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  1. Yeah, at the moment it's pretty stupid that the 5% DC Threshold is bounded to all your matches. You can literally DC for free in CoN and don't get banned or anything, because literally every account has 1000+ from old MMR Matches. Imo the Leaver% should count for every Season individually. So when you literally break the 5% for a Season, you are not allowed to play CoN until you get it under 5% again, so you are forced to play some Midwars matches without leaving to bring it down. So literally when a new Season Starts and i DC 10 Times in 100 Matches, i have to play 100 Matches of Midwars to get it down to 5% again. When the new Season starts, this will reset. So you start at 0 Leaver % and 0 Matches again. Both Midwars and CoN should add to your Leaver% Amount now, until another new season starts.
  2. Ballistic: 'Let's play Minesweeper' Blast Off: 'Throw'em Mauser' Three's a Crowd: "Did you turn off the Dishwasher?" Overdrive: "Who the hell is Master of Arms?"
  3. Played her again and the Ult Revealing the Target is a BIG BIG must Change. People just run into Trees or in Shadows and the Ult just stopps. You chase them, Fog griefs you and you wasted your ult for nothing. Especially at Night the Ult is completely worthless, when you are not in a big fight. It totally has to perma reveal the target, as long as the Ult is active. Not revealing Invis, but totally perma Revealing it otherwise, so Fog is not your biggest enemy for the Hero. Also super weak against blink heroes. They Blink into Fog and Ult did nothing. That's stupid.
  4. I think the E having long Cooldown balances the Hero as Suicide in some ways. She has way harder Times on Sui, but benefits alot more from her Ult giving global Free Assists and her Arrow being a Ganking Tool without leaving the lane. Valk is completely fine as it is and especially the facing thing on Leap is what makes her super fun to play. Why make her even more simple? There are literally tons of players just afking at Tier 2, Spamming Arrow and Ults for free kills and assists. So why making her more simple by that Leap Change?
  5. Well, because DotA does it, doesn't mean it's good, right? I totally forgot about the Hero in DotA to be honest. The concept of STR + Illus is just weird since that rather belongs to a carry imo. Checking his Overall Stats, his winquote is pretty solid (47/53), but his usage and Stats are just bad. (500 uses, 7/6.3/5.3 KDR, 300 average GPM). That kinda shows me people don't know how to position him. His KDR looks like he is a farmer, his GPM shows he is a Ganker / Tank, but his winquote shows he is still decent. Dunno if im completely wrong about that hero, but as it stands now, him and Warchief are the only 2 heroes i totally don't understand rolewise. They are no Supports, no Carries, no Pushers, no Wooders, nothing really.
  6. I mentioned all those points in the Startpost and brought arguments against them and why they are lackluster compared to other carries. As said, there is a reason why he is less picked as all the other Agi Melee Heroes, despite the fact, he can actually carry harder then most of them. He just dies so super easy on ganks, it's dumb. Try to Gank a MB or Chronos as Midder and it's super hard and you have to time perfect, so they dont Blink out. Sand can just run away and will be caught and killed 90% more often. There is 0 Skill involved on ganking a Sand. Rightclick him as Midder and he will fall. I feel like even make Q Spell giving Treewalk instant (not having the Animation) and a little Speedboost at the start of the spell, could already improve the Hero by alot. The Q spell is overall way to laggy imo. @Hubaris I mentioned his Ability to always farm and Blink into fights in the Conclusion. Without it, he would be the by far worst carry in the entire game and that's the only thing making him viable at the moment. But the Arcane Bomb thing i totally forgot. That makes the Hero even more lackluster compared to the other Agi Melee Carries and just backs my point more, that he could need some small buffs. @datfizh As mentioned above, giving his Q Spell instant Treewalk and a like 1-2 Sec Speedboost on Cast even when not walking on Sand, would be a good addition to him and change his escape game alot. He still would be worse in escaping as the other Melee Agi Carries, but for that he got the Ult Farm thing. So yeah, literally make his Q Spell Cast time to Zero. Another thing i could think of is, removing the Treewalk from Q entirely and making the E an active Spell, giving Movement Speedboost + Treewalk for a very little amount of Mana (like 20, and reducing Q Spells Manacost to 100). Sounds like an amazing addition to me for the Hero and would also help with the "killing in early" Part.
