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  1. Mad Mage conceptually is fine, the problem with the item is that it's straddling two worlds, being an expensive endgame item and an early game item and because of that it kind of falls flat on both accounts. I would say either it needs to drop to about 2500 gold (keep the -3 Magic Armor aura and the active) or be increased to a higher cost in the 4k range (and then have it's active and aura buffed accordingly). As it stands, I think the item just needs a clearer direction. It competes with Frostfield Plate and Spellshards right now, though being able to amplify your allies' damage is
  2. I never had the chance to play Ichor when he transferred stuns but it sounds like a blast and a shot the hero needs to make them viable otherwise. I find that one of the major issues with Ichor is that when I use Q on people, expecting my allies to heal off of it, they hardly know that's the target to hit in a giant melee. Not as much a balance thing but a QoL fix is that the marked target needs some kind of indicator that they should be smacked; it's really hard to tell as a non-Ichor player that the person you're hitting is the reason for the heals also. Bloodrush, while strong, on
  3. Is this a sockpuppet or something? This is just a straight up copied and pasted post of mine, minus any of the possible changes to E. Though it should be noted that his Win Rate has skewed closer to 50% since then; though my opinion on E stands. Low-effort.
  4. This is a name I haven't heard in a while. I'm curious as to where some of these sources are from though.
  5. This is for reporting bugs but a quick question, are you using the 64 bit or 32 bit HoN Client? You need some replication steps, so maybe that could help figure out what's going on.
  6. Posting this here before I forget, going to make a formal thread soon-ish. Regarding Kane and Balance of Power (Mostly). I need to clean this up, but yeah, Kane needs some work.
  7. Buy Nullfire Blade. DR doesn't have infinite mana. I can agree he's strong but he needs so much farm for that payoff.
  8. Seems to have been fixed with a fresh install. Not sure what the issue is, can't replicate it now.
  9. I'm wondering what could be causing it then. I'll try some more tonight, I doubt it was an input error, but I have a fresh install of HoN on this computer so let's see if it helps. Thanks for the update @OMGitsMARLON
  10. Match ID: 160439459 At about 38:50 (game time) it happens, it happened in a few other games as well. I was 100% mashing that button to break the Hellflower. Happened upon it in a Dampeer game as well, but I've been playing a lot of Dampeer so finding the replay is harder. If you want to dummy a game with me let me know, maybe it can't be replicated in Practice mode.
  11. As the title. Seems like the Grimoire (despite the text) can't seem to break Perplex. The item shows up activatable (not greyed/blued out) but cannot actually be activated. I can provide a replay, but it's fairly easy to replicate. Have not tried with the Perplex on Engineer Field.
  12. Damage is good. It helps offset the early game stats that are prevalent now. Still just needs a nudge with Mana Drain but is overall pretty swell.
  13. Hubaris

    Nomad Buff

    Nomad is a binary hero. He either kills you instantly or doesn't do enough to be a threat. Edge Counter either blows you up or does nothing. Either he's invisible or not. Here was a post I threw up in Balance Dump about how there is a lot of room to give him some oomph. A little self back patting but I'm very happy with the first draft.
  14. Hubaris

    Nomad Buff

    His Sandstorm pretty much always slowed, his Mirage/True Strike used to be better because Wanderer wasn't ass like it is now. Additionally, the revelation that Plated Greaves are good, that there are tankier heroes in general (as an example, Pharaoh went from 2.2 Strength per level to 3.2), and because one of his main winning points (move speed to get to Runes) was mitigated by the fact that there are multiple Runes now. There's a lot more, like Shieldbreaker being really strong when he was at his prime, and a completely different metagame of popular heroes. Nomad is a hero with onl
  15. Problem with this one is that not every hero has a Staff upgrade currently, which makes it sometimes do absolutely nothing. It's kind of the same problem Empath has which is a shame.
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