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  1. Warchief with Grimoire and War Cry seems to break Brutalizer cooldown, freezing it even when dropped or stashed. Seems to happen when it procs multiple times very quickly. Fixes itself eventually when attacking, can't figure out what causes it to go back to normal.
  2. 3.2 Strength over the course of the game: Just for reference.
  3. Doesn't DR have an unreactable Stun on his W anyway? Also there's still Nullstone or activating Shrunken beforehand. DR is slippery enough as is so honestly he could do with a minor vulnerability here and there. ... Also you can attack and cast during R now. Wild.
  4. Well that was a clean answer. Good to know at least.
  5. Is it intended for Nitro Ult to be able to hit Fayde during Shadow Walk if she was targeted before Shadowwalking?
  6. While Saforis is the king of anti-healing, Fayde originally was with her Reflection's debuff. There is still room in the game for an anti-healing ability, especially one that can hit an area of effect. Fayde has the unique ability to weave in and out of the field with Shadow Walk, hit multiple people with her near instant Cull, and set up devastating blows with Burning Shadows. Additionally, Fayde tends to fall off in prolonged fights or against heroes who have heals due to the way her Reflection damage is applied (over time and based on their current Health), this will help offset that while also greatly amplifying her teamfight potential. By adding an effect like this, you can also make use of items like Frostfield on her or burstier damage builds in the form of Thunderclaw or Twin Blades, giving her some new builds outside of a single blast and wander around until cooldowns reset. This also plays into Cull's mana burn which can allow her to have great utility against heroes like Oogie, Electrician or Doctor Repulsor. As a whole I think it adds something unique that isn't a pure upgrade to the hero and should be considered for that reason.
  7. I keep seeing people talk about how high skill cap Gauntlet used to be before they added a helper button on E. Honestly I don't buy it, there was very rarely any skill between clicking near your feet and hitting E. The only major difference was that a tiny angle off from clicking near your feet could cause it to fly wildly. All this does is stabilize the skill floor but does nothing to change the ceiling. Gauntlet is still high skill and flexible. People who only use him to hook like Devourer are missing a huge amount of potential. Between unreactable reverse grapples to trying to aim the Ultimate to stasis the maximum amount of enemies while optimizing damage... He already has a lot on his plate. This doesn't even take into account the wack things you can do with Help/Harm areas such as Nymph Pod midfight. I know that comes off as a rant but every time there is a Gauntlet change this has happened.
  8. In that bracket just play heroes with stuns and high impact. Magmus can easily take over the game and carry your team just with constant ganking and Eruption.
  9. Word. I suppose that is fair, it kind of gets rolled into that idea of debuffs that don't feel like it. I'm curious to see how people notice it (if at all). Couldn't Qi's damage formulas come from some mix of: (Attack Damage - [Some % of] Base Damage) * Scaling Modifier? I don't think it's an unsalvagable mess... unlike a couple of other heroes. Anyway thanks for the answers!
  10. Fair enough. I still think Qi got buffed the wrong way. I'll see how he feels with the scaling R again. I definitely appreciate the BAT change on Shadowblade but I fear a lot of people won't understand the difference. Any reason why you didn't just tag an AS penalty instead?
  11. I'm curious why you went with increased death cooldowns for towers missing in Midwars instead of just increasing the gold ticks for the conquering team. It doesn't seem to do much on paper when you push T1 early and they just sit and turtle way far back.
  12. I have to wonder. When Apex uses Armageddon and doubles the duration of The Burning Ember on his enemies, can we have it apply a second Debuff or State instead? The reason being is you sometimes will just hit them and reapply the regular 5s buff, basically making this empowered version pointless. If it's meant to catch stragglers I guess the current way works, but with him being in the thick of things and applying TBE constantly it feels almost redundant.
  13. Then switch to a faster ability? Blink strike to someone? I'm just saying it allows for a more interesting design space for the hero instead of just being a pile of hit points and mostly forgoing his entire gimmick.
  14. Decay on Devo? Switchblade Blade Frenzy slowing his attacks? A chunk of Amun-Ra? Almost all Channels? I think it's more than just a debuff, they can make for interesting abilities.
  15. It was always meant to be a hotfix until a better solution came up. Besides, I think he's far more interesting if each form had an advantage / disadvantage to make switching more deep.
  16. People don't actually know how Spellshards work and when they should get them. The fact you see Revenant and Blacksmith with Spellshards is pretty telling. ... And no it doesn't work on GK Ultimate.
  17. Sounds about right. I think some of it is salvageable (mostly Death's Halo), but there's no way in its current state.
