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  1. Does this mean overall there won't be any changes to the play modes/maps in the "Play now" selection? It will remain always as: Bot, Public, Ranked, Midwars?
  2. Hi! As the self announced ambassador of Shuffle Pick I made an unofficial Discord server for it and to find people to play it in public games: https://discord.gg/MzaztcX Please join if interested. I hope to get some people on it so that it is easier to ask around if someone would be available to play a game. Shuffle Pick is a game mode where everyone picks a hero and lock two other heroes. You will play your selected hero, but the skills you have will be random among all the skills of selected and locked heroes. If you die you will again get new random skills.
  3. Created: 09/15/2009 Matches: 5006. Avatars: 184. https://imgur.com/a/N6PBWL6
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