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  1. I would love if you guys could implemented to have all the owned alt. avatars a hero to the left of your default alt. As it is today you have to scroll through all avatars to see if you own any. This feels like a really simple and easy fix that would give some QoL to the picking phase. (Would also be cool if you could change the avatar of your hero for the first minute while in the pool. Last second swaps can make avatar changing impossible)
  2. I must say, I wish this was done 10 years ago. I have always had issues with micro stuttering and sluggish game-play even tho I've always had an mid/high tier PC. My FPS was locked to 125fps with only 15% usage of the GPU and CPU, which made it seem weird that it felt so sluggish. This update really made HoN into the game I always wanted, it doesn't feel like HoN 2.0, it feels like how HoN always should have been - It's a new game. Im really happy for this, good work!
  3. Oh well, worth a shot to ask at least ? Hope it progress well and boosts the users. Guess you just missed it, but a tip is to add a link to the discord server on the main page. Same as where you link to facebook, twitter, reddit and youtube.
  4. Have you tried running the channel without phone verification? Or are you just asuming? Hot cats, I really wanted to join ?
  5. Hey! Would be cool if you could add some kind of other verification to the discord server. My phone number is bound to an account I no longer can access (Forgot both the password and mail for it :( ). I know there are some captcha bots which are usefull. I really wanna join the server but I just can't access my old account. /Flugan
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