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  1. Yeah, i guess anyone knows the point and it happens so often. Someone calls and picks a jungle, the Suicide / Solo Lanes loses and starts griefing the Jungler, rightclicking him and lasthitting his creeps. At the Moment every time this happens i report it to ability / item abuse, because there is simply no other real point for it and often got no Feedback on these reports nor they are getting punished. This is one of the most annoying and stupid things in the Game and should've taken way more harsh into Bans as this happens way to often (in Silver to Legendary Games).
  2. Or: Make Quicken apply to yourself + 1 additional allied hero in range in Addition to the effect he has now. Sounds OP, but it's kinda like Revenents Staff then.
  3. @ElementUser Alright, got your evidence: https://imgur.com/BQ3fpPD https://imgur.com/wHd6u06 https://imgur.com/yc3HjN9 This is just one guy in like the last 3 of my Games i checked and i already saw like hundreds of them in the past. As you can see he dced some Matches in Ladder, but got zero Ladder Disconnects. When you browse through his Played Matches, he got WAY more DC's but they not once got added to his account. And that's as said just from browsing through the last 3 Matches i played. I can actually find WAY more people like this if i would have more time.
  4. Remade Matches don't show up in recent games But yeah, next time i see an Account with tons of DC's but 0 Disconnects in their Profile, i show you. I thought this is well known already. Maybe some1 else got some Accounts to show, who DC a ton and got no DC's in their Profile. I'm to lazy to search atm.
  5. Yeah, i think literally anyone knows this bug and i don't know why it didn't got adressed yet. People can literally DC for free at the Moment and rarely get disconnects added to their profile, so their leaver% stays low. I've actually saw a guy that had like 200 season matches, left like 50 of them and had 0 seasonal disconnects in his profile. Why is this a thing? Imo this is a big thing that should be fixed asap. This also allows smurfing with new accounts, because they literally DC some of their first 6 matches, lose all other on purpose and then get set to Silver 5.. If the DC's actually would apply on their Leaver%, they wont be able to join new games, because they are over the 5% mark.
  6. Dunno what you guys have for problems with him. He was so useless before the Staff adoptation and the Staff alone makes him viable again. So if you want to adress something, change the Staff. But actually he is still far from OP in my opinion. As a pusher Defiler / Balph / Polly are just way better, because they give you way more Teamfightadvantage. Deadlift is pretty much useless, when your other lanes lose. With a farmed / fed Balph you got comeback potential, with DL that's far from possible. This Ulti is far away from being OP. It's the only thing making him viable and as said, he is totally useless in teamfights, so you pretty much kill his mates and stunlock him, when he tries to charge ult.
  7. Yeah, this is a pretty simple one. Hero Mastery is one of the coolest features in HoN and actually one of the main points, i'm still playing it. (someday i will finish it, i hope :D) When it first came out, i remember to see alot of more hero variety, thanks to the rewards you got from lvling up (the Rewards you get from Hero Level 1 to 100). Would be cool to give some rewards to every single level up to the full Level of 2085. That maybe would increase in a more variety picking, you won't see those players that simply got those 5 Heroes LVL 15 and play them over and over again, and would be a nice little replay value feature. Btw. would be also cool, if the Hero Mastery Coupons won't expire. I know that's a very minor thing, but at the rate now, they are pretty worthless and if they wont expire after 3 days, they would have at least a little benefit. I feel like with Mastery there could be done so much more, but i dunno if you guys are even interested to build it up even more. I could suggest more ideas for the mechanic i have, if there would be interest - FB wise.
  8. Yeah, this is a pretty simple one and i think you guys already know about it. The Hero Mastery Ladder is not updating anymore. I think in the past i read something about 'noone cares about it anyway' in the patchnotes, but actually i can confirm, that actually alot of people actually care about it Dunno if it's a hard fix to make, or if it's done pretty simply, but would be pretty cool to get it back. I love Hero Mastery and it's the coolest thing added to HoN. Want to see my ass at least at one Ladder pretty high
  9. Gauntlet, simply for that trolling animation with the One Punch Man Avatar, lmao.
  10. I completely back up this point. Zephyr has 1 single strenght, that other junglers don't have. He can sometimes steamroll some Melee Heroes over at mid in 1v1 Matchups, but that's about all the hero has. He is pretty easy to kill in the early, so simply some roaming on the mid, destroys his entire gameplan, since it is super hard to catch up, if you are underfarmed. In the jungle his farming is allright, but not anywhere to be broken or OP. Sols / Wildsoul / Legio or Warbeast all farm way better than Zephyr, are way better in Teamfights and actually have way better ganking potential. I feel like after all the changes Zeph got in the past, he is at a perfectly fine spot now. Not OP, not bad, but more on the side of buffs insteat of nerfs.
  11. cobaye

    Apex Mana Issues

    I can understand your point and thank you for the fast answer. What i actually don't get is, if we compare him to Lodestone. Both Heroes have kinda the same role, and had the same big mana problems in the past, but Lodestones Manaproblems were fixed some patches ago, and it worked out perfectly. I don't think a big tweak in Apex's Mana Problems would make Apex straight breaking the Metagame. I think it would just resolve in seeing him maybe every 50th game, insteat of every 200th.
  12. cobaye

    Apex Mana Issues

    Hi, i really like Apex as a Hero. He is alot of fun to play, has a nice mechanic, but you literally never see him in any matches and i feel he is pretty lackluster, compared to other heroes. The biggest issue i have with this hero is, that his spells are literally way to expensive manawise. When you play him Mid, your only chance is to harras them out with Q and W Combos. The big issue with that is, that his Q and W Spell are 120 Mana each, which resolves in a 240 Mana Combo that's not even close to kill anyone. Simply for harrassing. When you compare Pebbles for example, which combo costs the same amount of Mana, it can one shot alot of heroes. Apex on the other hand does not have these benefits. On a carry lane he is to lackluster to be a good carry for the late game, so that does not work aswell. On the long lane he can be fine with a decent lane partner, but as suicide hero he is literally useless, because of his big mana costs. You have to stock all your Cash on Mana Items, because escaping costs you all your mana all the time. Heroes like Lodestone for example got that much easier and can escape for simple 120 mana, compared to Apex's 240 Mana. Even with Chalice and a bottle i find myself being out of mana literally all the time with the hero. After you picked up PK you literally can't use any spells, when you want to utelize your full Combo with Q+W+Ulti. It's pretty essential to buy INT Items on him, so you are not out of mana the whole mid game, after you used a single Q+W Combo to farm a Creepwave. I feel like Apex needs big chances, according to his Manapool. His Q costing 120 Mana is way to overpriced for me, when you have Heroes like DM or Bush that do a kinda similiar effect for way less mana. Changes i would suggest for Apex: Change his Q Spell Mana to 50/60/70/80 Make his E spell activation Mana for free Improve his overall INT Gain per level by a slight bit. And that would be enough to make this hero much better and kinda competitive again. At the rate he is now, he is a super fun hero, but with way to big flaws to utelize him perfectly. And the Mana Issue is the most easy thing to adress i think.
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