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  1. Hello, can you please upload this 64 bit client in https://gofile.io/ I have 300 Mb/s internet connection and i should download it in several seconds, instead it says i will download it in 24 hours... and if connection breaks i will need to start downloading from the beginning...
  2. Thank you! I've compared LoL and Dota2 to HoN and still HoN is the best, gives more fun. Keep this up and you will be on top. I hope you understand how important it is to stop massive account creation. This creates a loop that extends the waiting time for games, and a player who does not care about collecting items from the store is not responsible for breaking the rules.
  3. Please add some solutions that exist in dota2 and they are working very good. 1. Add phone verification to ranked games. 2. Divide games into ranked and non-ranked games. 3. You cannot play a ranked game if you do not play 100 non-ranked games. 4. You have to accept the game (are you ready?), when game will find players, if you don't do this, you cannot search for games for 2 minutes (15 seconds to accept). 5. Automatic search for the game if someone does not accept the game or if there is any other error without any pop-up information. This will eliminate massive account creati
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