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  1. Nah. I got banned several times by only DCing 1 Game. And always 240 Minutes.
  2. So yeah. I got dced in a Midwars Match, because my PC crashed. Team didn't pause, i got terminated. Now i'm banned for 240 Mins, like wtf is this? The temporal ban makes sense when u DC multiple matches in a row, but when you DC one it's just stupid.
  3. Old kicksystem was garbage. When u had griefers / feeders, the enemy team never passed. When u were with a team of 3-4 mates, you got kicked so they get +7 mmr insteat of 5. People should just get banned much longer. You can literally flame everybody, get reported and get banned for 3 days, lol.
  4. Yeah, i feel like Xemplar finally got discovered enough by the player base to get his full potential on the line and imo it's way to much. The hero literally 1 shots anything with a Staff or Geos with simply Ult + 1 single W+Q spell. If the Illus survive somehow (if he 1 Shots the Arcane Bomb heroes), he can easily steamroll Teamfights over with pretty little farm and afford. The hero is right now at a whopping 62% win quote, making him godtier right now (the 2nd highest hero has 57% ((Artillery)) and has a balance suggestion thread, where people demand nerfs..). Xemplar can be played sh
  5. All i would like to see, is the blink in / out giving free assists again, like it did in the past. Removing this was a little bit to much nerf for MB imo.
  6. The broken thing on DR ain't his Ult and travel abilitys, it's actually the E doing way to much DMG for literally nothing. You can literally kill any non STR hero at Mid at lvl 7 and there is nothing they can do about it. E does way to much DMG and that's his issue.
  7. Tbh, idk how that rework got through testing. Dies waaaay to fast and easy, has horrible mana and tank issues. His spells do like zero damage, his ulti is awful, because you literally die in 3 seconds. The idea of the rework is fine, but there is a loooong way to go to make him viable. By now he is the by far worst hero HoN has ever seen and there was the previous Nitro, lol.
  8. First of all give his W spell the free assists back. That already helps him alot. I never got why it got removed.
  9. cobaye

    Ward meta

    Tbh, i liked the Old Wardsystem better, when all the good spots weren't marked.and so easy to find / place on. Also i feel like the top of the Map is much more fun to ward, because you literally have 4 good ways to ward there, which all need a individual rev ward (1 rev there can't spot 2). On the bottom side on the other hand, the 2 Pillars on both sides can still be spotted by 1 rev and the other big pillar right to the Legion Hard Camp (Ex Legion Ancient Camp), is pretty much where the most 'wardwars' are which is a benefit for Legion because of High Ground + better vision. I rly don't like
  10. cobaye


    If Warchief could W over Walls like Bubbles, he would be fckin busted,, lol. He's also fine like he is.
  11. Hi guys ? I made a midwars Tier List including all heroes. The heroes inside the tiers are in no order. For example: Flint can be Number 1 at S tier or Ellonia can, doesn't matter. What do you guys think about my rankings? Are any totally out of place? I know the B Tier has by far the largest margin. That's because i think you can literally pick any of those heroes and it wont be bad. The Gap in that tier is also pretty big though. Some heroes are much more close to A tier, some much more close to C tier. If you wanna make your own HoN- Related Tier
  12. Inb4 the Shadowblade and Qi Nerfs 2 Patches ago were to big. You buffed them back a little bit but they are so hardcore lackluster now. Qi is by far the least used hero now (half of the 2nd least...) and Shadow being bottom 5. Also their Winquotes are pathetic. A whopping 15% diffrence to DR and by far the worst on the entire roster. I still don't get the nerfs on these 2 heroes. Imo you should revert them to their old form 2 patches ago.
  13. This is a lie. PM dies super easy in early. Magmus, Lode, Shell, Chtul etc all pretty much rek him with a good lane partner. It's not your job to outfarm on longlane. Just jump their carry. He has no escapes and is super slow. Most of the times PMs max E anyway. So ofc he has Mana for his spells upon lvl 10 and upwards. Like every other carry btw. When u max q or w over e, you will be OOM all time. 1st one i agree. 2nd point doesn't make sense. Getting ganked is his weakspot. When it's the 'least favourite hero you like to gank', i can see why this thread exists. 3rd
  14. The biggest Problems in MW are actually the AFK people. Not just the AFK Fountain People, also the ones staying at tower and literally doing nothing but spammin spells on creeps. It's so fckin boring and annoying that often in those matches i simply DC because it's 0 fun. When i join MW i wanna have fast paced games and not 2 teams staying afk at tower, killing creeps and waiting until some1 goes in. I remember this was exactly the same for Footmen Frenzy in WC3. People just AFKED in Base, kited a little bit with their heroes and noone really wanted to go in. In later versions it g
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