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  1. So i reinstalled HoN because i made my PC new. The Version i dled was from here: https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/download/ Now the client is german and bugged as fck (like language being everywhere on screen, alot of blank boxes etc) How do i change it back to english? I knew i did it before reinstall somehow, but i can't find it in options now.
  2. Finally the stupid FB Build is gone. It's a goddamn carry hero that abused Spellshards on the cheapest way possible. Just being visioned anywhere in the Map and an Ult hits you, and takes away 70% of your HP, how is that even fun. If he follows up with Flare, most of the Heroes die 1 Shot. Literally every time you played against a Flint with Spellshards he did most Hero DMG just with that item only. Why should the hero with the longest Range ingame should have a super Short CD, long Range Witch Slayer Ulti, when holding Spellshards. I'm so glad it's gone. Now Flints can go the old way with Thunderclaw and actual carryitems.
  3. Since you can Ban 2 Heroes in Midwars, it's super bugged. You can: 1) Ban the same hero twice (often it doesn't cross the hero right away, when you ban it) 2) The 2nd Ban doesn't work at all (for example: i banned Slither on the first Ban and Vindy on the 2nd, Slither get's banned, but Vindy doesn't and my 2nd Ban get's randomed). This happens in literally every Midwars Game.
  4. Btw, because the Tundra Staff being the by far worst and most useless Staff in the Game, it really could need some Buffs. How about: 1) Give the Bird activateable Unkillable Shield Back + giving you a D Spell to TP to the Bird with Shorter Casttime like Boots of Travel + giving you a 10 Sec invis after TP?? (so you can Skip Boots of Travel / PK on Tundra) 2) Spawn 3 Pigs insteat of 2 + When you W, the Pigs rush aswell at the opponent, doing some DMG? 3) When you W, Tundra auto throws another Q Spell while Traveling? (so you can farm with Staff > W + Auto Q + Q = Creepwave or alot of DMG in Teamfights) e: Btw, the option on Kanes Staff, that the enemy hero can get the DMG if you die first, is just awful and makes it super bad. When u farm Staff, you dont survive long enough and normally Kane is a Hero that gets fixed alot anyway, so he doesn't lockdown the carry. When you 1-2 time die with Staff while you Ult their carry, the Game is over. This should totally be deleted. Just make Kane getting the Bonus Dmg, not the enemies. A Staff should benefit you and not your opponent.
  5. I like SD and AR way more than AP, because you don't see the same heroes every single game. But actually you have soooooo many players now only playing a Single Role, or only playing 3-4 diffrent Heroes in total, that readding both of these would resolve in MANY ragequits and disconnects. Sadly, they have to be gone forever in CoN.
  6. Holy crap, that Masterpiece Ichor @DanTeNL I will look further to see this at the loading screens Def. deserved 10k GC
  7. If you give her CD on the first 2 levels, she literally get's boxed out by every ranged caster. What nerfs her are the uphill misses. When i play her mid, i literally miss 80% of the uphill attacks with that hero, which makes me ragemaxing E because of madness No tbh, Arach is fine and imo she was strong but not OP before the Nerf. Play heroes like Pyro, SS etc against her and you should rek the lane super easy, even when she maxes W. I usually pick Tundra against her, because Tundra imo has also a winning Matchup against her. Spam Q to DMG her / farm, use W sometimes to harras her down (with W>Q Combo you literally do 70% on her) and when she tries to box you out, just dodge her and throw Q's on her. On Lvl 6 you literally 1 Shot her with every Single Rune.
  8. Totally this. It's like saying 'omfg my Shroud is worthless vs Pesti, pls nerf him'. The reason why Slither exists is to counter the HP Reg Heroes like Salomon, Arma or Salforis and Sunder is a perfect addition for this. Imo it's far from being overpowered or broken. Sure it can counter HP reg items, but it's literally giving the Heroes buying it nothing else (the Stats it provides, are really lackluster). Although it's still a super important Item to keep some Hero in checks, otherwise they will explode like Syllab Mentioned. I don't want to think about a freefarming Salomon, when Sunder would be nerfed. Then you can literally never kill him. The Item is that Counterplay Niche and should stay where it is.
  9. It has something to do, when you have a full friendlist. I had this bug happened to me sometimes some month's ago. Once i kicked all the inactive players from my friendlist (like 3 quarters), this bug never happened to me again. @RUS_AGENT007 Try to delete some people and then check again. Maybe it helps.
