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  1. I've been out of it for a while but does Lunge still Proc attack modifiers (yes I know they don't really exist anymore)? While I agree with your assessment that you need to get armor against Drunken, Shieldbreaker is a common item for him. So with that in mind I would go with another route. If I were to change him up, honestly maybe 4 pressure points would be the best way to do this. Considering how many are functionally 'free' with his skillset, adding a 4th would increase his difficulty somewhat while giving people a small chance of counterplay between the first 3 getting it. Alternativ
  2. Oh I see what you mean. So you're saying the CW should degrade over time or something? It would still have the problem with the initial CW finding things but I mean, it could be an interesting idea.
  3. Warding is an ever evolving subgame/duel in the game. I actually like it because it makes you have to think outside the box and not just strictly on the ward ledge locations. I'm keen on the idea that sometimes the suboptimal placement is actually optimal.
  4. Except you say here that the effective odds go up and down based on the amount of multicasts you've had. If you haven't been getting casts its not a gambler's fallacy in this case because you are actually tailoring the odds upward if they haven't cast; except that it is hidden.
  5. But you can still tailor the % chance up/down by manipulating the game itself. I just don't think its worth the hassle for a functionally nonexistent thing for most people playing. If you know you haven't been getting casts then you know for sure you're about to 'get lucky' and hit it big.
  6. When it comes to Frenzy its low enough cooldown and high duration basically makes it irrelevant for this conversation, so I am going to focus solely on Fireball. So the problem is the feast or famine factor of Blacksmith? I still think that is a major part of his identity. You run the risk of having a regular stun or a Silver Bullet on a Q, that is kind of his thing. By making a hidden state or by cheating the players out of the knowledge of how it works I think you'll actually end up with a feel-worse design. There is something spectacular when the stars align and Blacksmith just works.
  7. Honestly Blacksmith IS the RNG. What would be his identity without it? You could do something similar to Legionnaire but with the power of a 1600 Damage Multicast on the line its a little more than just a single spin.
  8. In keeping in the spirit of HoN, I feel like a place for people to have less formal discussion about Balance while still having a place to discuss Balance is required. Sometimes there are discussions that do not warrant a full thread with proper sources and numbers, but those posts can still be good starting points to creating that thread; I propose we revitalize Balance Dump for this purpose.
  9. Dinosaur here. I'm sad to see the old forums go, all the history of them, however I am happy to see that they have finally gotten updated for a newer crowd. They look and feel slick, much like how HoN always has. You're still doing great work here.
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