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  1. Had a similar experience. Ended up solo (effectively sui) on short as Panda vs. WS and Behe. Since they kinda knew how to play I was forced to reduce my actions to XP leech. Then I get this: Your in danger of being flagged as idle. Get out there and fight! I'm like: say whaaat? Started to feel uncomfortable und doing unnecesaary movement. Didn't got me killed, but reading people getting kicked because of similar stuff means I'll need to pick more NH or a second jungler if I'm not trying to hard to win. Fine with me. Still annoying as flip.
  2. In relation to what she can get now for around double the cost? Never ever in life! Since I wouldn't pick her, no calculations on items to buy for me.
  3. Which isn't needed. Than your suggestions mean to nerf her to the ground. I have to retreat all positive remarks I made about your suggestions. Nice joke, no offense. So do I. I pray that your suggestions will never make it to the game!
  4. 120 bonus attack speed and 150 bonus damage. Imagining her sitting in a Madman or Tarot. Even better than the actual Staff Effect. All of your other suggestions (1% HP trade, bigger wall, ~10% damage reduction for allies) and removing the old effect would strip her from her core mechanic making her useless in the lategame. She has a 50/50 winrate, no need to nerf her. If any of those suggestions except her Ulti boost make it into the game, no more Empath for me for sure.
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