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  1. I've discovered this actually seems to be a problem with all dev skins regardless of the creator.
  2. I found one issue with this skin when I was using it in practice mode. If rot is activated whilst channelling the ulti, then it would interrupt and cancel the ulti - which isn't how it functions normally. =(
  3. No worries, just came onto forums since the in game RAP doesn't allow for more in depth descriptions. Thanks for providing the link - it allows for more elaborate reports on tickets
  4. For the last couple weeks we've had a player within the AU MW's community ruining several games in a row EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. He has basically just admitted to having substance abuse issues on mic. He starts playing HoN while entirely high or intoxicated to the point where (in the game I literally just had) 'I need a pause. I just puked (and/or) pissed all over myself'. Rambles on in chat and on mic abusing players while feeding repeatedly, or refusing to particpate entirely - since he's literally too s#*t faced to play. He seems to rotate through at least 3 separate accounts, repe
  5. Feeling very forced to make alt accounts just to avoid 20+ minute queue times when I play HoN lately... Playing MW's on AU and between about 8 sub accounts that are all between 1850-2k MMR on MW's I can barely get a game on any of them. My highest account just shows up as ?? for estimated queue time now. It's been a little while since I played it, and I have noticed the average MMR among AU players seems to have decreased by approximately 100-200 MMR over the last 6+ months. Not sure if we should just do away with MMR for MW's considering a limited player base, or if there's another
  6. Then you'd have 2 items with the same function and slightly different stats? What's the point of that?
  7. UPDATE TO THIS BUG: This direct pathing bug seems to apply to all activate-able items in general. Just recently happened to me again in a game where i didn't have a tablet. All I had at the time was a soultrap, and I believe I used direct pathing towards a cliff in order to get in range to apply the soultrap to them. Playing around in practice mode again and it seems to toggle on whenever any item is activated whilst using direct pathing.
  8. Mine is also bound to F
  9. Oops, yeh that's a mistake. Also, I can't remember what a claymore in Dota 2 is equivalent to in HoN - cause that's what is used for the Satanic (Symbol of Rage). Correction/Options: - Hungry Spirit > Broadsword > Axe of the Malphai > 700g recipe = 6000g - Hungry Spirit > Warhammer > Axe of the Malphai > 300g recipe = 6000g Alternatively going down the armor route again could possibly be something like Hungry Spirit > Platemail > Axe of the Malphai > 500g recipe = 6000g On a side note: Helm of the Victim would s
  10. Since a lot of Dota 2 items have been ported to HoN recently, I thought i'd suggest having Dota 2's Helm of the Dominator replace Whispering Helm. Whispering Helm seems to be an item that's picked up primarily by carries for the lifesteal feature and that it's a key component of Symbol of Rage... The armor is as nice addition as well. What I personally believe should be the funadmental aspect of the item; the dominate creep feature, now just seems to be a BONUS feature that carries can use to stack ancients for themselves. The cooldown for the dominate feature is currently absurd.
  11. I've messed around with this a little bit in practice mode to suss it out. The only thing I've managed to do so far in order to 'toggle' this direct pathing bug is by using Tablet of Command whilst direct pathing (e.g - over a cliff), this should then toggle it on. By using direct pathing again after it will remove its toggled on status. If you try it out in practice mode it should be pretty reliable to replicate.
  12. Pretty sure this bug has been around for years, and not sure if it's ever been brought up in the past. Pretty sure there isn't a huge amount of players that actually use direct pathing; at least not many I know. Issue when using direct pathing that it can get 'toggled on' even after you stop using it. In order to use direct pathing you have to hold the button down, but once you release it the direct pathing can still be active when it shouldn't. I've found it's possible to press the button for direct pathing again until it toggles off in order to fix it... but the amount of times in gam
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