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  1. Posting this here before I forget, going to make a formal thread soon-ish. Regarding Kane and Balance of Power (Mostly). I need to clean this up, but yeah, Kane needs some work.
  2. Buy Nullfire Blade. DR doesn't have infinite mana. I can agree he's strong but he needs so much farm for that payoff.
  3. Seems to have been fixed with a fresh install. Not sure what the issue is, can't replicate it now.
  4. I'm wondering what could be causing it then. I'll try some more tonight, I doubt it was an input error, but I have a fresh install of HoN on this computer so let's see if it helps. Thanks for the update @OMGitsMARLON
  5. Match ID: 160439459 At about 38:50 (game time) it happens, it happened in a few other games as well. I was 100% mashing that button to break the Hellflower. Happened upon it in a Dampeer game as well, but I've been playing a lot of Dampeer so finding the replay is harder. If you want to dummy a game with me let me know, maybe it can't be replicated in Practice mode.
  6. As the title. Seems like the Grimoire (despite the text) can't seem to break Perplex. The item shows up activatable (not greyed/blued out) but cannot actually be activated. I can provide a replay, but it's fairly easy to replicate. Have not tried with the Perplex on Engineer Field.
  7. Damage is good. It helps offset the early game stats that are prevalent now. Still just needs a nudge with Mana Drain but is overall pretty swell.
  8. Hubaris

    Nomad Buff

    Nomad is a binary hero. He either kills you instantly or doesn't do enough to be a threat. Edge Counter either blows you up or does nothing. Either he's invisible or not. Here was a post I threw up in Balance Dump about how there is a lot of room to give him some oomph. A little self back patting but I'm very happy with the first draft.
  9. Hubaris

    Nomad Buff

    His Sandstorm pretty much always slowed, his Mirage/True Strike used to be better because Wanderer wasn't ass like it is now. Additionally, the revelation that Plated Greaves are good, that there are tankier heroes in general (as an example, Pharaoh went from 2.2 Strength per level to 3.2), and because one of his main winning points (move speed to get to Runes) was mitigated by the fact that there are multiple Runes now. There's a lot more, like Shieldbreaker being really strong when he was at his prime, and a completely different metagame of popular heroes. Nomad is a hero with onl
  10. Problem with this one is that not every hero has a Staff upgrade currently, which makes it sometimes do absolutely nothing. It's kind of the same problem Empath has which is a shame.
  11. As title. DJ Rhapsody is missing her live moving picture where the healthbars are. Replication steps: No mods, 64-bit (in case it matters), select DJ Rhap. Also WTB Miku...
  12. Real talk. Reduce the experience range on creeps so you need to be closer and slow down the passive tick. Would force people to get closer to the action and risk more.
  13. Hubaris


    He is way more twitchy now. Fail to hit 2 people with Shard and your offense falls apart. Use Rush to get a good angle or use it for damage? Use it early and get the cooldown reduced via Q but you better not miss Q. Dragging people around using snap decisions to shackle as many people before looping Q on them. The hero has way more decisions now. Before you stunned someone with Halo, drained their mana, then Rushed. Sure there was the catching mechanic but once E was maxed it was basically pointless.
  14. I actually like that Popcorn Pearl. The fact that the clouds are strung up and are clearly props (along with the background just being a quilt) makes it refreshing to me. Then again, art is subjective.
  15. Hubaris


    I've been having a lot of success with tanking up via Nome's / Sunder / Icon and getting a PK. Play him as a disruptor with a little bit of damage tacked on. His laning is still really bad though because the gold kind of doesn't do a lot of him that couldn't have been allocated toward a different hero (even Prisoner and Gauntlet can do what he does, but with more reward).
  16. Kneejerk Adrenaline Thoughts: Hero requires so many different stats for so many different things (which is fine), but the rewards are currently a little low. He needs Health to sustain Death's Halo and his initiation role, he needs regen to sustain massive Q spam and his low mana pool, and of course Agility so he can wail on people and make Q scale a little. One of these needs to be eased a little, not by much mind you. Q costs way too much currently so a minor buff to it's mana cost would help. After that, something minor like Halo's duration being less shoddy or some kind of extra
  17. Yeah but people who play heroes will always find a reason to complain. There is inherent bias. Death's Halo on Adrenaline is a little wack, I don't think it needed the 20% damage for 1 second duration aspect to it.
  18. I'm happy. But then again, I think that you've been on the right track with a lot of this despite the mass hysteria.
  19. But we have people that Cripple Carries. We have Rampages and Pandas and Succubi. If you want to disable a carry through Shrunken there are tons of better options. What Qi offers is the ability to completely gutterblast heroes who build like glass cannons or forgo health. No other hero does what he does and that is a good thing. It's why I fought so hard to not have EU throw out the baby with the bathwater in his previous major change.
  20. As someone who plays a lot of Qi, Qi is fine with the new changes. You can't draft him all the time, but when you do he is a hero that can completely crush certain heroes without needing to buy items. Honestly I want more heroes like Qi that come out of a niche and aren't picked all the time. I don't want to see another AoE Damage Over Time hero, I don't want to see Enlightenment removed, as it makes him very unique and gives him a place that doesn't directly compete with other AoE DoT Location heroes. The problem is if you remove Enlightenment, you now have the problem where he is j
  21. Demonic is basically never a waste of money. It's one of the most efficient items in the game.
  22. Was thinking more about Cthulhuphant (a problem I have). I was going to post this in the Cthul thread but that thread is more for Balance than for possible fixes for it. Something like this can have some very unique utility when mixed with Dreams of Madness to draw people in, create launch targets, and then keep them tied up in a horror of eldritch slaps. It would also grant him a strange way of battlefield control with counterplay. He loses hard to magic and area damage but does very well against physical dealers and single target compositions. Additionally, make it when people a
  23. If you walk into an enemy Tower with no creeps around, the Tower should target you. If a second hero comes into the range and directly targets the enemy you were chasing, the Tower is supposed to switch to the person directly targeting. Is it acting like that? Otherwise I don't think I've seen this behaviour.
  24. Drac has a better niche now than he did before. He is a massive Global Defender and threat whereas his older iterations either affixed him to the tower or just split shot. The area denial aspect was nice, but that is still somewhat present in how Fiery Barrage spreads out between people like a living bomb.
  25. Maul used to drain your Health when you attacked with it, triggering it's own charges. I don't know when it was removed but honestly with some tweaking it could come back.
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