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  1. Warchief - SoTM Global Range - Reduces all team cooldowns (including ultimate's, creeps and fortification) 3x faster. Reduces all team Mana costs by 3/5/7% for the active duration. "Who just burned base protection..... OMG...." Ichor - SOTM Transfusion no longer ends while still in range with your target. Increases Healing Received by 15% and Reduces damage taken by 15% while transfusion is active.
  2. Barbed armor leaves something to be desired without making it the goto item every match. This is my proposal for a Rework and Upgrade for Barbed armor. This gives a secondary tree for the iron buckler, instead of just getting helm of black legion. The same applies to Fortifed Bracelet. It also allows for higher end game strats with positioning. Barbed Armor - Reworked Iron Buckler + Fortified Braclet + Blood Ruby + Recipe 225g + 490g + 550g+ 685g; Total Cost 1950g; Passive Stats: 40% (20% for ranged) Chance to Block up to 40 attack damage
  3. To fix people not voting (for literally no reason) Can you grant players +8 Bonus silver coins for voting on an MVP?
  4. How could that make him broken if they deal 0 damage? Elaborate please. Adrenaline is a glass cannon, and while in theory its fun to rush in and rush out, his survivability is so low that a stealth item is mandatory. How about a comprimise then? Magic immunity for the 0.2 seconds and has a disjoint mechanic when using Rush.
  5. SOTM Effect Reworked: Now Drains 1% of her max mana while "AS ONE" is active and does not expire until toggled or mana is depleted.
  6. I think to fix adrenaline, he needs to gain damage immunity while using rush and have a small magic lifesteal (0.5/1.5/2.0/2.5% of damage) from his shards. This would give him some nice survivability.
  7. Pings should be incorporated into the ignore/mute function tbh.
  8. Any Match, Any Game. Bramble Power!
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