  7. I think Tarot is fine as she is. Literally the definition of a glascannon hero. Sure he can be brutal sometimes with little farm, but she also dies to literally every hero without crits. She is also the fastest dying carry so yeah, she is fine i think. A suggestion i would have for this Thread is: Change Xemplar from Str to Agi??? Atm i don't rly understand the Hero. It feels like a carry, plays like a Ganker and is kinda a Mix out of Sand and TDL, but is a STR Hero. The Hero literally screams 'BUY GEOS' and Geos well, is an Agility Item. Keeping the Bulk of him as it is in early, but less STR gain per Level and more Agi gain and we would have another playable carry in the game, insteat of a weird hero without a role.
  8. Yeah, imo Sand is kinda a problem hero with an amazing mechanic. His W addition was a real cool one, but i still see him very rare near to never. I think the Hero has 2 big weaknesses compared to other Agi Carry heroes, which resolves in the other carries getting picked over him. 1. (early) Killpower: I feel like every other Agicarry is better in the early as Sand is. Chronos / TDL /MB can Jump when your support hitted the enemy low, Swift just does brutal DMG, Madman does amazing dmg by himself and can sneak easy into opponents. Sand on the other hand can use his Qspell which is a fine thing, but damn, i feel like he is still way to slow. Often the enemies just run into the tower and you simply don't do enough damage until the fight is transitioning into a chase szenario, which resolves into tower dives. That means Sand has harder times to kill in early as the heroes above, which resolves in less gold, less farm, less exp etc. 2. Survivability: Sand dies super easy compared to every other Agi Melee Carry. He can't jump away like the Chronos / TDL / MB Trio, can't go Magic Immune like Swift or Invis like a Madman or Scout. On Ganks or simply rushes on him he can do 3 things: Q and run in the trees, hoping to not get stunned, do the Illus and hope enemies are stupid or Ult away, which most of the time simply resolves in you getting killed by another Hero of the enemy team. All 3 options are lackluster compared to the other agi carries. I feel like Sand needs Tankitems more then any other Agicarry, which makes his Downsites to big imo. Conclusion: Sure, Sand is nowhere to be a bad hero. He got some cool strenghes above some other carries (being able to AFK farm while your team wants to do something and then simply Ult globally into the Fight), being a pretty good harasser by himself by just sending the Illus with the Q spell on their Suicide / Supp etc. But overall, does this really balance his big weaknesses compared to the other Agi carries? I honestly don't think so. What Sand needs is better ways to escape Ganks and better ways to consistant killing enemies early. Sure when he is fully farmed he is one of the best (if not the best) Agicarry in the game, but this rarely to never happens. That's why you most of the time see the other carries above picked over him. Maybe someone who agrees with me got some Ideas for Changes. I got some in mind, but I'm not fully convinced with them.
  9. How about buying a non-Mac PC. I never got why Mac Users are crying about their system not getting supported. Macs are obviously not being meant for playing games and tons of games don't support them. So when you want to play Onlinegames, simply buy a Windows PC? HoN runs on literally everything. I play it on a shitty old PC with shitty 4 GB Ram and completely outdated hardware and it runs perfect. You can get those PCs for like 20 bucks, so i don't see the problem here, why the HoN Team should invest more time and ressources for Mac Users.
  10. The Hero is fine and actually an awesome midder imo. It feels like a little Arachna now with worse ganking but better carrypotential. Yeah her E is pretty bad and could need a buff (just readd the Evasion and it's cool) and i kinda agree with the Ult doesn't reveal stuff (especially at Night the Ult is kinda weird to use and often fails) but damn, the new Nitro with some DMG Items can just rek their carries so fast, its super fun. Never liking the concept of the Old Nitro, i think this rework is super amazing. It feels like a new Hero that surely needs some little twerks over time but honestly, no single HoN or DotA Hero was perfect at release. And the Old Nitro? Well, noone will miss it, so screw it. Very cool change imo, and crap like 'just delete the hero, the rework is garbage' is just disrecpectful to the Dev-Team.
