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  1. I agree with most of the points but I haven't used it enough to comment. I do think self damage needs to be looked at somewhat, mainly due to heroes like Ra, Maliken and Accursed who can easily proc it and keep it maintained. I'll definitely come back to this thread.
  2. Goldenveil gets hugely shutdown by split pushers who avoid conflict. Wild Soul / War Beast are both very tanky to deal with and very rarely show up until the endgame when they are unkillable. GV has a problem where if he cannot reset his Greedgutter his damage falls off by a ton, so heroes who don't fight often, who are incredibly tanky (Ra, Cthul), or are just difficult to kill in general cause him massive issues. Additionally, heroes like Apex who pick up Arcane Bomb and can blast trees down with Q are also a massive problem for him. A lot of the tankier heroes that also wipe out trees
  3. Bramble. Reasoning above. Like I said, I think that the Old Bramble had a charm to her that isn't captured in one of the newer ones.
  4. I'm expecting the napalm trail to say Ho-Ho-Ho or something. You heard it it first.
  5. I mean I guess. The problem is that his skills are so 1 dimensional and that True Strike basically doesn't exist as a skill.
  6. Basically all the time. In the vault it comes off as checkers, loading screens, in lobby, in a group, basically everywhere it seems to be replaced with the missing image image. I'll see if there's another way to replicate it. EDIT: When I get home from work I'll upload two different .PNG CAI's and see what happens. One with Transparency and one without and hopefully it can narrow it down. EDIT2: Older images that were set up before x64 still seem to be broken if there's transparency at all. It seems like the 64-bit client can't handle transparent CAI's. EDIT3: A frien
  7. Nomad Rework (Written so it doesn't get lost) "It's not the mountain that will stop you, but the grains of sand in your shoes." Most of Nomad's problems revolve around the fact that he is hugely 1-dimensional and that there are no choices to how to use Mirage and True Strike (it's generally more effective to Mirage and then swing in while Invisible to get 2 full charged Wanderers). This rework aims to alleviate those issues by granting him more options, more feints, without increasing his damage output. Q - Sandstorm [Same functionality as before plus the following]
  8. I don't have time to get into a huge dive into Emerald Warden, but I can give my initial thoughts on reading. I love traps and anything that makes them less clunky (even if that means removal of manual detonation) is good. I would seriously much rather see them as traps for vision and to cut off escape routes, allowing EW to rout people. So I can agree with you here. I also think that Gawain could use a little bit of a touch up, but not too much as it is in fact a source of frustration for some players as it is basically an uninteractable facet of the hero (or at worse, a fancy Steroid).
  9. Custom Account Icon .pngs with transparency show up as the checkered boxes on the 64-bit client; but show up normally on the 32-bit client. Everyone in a match loaded up with 64-bit experiences this whereas 32-bit ones don't. Replication steps are pretty straightforward.
  10. This will give her an alternate initiation option as well as make her really slippery, playing into her fade into shadows idea. There's an issue where you sometimes have to lose the massive Reflection break damage to cover a gap with Burning Shadows so this should also help with that aspect. She will be able to strike backlines, move around and set up great line stuns instead of just relying on being a one and done hero. Additionally, it gives her some anti-tank properties, as Reflection's Damage scales based on current health.
  11. The fact that you want this shows that Boots are worth more than the slot efficiency, and I think that's perfectly fine.
  12. Hubaris

    Nomad Buff

    Look, I love Nomad but we need to address one thing: Staff effects should not fix heroes.
  13. Reasoning: Her current Staff just lets her move about and cast spells, but honestly it pales compared to Shrunken Head or a Jade Spire putting her out of reach. This iteration will instead add to her already devastating kit by making her able to pluck people out of fights or effectively initiate during situations where it would be too dangerous for her or her team to go in. There is counterplay as Succubus' location can be tracked by the way the target is being moved, as well as by stunning or silencing her to break the hold.
  14. Reasoning. I think that Gravekeeper has a huge identity crisis as a hero and I've always loved the idea of Zombie hoards. This effectively will give him more sustained damage in fights, as well as the ability to perform longterm sieges at a tower; which can put pressure of teams defending their last bastion (their Barracks). It can over some time, grind them down much like a zombie apocalypse. This also has the ability to drop a Zombie Apocalypse midfight and keep the corpses flowing, as well as more pulses from the Gravestone. Ultimately it gives Gravekeeper some new utility wh
  15. I think the trend is adding names back. I definitely support this idea and I try to add them where applicable.
  16. Absolutely not. It breaks the terms.
  17. Comparing skills like that is generally not the way to go, but Counter-Attack actually does a ton of work and nulls a lot of damage (even 4 autoattacks at 100 damage is effectively 400 HP and 4 Way of the Sword Crits).
  18. I didn't see that in the tooltips (or the advanced ones). It is the SotM effect so that could be what you're getting mixed up with (or I missed something).
  19. I can agree with the W pretty much. Probably overbuffed it honestly from my initial design. R is basically Rampage's old Chains that Bind except she's disarmed, so it's more or less the same (except on a hero with less CC and less MS).
  20. I appreciate the grammar lesson, but I don't care about compound sentences and grammar. Thanks I guess?
  21. I don't think spell return is even possible with the current script available.
  22. A great counter to Armadon is Succubus as she can Mez him for like 7 seconds and basically make him not a threat. Additionally Spine Burst / Armadillo damage is countered with Smitten and the hero lacks a stun to help out allies in a 2v2 Situation.
  23. That is a possibility. Numbers can obviously be modified but the concept is to absorb damage, I didn't consider whether it should be a % absorb like Armadon or a shield like Kinesis.
  24. Those aren't really roles, they're positions. He is an initiator, but he's honestly not very good at it unless you can really line up creeps to actually maximize Trample (which is incredibly rewarding). There are plenty of heroes that can deal with Cthul, mainly because he has 0 Invulnerability on his charge and his W requires him to be moving toward the danger. While Obliterate does cap off at 500 damage, its over the course of 4 seconds and doesn't exactly have a massive area of effect. E is actually the worst spell in the game bar none. It's only saving grace is that it is better
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