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  1. For Goldenveil can we get a list of "Wanted" targets on his R? Just a quick list of names who need to be killed to be refreshed? I know you can't really add it to the tooltip as it changes throughout the game, but is there a way to do it without playing the look all around the map and count coins game?
  2. Well basically we have this fortune teller, who's only ability that has anything to do with seeing the future, or luck, is her Scrying and her critical; but it's hardly flavoured to anything. What does a ricochet have to do with anything? Honestly they could have gone with the original concept, Ricochet and it would have been really servicable; a person who can bounce shots with her aim, trickshot them from one target to the other and so on. I just think its a wasted concept for a fortune teller, which has some interesting design space.
  3. As someone who plays head games with Concede Votes and knowing enemy Concede Votes, its probably not ideal to have it being shown. I think it just generates frustration as a whole. Also, I feel like Tarot is a wasted concept for a Scrying, Fortune-Teller. Personal opinion of course.
  4. I like to post a thread in the Suggestions sub-forum then link it here, that way anyone reading it can see any feedback and updates while you get it in the main thread. I think either works though!
  5. Thread Hijack here. Can we swap the Legion Barracks in Midwars so that they are mirrored with the Hellbourne ones? As it stands the Melee Racks for the Legion is incredibly easy to cheese whereas the Hellbourne one is a little more risky due to the proximity of the fountain.
  6. A massive part that the OP misses is that Sand Wraith has the ability to never stop farming once he gets his Ultimate. He can farm up until the instant that the fight begins and then fight at full efficiency. I was worried when I read the Sand Wraith rework but every game I play, you're on a clock. Once Arcane Bomb ceases to autokill illusions, you are on the path to losing.
  7. I do agree that 40 seconds is a little too hard to stomach at times. That being said I don't think Q and W need changes, I think they're perfectly fine as is. I think you could scale E down to 25 / 23 / 21 / 19 and it would still be reasonable. If the issue is it being a 1-Point Wonder, make the Courage scale harder. As a whole though, I think she's fine but when I play Mirana and come back to Valkyrie, I feel sluggish; but that isn't a real balancing point just anecdotal.
  8. Honestly the more I read about it, the more I peg it as a 'Big Fish in a Small Pond' syndrome. People just want to feel good and feel superior.
  9. May I remind you that there were points where Nitro had a sub 25% win rate before? That was the lowest win rate I've seen in any MOBA ever. There are room for tweaks but being reactionary doesn't really help either. There is also a whole sub section of the forums dedicated for balance but I still think it is a little too early to tell, wait for the numbers to settle down a bit before jumping to rash conclusions.
  10. I think when EU means new visuals it means new resources, such as a new model if you made the Ultimate Transform the hero (such as with Salomon). Making a field move is just scripting, so I wouldn't think it falls under that. Also I like the suggestion, it falls near but not on top of Frostfield as it has different uses.
  11. @MacroHard that meme template reminds me of the old days, "Oh the servers aren't working but funny I can still use my credit card" when people don't understand how separation of services works.
  12. For the shop prices, there was a bug in retail. Here is the post. Instead they increased the MM Multiplier from 4x to 5x.
  13. The silver price is bugged so instead they are increasing silver rewards from 4x to 5x according to EU's post.
  14. I too think Bushwack is useless. You know with his obscene blinks, his ability to crush Kong solo at 6, his Physical Q that penetrates the popular Shrunken Head that melee carries need...
  15. Humans naturally like to put labels on everything, and that includes skill level.
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