  18. So like, what's the story behind Adrenaline? He feels like a HotS hero (Valeera) with the way he manages his "resource" pool. So wack.
  19. I'm a brave fellow, but my time for this kind of stuff has passed. I can wait.
  20. Fun! Can we get a Forum Post here with the updated lines like Silfer did in the last event? Assuming it isn't too much work of course. I find that parsing through Reddit is a massive pain, especially to find interesting tidbits like this. I would even settle with the compiled list once the game itself is done.
  21. This here is the offender I think. I knew something was up. If we trace it back, the damage has gone up and down and up and down, but if it has been problematic it looks like the range is the major contributing factor. By reducing the range to a scaling amount it actually addresses most of OP's concerns. It becomes more telegraphed as the enemy Bomb needs to run closer to utilize it. It becomes a harder to use area denial move. It requires people to make choices early on about which of Bomb's 3 skills to level and take reward on. The quick detonation AoE could be a problem, it could be fixed with an area nerf but that just reduces its use when it comes to self bombing, or using it on creep waves. Reducing the AoE honestly removes lines of play and isn't really something I would advocate for. Reducing the range (scaling it to something like 500 / 600 / 700 / 800) would leave those lines of play but instead increase early counterplay and increase risk for Bomb. Quick Detonation already punishes you for the stun penalty, punishing the AoE as well feels a little too harsh. I also like the choice on Bomb to quick throw for a fast stun (albeit a small one) or to build it up. This is why I think nerfing the Range and not the AoE is the better solution. Removing lines of play just dilutes the hero and the game I think, and Bomb has interesting (if subtle) choices.
  22. For my own curiosity do we have a patch log for Bomb changes? I want to make sure I have the right information before weighing in with something.
  23. Hubaris


    Pharaoh's Hellfire does nearly 1000 damage if you stay within range. Torturer Impalement does 1200 or more IIRC. These, much like Dagger Dance, are unreliable damage. I would almost always take 360 damage and a reliable stun than 560 spread unreliably, not to mention many spells also have additional effects whereas Dagger Dance is simply just damage... Unreliable damage. It's not AoE, it's over time, and it requires you to get up close and personal. 560 situational damage isn't that high when he only has 3 active abilities, one of which requires positioning and trees. Plunge takes 0.75 seconds (or was it 0.85 now) to hit the ground and has a 200 radius? A hero who isn't slowed can actually react and walk out of it's radius safely at 300 move speed (255 units in 0.85s). The skill is hugely unreliable but does reward hard reads on the enemy. This is something I like and think is fine. You can predict where Goldenveil is jumping by the telegraphed animation on his jump and how it arcs. I don't appreciate you using experience as a cudgel for balance discussion, but if you need to know since returning I've only been playing mostly newer heroes, with Goldenveil being one of them. So yes I know, but I also know that there are times I am kicking myself for playing a very situational hero who gets completely shutdown by move speed, communication and tree destruction when I could be YOLOing people with Nomad or EW or plenty of other reliable heroes.
  24. Alright, another month, another Hero Draft for the fun of it. This time I bring you Rake, the Scoundrel. An Agility semi-carry, ganker hero who just loves to gang-up on enemies who are alone and are outnumbered. With his mobility skills, disables, and his positioning heavy Ultimate, he ensures that foes think twice before positioning themselves away from the action. By bouncing from target to target, Rake is capable of splashing around debuffs and create some devastating damage. Rake's two main abilities are Shakedown (Q) and Garrote (W) which both allow him very short ranged blink strikes, with each having a different debuff attached to it. Ideally Rake would like to move from target to target midfight, Disarming high attack foes, stealing their damage, then going for backline squishies with the stolen damage and his devastating Garrote. If Rake manages to catch a target alone, Opportunist (R) makes very short work of them, slicing them down with bonus true damage and additional attacks if allies outnumber them. While his Strength and HP Growth isn't particularly high, Slippery Customer (E) allows him some reprieve with a buffer zone of hit points to work with that replaces itself, as well as an ability to get out of some of the tightest spots. All in all, Rake is a dangerous ganker, and will stop at nothing to gang up on people he would deem as easy pickings. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Rake, the Scoundrel (v1.0) Story, Flavour Basic Melee Agility Hero Strength 16 (+1.7) Agility 23 (+2.8) Intelligence 19 (+2.2) Movespeed 310 / Armor 4.5 / Magic Armor 5 Q - Shakedown W - Garrote E – Slippery Customer R – Opportunist Changelog:
  25. If anything I would first want to know who on my team activates the Fortifications before making anything else. ... *mad grumbles*
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