  10. @birdrobber What Client are you playing at (Garena?, Normal one?). It sounds weird, but i had this glitch back in the days sometimes at Garena and sometimes at the normal client, while i had an german version of it. Once i got the english one back, it never happened to me again for some years now. Are you playing on an other language setting than english? Btw. don't be so harsh to EU and the FB Team please. They are trying their best and are literally spending alot of freetime and passion into this for very little efford. Be happy they are trying their best and not letting this game die, like the big companies are doing to their games (Heroes of the Storm, Hex Shards of Fade, Diablo 2 etc.)
  11. @ElementUser Dayum, the bug is much weirder, as i supposed. They literally DC at the Start of the game, but don't get terminated. The game thinks they are terminated, but their Hero keeps being active (doesn't vanish). Right when the Game starts, it just shows 4 Heroes Icons on the top, but the Leaverhero is still around for the entire Game. I actually found an 2 Year Old Youtube Video, where someone else abuses that bug ( That's EXACTLY how the Smurf i watched his replay from, did it. Maybe it has something to do at dcing exactly at the gamestart, like after anyone is finished loading? I post the replay matches i watched and the bug got abused 6 times in a row (by one and the same player): This guy has one single disconnect for the season in his stats (the Warbeast one, where he dced at 00:02 i think). The other DC's had this bug where he dced at the start, the hero stayed (that's why he had those stats for the game with 0:00 Gametime, his teammates fed him). Btw while we are on it, can you Permaban the mentioned account? He's playing literally tons of MMR with his Goldfriend who abused the Same bug, but got like 120 Wins 10 loses, 5 KD thanks to abusing this. E: The other guy i mentioned above (that JJLeugi guy) must've abused another bug. He has Gametime on his games, but 0 APM, never moved his hero in the Scout one or the VJ one, but somehow the Scout one he has 9:12 Gaming Time on. I have to DL the Replay and watch how he did it, but i think if the bug in this post get's fixed, maybe the other one will aswell by default.
  12. I think this happens, when you DC a game, right after you joined it. The DC Timer Starts running then. When you get eleminated before the actual gametimer starts (with the 1st creepwave), it won't get added to the account. This also works 100% when u DC on Pickscreen and you search for a new game and find it, before the Pickscreen is over. You get eleminated before the actual game starts, and it wont get added to your Stats. e: I can try to replicate this with my other account, but actually don't want to destroy games for people. e2: DLing a replay right now, of a smurf doing it 6 times in a row to get Silver 5. I will post how he has done it, when the replay is over.
  13. Yeah, literally the last 5 games i played, were against Stat Abusers (people Leaving their first six games, going to Silver 5, then playing with their Diamond+ Friend to boost them). You get teamed against them with real Silver or low Gold players and lose 99% of the time. Literally 2 of the Games i played were vs a Team of 4 (3 Silvers with abused Stats and a Diamond that got boosted by this stupid method) with a random team of silvers, super awesome. THIS HAS TO STOP ASAP To report Stat Abusers right now, you have to take a fckin seriously long way and it wont help you either, because the MMR etc you lose for the games, doesn't get restored. In this Season i literally lost 50% of Games to those kind of people. When you are solo queing you are fcked over in HoN. This HAS to stop, because it ruins the FoC experience totally. Why don't you make a report function on the Statpage, that you can report any Stat Abuser over their Statprofile? Why don't you perma ban those accounts? They have no rights to be in HoN and 99% of the time those Accs are new Accs anyway. The Leaverbug i posted here: helps those People even more. They abuse it on new Accounts and fck the MMR experience over for literally anyone below Diamond 1. I also posted another suggestion to get rid of a BIG problem in this game they abuse BUT literally zero reactions from the Devs on that. It doesn't matter when you keep updating the Heroes, Maps, Balance and Shits, when the elemental core of your game is garbage and that's the MMR System, with literally ZERO affrord from you guys of fixing it and banning all the Abusers and Smurf. @ElementUser The 6 Rating Games which decide at which rank you start at a Start of the Season have to get DELETED. They literally make this possible and they do no favor for anyone. It was a nice idea so good players don't have to start at 1500 at the Season starts, but it also makes this shit possible for the entire season now. I can literally make a new Account now, use the DC Glitch, go to Silver 5 and rek some real Silvers, which also destroys the gaming experience for them, yay. I just don't get why this is not adressed for over 1 year now and literally noone is talking about it.
  14. Yeah, when i try to log-in i get this Message each time. It literally says Login Failed: __________________ Am i banned or wth is going on?
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