  11. Well, i don't get this post tbh, because that's simply how a Moba is played and how a Moba ever was from DotA until now. Carries are the worst heroes in laning phase and it's the one and only job of offlaners to break the carryfarm, so he doesn't solorickroll your entire team at minute 20 with 500+ gpm. This game has so much carries that do pretty good against combo lanes and punish them hard, some of them you've listed already, but also the ones with the great escape options. Your supp can pull the lane against these lanes and you can farm at tower with a lane ward, dodging their dives, or you just take another route and kill every of their overextensions. The saying that lanes like Magmus Midas just win against every carrylane is just wrong, especially that most of the good str heroes have skill shots, which are dodgeable. You are dying 10 times as MoA vs this lane? Cool, you deserve it. Pick a hero that suits the lane more. You are outplaying the enemies but they are still a big threat? Stop afk farming and play the aggressive route. The current HoN is designed, that you can easily overlevel and outfarm heroes once you got some denies and a couple of kills in maybe thanks to your Jungler / Midder. And carries benefit from this even more thanks to their faster farming and the high amount of exp, creeps benefit you. Most carries can farm so super fast that it's a high reward to stop them, but also a high risk. When you do mistakes, the carry get's out of hands to quick and you literally lost the game pretty fast. Imo the current state of Hon takes this situation as best as it can get and i don't see even a tiny bit that carry / supp lanes are weak and have a worse state in the game right now. Also the 'meta' (idk what you refer to here) on let's say 1700+ Games rarely laneswap and that's a mistake of the players and not a mistake of the game. I've seen so many games with a bunch of Legendary players that simply afk while their carrylane gets rekt and their offline doing fine. Why not simply swap the lane and play carry vs carry on the longlane? It sure will do better than getting rekt by the combo lanes alltime.
  12. In theory this Item might be decend, but in practical uses it just isn't, thanks to it's weird building components. You NEVER see Grimoire and it's by far the rarest item you see in the game. Even Bloodbourne Maul walks above your way much more often. I never felt the way, the item is a caster item. It should be an Item that benefits carries, simply because when will you ever pick a Lightbrand up? Indeed, when you build Dawnbringer, a carry item. On supports Lightbrand is useless, on Damage Dealers Lightbrand is useless (because there are Spellshards / Sand / Wind Stick, Jade Spire and Spell Sunder in the Game), on carries it is useless because the other 2 Swords are way better and more flexible. The other 2 Elementswords on the other hand have a sure benefit and can be usefull on it's own (especially Firebrand). They can also be undone from a Frostburn and build into something usefull, when your farm is better as expected. Frostwulf and Geometers are just awesome items, so there is literally no reason to ever buy the Lightbrand first or 2nd when you are going for Dawnbringer. When you later want to undo your Dawnbringer 90% of the people end up undoing it, making the Fireblade into Geos, the Frostblade into Frostwulf and selling the useless Lightbrand because Grimoires doesn't fit carries at all. Imo the components for Grimoire need a heavy rework. I would like to see Grimoire build out of Nomes / Spellshards / Spellsunder or something and get some little changes in it's effect that combines the above effects and make them stronger. The component Lightbrand should go in a fully new Item that benefits carries, when they undo Frostlight etc. As it stands now, it's a nice idea of an item, but it is build from a total wrong item and that's the only single reason why you never see it. Why not making the Items from the Damage Dealers updating into Grimoire? It makes no sense to me.
  13. Yeah, i guess anyone knows the point and it happens so often. Someone calls and picks a jungle, the Suicide / Solo Lanes loses and starts griefing the Jungler, rightclicking him and lasthitting his creeps. At the Moment every time this happens i report it to ability / item abuse, because there is simply no other real point for it and often got no Feedback on these reports nor they are getting punished. This is one of the most annoying and stupid things in the Game and should've taken way more harsh into Bans as this happens way to often (in Silver to Legendary Games).
  14. Or: Make Quicken apply to yourself + 1 additional allied hero in range in Addition to the effect he has now. Sounds OP, but it's kinda like Revenents Staff then.
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