris

    Ward meta

    High ground carries risk of exposure for the greatest amount of reward. It seems to be working as intended.
  5. Hubaris

    Rampage Buff

    The problem with slows is that mobility spells and abilities just don't care. There's a reason they're valued less than stuns. He would charge in, and it would immediately proc Horned Strike (E), so functionally the stun on Stampede (Q) is still pretty much the same.
  6. Hubaris

    Rampage Buff

    Honestly this could be a really decent fix (moving the stun to E). Still gives him the over time anti-carry capabilities but without allowing him to line up and effectively store 5 seconds of uninteractable stun.
  7. Nomad just has damage right now and minor utility on Sandstorm, I propose to give him some unique utility on the spell instead of just giving him more damage (which basically any item can do). This will allow him to weave in and out of fights a lot better, increase his survivability in a new way (by adding Miss chance), and generally disrupt enemy teams. Additionally, by blinding enemies you can more easily bait them into attacking Nomad which can trigger Edge Counter. Ra has never had the problem of staying alive, so this aims to give him a unique passive that actually makes hi
  8. Just buy a Power Supply, get Runes of the Blight, get Health Regen, buy a Vestment, get TP stones, there are so many ways to deal with Voodoo that don't even involve using Hero drafts that hard counter him (like Nymph and basically any heals). Also as an aside, stop getting Sunder on Voodoo. It makes Curse deniable, which basically makes the whole spell awful. The hero is fine; could do with maybe having his old 59 base damage though no I'm kidding that was insane.
  9. There was a time when Mummy Walls blocked creeps in with him, that might be what you're thinking. Also possibly with Puzzlebox. Mummies also used to allow Pharaoh to climb to impossible places, unsure if you can still do that but the option was there (and should still be).
  10. Hubaris

    Rampage Buff

    He had that before after 4 charges gained. With his new Ult and not having the pull it might be fine.
  11. Alright, another month, another Hero Draft for the fun of it. This time I bring you Primus, the Ancient Hunter. A disruptive Strength Ganker from the depths of Newerth who wants to get in the middle of a fight and stay there in order to bully enemies around. HoN needed a Crocodile, because every game needs the ultimate in predation and evolution. Using her skillset, Primus can quickly cover distance with On the Hunt (Q), allowing her to find a pesky target near the back and snap at them, while blasting foes away with the area effect. Her W, Lurking Dive allows her to create no-go areas f
  12. Hubaris

    Rampage Buff

    I too think Rampage got hit hard when he lost the ability to Shrunken Head midcharge. I think E being a slow only is fine because he already has 2 (mostly) reliable disables built in already. The problem with Rampage is that he makes for a terrible initiator as he can only really stun 2 people, which is why most Initiators have Stomps (Pestilence, Moraxus), Impales (WS, Fayde), or big AoEs (Tempest, Kraken). I propose that to play on the fact that he has mobility and move speed, his Horned Strike (E) should Stun (for a small duration) if the target is bashed into another hero or tree (muc
  13. Pharaoh is really strong, the Strength and Hellfire buffs are killer; and honestly I would rather have the raw Strength gain that he now has instead of the mana burn. I loved the mana burn, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it is as core a part of his identity as YOLO IN and disrupt. The other tradeoffs allow him to fulfill that function a lot better than mana burn does. Heroes have a budget of power, and I would rather the power budget be allotted to him being able to do his role successfully (as was seen the other day).
  14. Warchief with Grimoire and War Cry seems to break Brutalizer cooldown, freezing it even when dropped or stashed. Seems to happen when it procs multiple times very quickly. Fixes itself eventually when attacking, can't figure out what causes it to go back to normal.
  15. 3.2 Strength over the course of the game: Just for reference.
  16. Doesn't DR have an unreactable Stun on his W anyway? Also there's still Nullstone or activating Shrunken beforehand. DR is slippery enough as is so honestly he could do with a minor vulnerability here and there. ... Also you can attack and cast during R now. Wild.
  17. Well that was a clean answer. Good to know at least.
  18. Is it intended for Nitro Ult to be able to hit Fayde during Shadow Walk if she was targeted before Shadowwalking?
  19. While Saforis is the king of anti-healing, Fayde originally was with her Reflection's debuff. There is still room in the game for an anti-healing ability, especially one that can hit an area of effect. Fayde has the unique ability to weave in and out of the field with Shadow Walk, hit multiple people with her near instant Cull, and set up devastating blows with Burning Shadows. Additionally, Fayde tends to fall off in prolonged fights or against heroes who have heals due to the way her Reflection damage is applied (over time and based on their current Health), this will help offset that while
  20. I keep seeing people talk about how high skill cap Gauntlet used to be before they added a helper button on E. Honestly I don't buy it, there was very rarely any skill between clicking near your feet and hitting E. The only major difference was that a tiny angle off from clicking near your feet could cause it to fly wildly. All this does is stabilize the skill floor but does nothing to change the ceiling. Gauntlet is still high skill and flexible. People who only use him to hook like Devourer are missing a huge amount of potential. Between unreactable reverse grapples to trying to ai
  21. In that bracket just play heroes with stuns and high impact. Magmus can easily take over the game and carry your team just with constant ganking and Eruption.
  22. Word. I suppose that is fair, it kind of gets rolled into that idea of debuffs that don't feel like it. I'm curious to see how people notice it (if at all). Couldn't Qi's damage formulas come from some mix of: (Attack Damage - [Some % of] Base Damage) * Scaling Modifier? I don't think it's an unsalvagable mess... unlike a couple of other heroes. Anyway thanks for the answers!
  23. Fair enough. I still think Qi got buffed the wrong way. I'll see how he feels with the scaling R again. I definitely appreciate the BAT change on Shadowblade but I fear a lot of people won't understand the difference. Any reason why you didn't just tag an AS penalty instead?
  24. I'm curious why you went with increased death cooldowns for towers missing in Midwars instead of just increasing the gold ticks for the conquering team. It doesn't seem to do much on paper when you push T1 early and they just sit and turtle way far back.
  25. I have to wonder. When Apex uses Armageddon and doubles the duration of The Burning Ember on his enemies, can we have it apply a second Debuff or State instead? The reason being is you sometimes will just hit them and reapply the regular 5s buff, basically making this empowered version pointless. If it's meant to catch stragglers I guess the current way works, but with him being in the thick of things and applying TBE constantly it feels almost redundant.
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