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  1. Huh? There's nothing wrong with Dream being good on him; people are just stuck playing the hero the same old way that doesn't work over and over again.
  2. Honestly Meteor just needs some stun scaling and that's it. The spell already scales based on targets hit (healing) and running into it. With the advent of Dreamcatcher / Sacrificial Stone, Meteor becomes a terrifying spell when positioned right.
  3. Illusions only inherit Base Damage (damage from their primary attribute and from their base 30-40 from Level 0).
  4. The Killer Kraken (Orca) skin seems to be using the standard "Release the Kraken" sound effect on his R. Replication steps: Get (Killer) Kraken to 6/11/16. Not much else to report. No Staff, nothing special.
  5. Item is great. It's not an always pick, but it's a great pick on some heroes. A lot of heroes have healing and have a need for Stats. The heroes you listed are a super narrow use of the item. Looking at someone like Dampeer, he has a ton of self healing, requires all three stats to really function, burst healing/mana, and could use the death cooldown to effectively get back in the game to regain Essence. There is one item that grants all of this and it is Sacrificial Stone. The item is more than just a supportive item, and I think your view of the item blinds you to how good it is.
  6. I only use Detailed Tooltips as well, there were a few I saw that were wrong. If I stumble across them again I'll compile a list.
  7. So from what I recall, to gain assists one of the following must be true: You must have a Debuff (Red) on an enemy. You must have Stunned the enemy. You must have dealt 10% of their maximum life or more in damage. Additionally, some auras grant Assists despite not affecting enemies: Nome's Wisdom, Ring of the Teacher, Lex Tallionis, Abyssal seem to grant it Astrolabe seems to grant it Some global abilities (such as Rampage Stampede Q) grant it as well (try Brass Knuckles on him for Global Assist hilarity). All of these must be within 20 seconds of the
  8. This Staff effect would be absurdly busted. There is no way this ends well, it is just too strong.
  9. Right now if you have a way to keep people clumped in it (Bramble Ultimate, Tempest Ultimate, Pharaoh Wall, etc), the damage is pretty good. I think making it more standalone in terms of power feels a little braindead from my quick glance at it.
  10. If they shared a cooldown it would be a purely QoL change and that would be fine if it was deemed needed. I have no horse in this race other than to point that out.
  11. I'm enjoying Adrenaline but I haven't had a chance to really bust him out in FoC with a proper team.
  12. I have this, I always attributed it to Packet Loss of some sort.
  13. Straightforward. There is still no item that grants an AoE Silence effect so there is no issue with item redundancy here. I think it would be a pretty good reward for a subpar item, as hitting 2-3 people with an extra Silence could prove to be very dangerous. Even though Blood Hunter can't increase the durations by attacking (as he can only hit one at a time) it would also help to trigger Feast as they will have Blood Crazy on them, giving him a little more survivability as well.
  14. As per the title, Corrupted Disciple's Conduit (W) stays on Amun-Ra even after he resurrects with Pyroclasmic Rebirth (R). Replication steps are easy. Cast Corrupted Conduit on an Amun-Ra with Pyroclasmic Rebirth skilled. Kill Amun-Ra Returns with the state still attached to him. This behaviour doesn't seem to happen with Respawn (using Test++) and Deadlift Ultimate. Can't seem to check with Buyback outside of an actual game, but I would assume it behaves the same way as the Respawn Feature judging by the sound and graphical effects.
  15. I demand updates to Strikers of Newerth! So many cool new characters that can be turned into footballers.
  16. Hubaris


    Mag is a hero who is always relevant at any stage of the game and is easily one of those heroes that if you're good at, can solo climb any of the lower brackets. I can see the Staff effect needing a rework though, such as maybe allowing Volcanic Touch to trigger off of Spells (with SotM). I see no reason to fix what isn't broken.
  17. This workaround makes it really bad. Currently one of the benefits of Tome is that one of your higher GPM/XPM heroes can help someone who is struggling.
  18. I knew something has been going on with Shadow Walk (E) but I finally have a replay, I've been under it's effects multiple times but have still been targeted by single target effects. Match ID: 160901552 Replay Time: Around 13:05 (Replay time, not Ingame) Fayde gets hooked by Devourer, activates Shadow Walk immediately after the hook as it has 0 cast point and 0 cast time, but still gets Ulted by Devo. I tried to replicate it in Practice with Queued commands but I have been unable to. This has happened a bunch of times with single target abilities and Shadow Walk, but
  19. It seems that like the Xemplar restriction, it doesn't seem to affect Single Draft.
  20. Let's rock and roll with Adrenaline. I've suffered enough testing that previous design, time to reap the rewards. Just so it isn't lost on Discord, can we please let Adrenaline cast his W outside of maximum range to move the maximum distance like Portal Key? When you have a fraction of a second to PK in, attack, turn around, if you miss that pull because you clicked slightly out of range it feels absolutely horrible.
  21. Mad Mage conceptually is fine, the problem with the item is that it's straddling two worlds, being an expensive endgame item and an early game item and because of that it kind of falls flat on both accounts. I would say either it needs to drop to about 2500 gold (keep the -3 Magic Armor aura and the active) or be increased to a higher cost in the 4k range (and then have it's active and aura buffed accordingly). As it stands, I think the item just needs a clearer direction. It competes with Frostfield Plate and Spellshards right now, though being able to amplify your allies' damage is
  22. I never had the chance to play Ichor when he transferred stuns but it sounds like a blast and a shot the hero needs to make them viable otherwise. I find that one of the major issues with Ichor is that when I use Q on people, expecting my allies to heal off of it, they hardly know that's the target to hit in a giant melee. Not as much a balance thing but a QoL fix is that the marked target needs some kind of indicator that they should be smacked; it's really hard to tell as a non-Ichor player that the person you're hitting is the reason for the heals also. Bloodrush, while strong, on
  23. Is this a sockpuppet or something? This is just a straight up copied and pasted post of mine, minus any of the possible changes to E. Though it should be noted that his Win Rate has skewed closer to 50% since then; though my opinion on E stands. Low-effort.
  24. This is a name I haven't heard in a while. I'm curious as to where some of these sources are from though.
  25. This is for reporting bugs but a quick question, are you using the 64 bit or 32 bit HoN Client? You need some replication steps, so maybe that could help figure out what's going on.
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