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  1. CoBaYe


    E should either heal the entire team more per higher lvl, or give more EXP. It's one of these spells where it's not that bad if u max attribute over it. 1 Lvl is enough.
  2. CoBaYe


    Qi is pretty strong in MW. In some lineups he can solowin there. On CoN on the other hand he is mediocre at best. Against certain matchups he is worthless but that's fine i guess, he's a niche. There are still some questions with him: Why is his ultimate that's hard to hit so hardcore nerfed? It goes off way to slow and does way to less dmg. the risk / reward here is a joke. Also why in the name of Kongor does his Q spell have more CD than Flintult? Never made sense to me. He should be that hero that jukes carrys, throws his hat on them and disarms when they somehow catch you.
  3. Hi. I feel like Keeper is and always was a pretty solid hero. Not strong, not weak, just fine. The problem is, that Monarch pretty much makes Keeper a walking big pushing creep. If you counterpick Monarch for Keeper, it makes the hero completely worthless, because the factor of his ult vanishes, since Monarch can simply Ult to remove Keepers Ult immediatly. I know, some Junglers got Counters to them (Tempest > Vindy, Parasite / Ophelia > Alch Bones, Warbeast / Wildsoul > Void Talisman etc). But simply all the counters can be countered by Items (Tempest SH, Parasite
  4. @ElementUser I think it has something to do with the server the 2nd game was played on. My mmr before that game was going right and adding up. The last game at first didn't upload in the profile at all and after like 10 hours or so, it got uploaded finally, but dropped my MMR significant. I played now more games and the MMR got counted on the low number, not on the high one. Somehow that 1 game with the win, dropped my MMR by about 20.
  5. So yeah, title kinda says it all. Can you remove the Trophy Avatars from the Diamond chest? I've literally gotten 2 of them (Advanced Bubbles and Advanced WS), which is pretty underwhelming when you hit the diamond chest. Imo they should be moved to bronze or silver chest. I've checked the diamond chest list and literally all 3 levels of the trophy avatars are in the diamond chest. So there is a super high chance to get one of these and even the 'standard' version, when you already own the gold version etc.
  6. Hi. Since the new patch you are literally losing MMR for nothing and the MMR is spiking all over the place. The pics under this shows what i mean. My 1st match a win i was 50% on gold 2 (~1655). After another win i somehow drop to 25% on gold 2 (1640) which also tranforms in the profile. The pictures show exactly what i mean. No other games got played. No leaves in both games. 2 in a row wins, but a loss of 25% on the ranking level.
  7. New Adre is so much fun, lol. By far the most fun hero to play atm. Also super cool concept now where you have to run around until you hit 2+ enemies for spamming q. On any Solo vs 2 lane he is just super fun, haha.
  8. Lol, you rly don't know the HoN Community, don't you? Just check the HoN FB Page. Literally 1 hour after the patch came out and there were some server issues: "omfg, you suck, deinstall this trash game", "fck you HoN Devs, all you do is shit" etc. Must be pretty embarassing to keep this game alive and then get this crap from the community 24/7.
  9. Imo the whole Dcing shit should get solved a little more diffrent. The Leaver should gain the Minus from each player of the team that stays. In a normal balanced game, one team gets +25 MMR for winning and the other gets -25mmr for losing. If you now leave a match, the leaver should get his -5 + the -2,5 from each other teammate which would be -15 total. If another person leaves, the new leaver gets the other -2,5 from anyone else that stays, which would be -12,5 total. In this case the people that stay get -2,5 in a 4v5, or -0 in a 3v5. You can do the same, i
  10. 4v5 in Midwars sucks in early and you can simply ward the camp for 100g. If Draconis is OP anywhere, it's in CoN, not in Midwars.
  11. CoBaYe

    Fix team balance

    Ain't it fun that Legendary Players are teaming with Silver players for +0,5/-0,5 MMR and both have 90% winquote? That's literally every 5th game atm, when u are Gold / low Diamond.
  12. Nah. I got banned several times by only DCing 1 Game. And always 240 Minutes.
  13. So yeah. I got dced in a Midwars Match, because my PC crashed. Team didn't pause, i got terminated. Now i'm banned for 240 Mins, like wtf is this? The temporal ban makes sense when u DC multiple matches in a row, but when you DC one it's just stupid.
  14. Old kicksystem was garbage. When u had griefers / feeders, the enemy team never passed. When u were with a team of 3-4 mates, you got kicked so they get +7 mmr insteat of 5. People should just get banned much longer. You can literally flame everybody, get reported and get banned for 3 days, lol.
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