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  1. +1000, I switched from regular to mid war after this terrible patch.
  2. lock down and no more hon, welcome to hell
  3. I see no problem because I'm the best and I won a lot of 4v5 games
  4. I spoke too fast. Hon Mod manager works, it compiles mods and I have a generated resources999.s2z in game folder but mods don't work at all in-game. ----- Fourth update: Download regular hon mod manager here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kd14q7ncoa4lha/ModManager.zip?dl=1 You will have an error about HoN version but don't take care about it. Enable your mods and compile. It finally works! ---------------------- About x64 version, performances are incredible, constant 144fps, thank you!
  5. Do you have a Hon Mods Manager working? Mine doesn't find right .exe due to new name "hon_x64.exe" even If I enter path manually. Thanks ---- Edit: A good guy posted a new hon manager which works https://ape3000.com/~anakonda/honmods/HoN_ModMan.zip Thank to him
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