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  1. Yeah this is a no from me dawg. Cauterize is already really strong; and honestly we don't need another Amun-Ra.
  2. Hubaris

    Ranked Roles

    Mid. Is. Not. A. Role. It is a position that can be played by any role such as a ganker or pusher or carry or initiator or whatever. This drives me up the wall every time. With this system I queue up as a mid but I have the intention of playing Balphagore, what do you think the reactions from players would be to this revelation?
  3. Bumping this with some further information. After a Bad Packet Crash, the first reconnect into a game seems to (usually) give a "No Response From Server" and the game sends you back to the main screen. Then I get the following after: Going to try to reinstall and see if it helps. I had a console log but realized it was the wrong part of the log. I'll edit it in right away after the next crash. Reinstall seemed to have fixed it.
  4. Goldenveil is awesome. I'm absolutely loving his new Plunge and Perch and I just think he flows really well, you never know when he might jump and strike or fly immediately into a tree.
  5. Look, I like the idea in theory but I highly doubt that the general community can do this without bias. Even then, I really think doing something like this also removes the idea of a vision for a patch or a game direction. Disparate changes without an actual direction can be fun, but they can also cause a ton of problems. None of this even takes into account the fact that many people will use it as a way to bash the hero they dislike, or don't understand. Do you remember the complaints about Ra when he came out? A hero who is considered to be universally terrible outside of pubs? Now do that, but every month, with every hero as on the possible butcher's block.
  6. It happened to me last night around 10 PM EST; USE only. Twice in a single FoC game (playing as Accursed), once in a MW game (playing as Qi), once in a MW game as soon as picking started. I don't think it has to do with the heroes selected based on it happening right after banning ended. Couldn't find the crash log before the timer to Reconnect would expire. I have been unable to replicate it.
  7. Decreasing cooldowns does in fact increase your damage (but with way more benefit). Grimoire allows for some really strong spell cycles on heroes and does a lot more than a dull +% damage buff.
  8. I believe it was meant to be a nerf. Drunken did not need buffs.
  9. I feel like the goal was achieved. People complained that all he was an uncounterable blob of damage with the illusion that there was depth to how you used his spells. Now there is depth, with the added benefit of lowering his floor and increasing his ceiling.
  10. Just for posting sake, I don't think he needs a full rework but there is a lot of Design Space on his skills. E has a lot of room for growth, as can Q and W.
  11. When I was able to output 70k+ damage in a FoC game with Qi, against a team that only had one autoattacking carry, there was a problem. As it stands now he preys on people who fail to find balance and build like a glass cannon; I think it's a good change. That doesn't even take into account the R having a AoE Disarm and Perplex, both extremely important and rare debuffs.
  12. Hubaris


    I mean, I don't see it as needed, Pharaoh's kit is very strong and putting it on Mummies is probably overkill. IF it is needed for whatever reason, I think putting it on Wrath makes more sense.
  13. Thank you so much for the old shop update @Anakonda! You have my eternal gratitude. Reading the post now regarding the new changes. Some quick first Impressions: Loving Qi in Theory, lets see how this works (new Ancestral Assault looks great, people undervalue Perplex) Obviously love the new DM in Theory Not a big fan on the Lodestone staff Midas has more design problems than just his main stat, but that is a design decision Very interested in Accursed as a suicide pick now Take Cover on Bubbles is back to god-mode. I wonder how this will interact with Grimoire picks nowadays Goldenveil getting some much needed love I like the Maliken nerfs that only really hurt his early game without impacting his late Solid patch. I've been putting off playing Qi, DM, and GV for the last few weeks while waiting for this. Edit: Doctor Repulsor nerfs. Praise Sol!
  14. Hubaris


    You could make it cleaner by applying the Restrain after the stun expires on Wrath of the Pharaoh. It would also help make further Mummy Walls worse. The lack of Feedback on Mummy Wall, and when you're Restrained could be annoying otherwise.
  15. Grab Vestments, get some early stats, and stop buying Ghost Marchers because they give you 'dah-mage'.
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