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  1. This might be the best idea for a fun mode I've ever heard of. Genius Let's go EU, make us happy!
  2. Let's be real. You were here for the argument more so than anything from the get go. Which is my point entirely. You're here to whine, just like all the people before you whining about the same non-issue, just like all the people that will continue to whine about this long after you and me have stopped playing. Yeah. Reading off one dictionary definition of a word and taking it at face value really showcases your socials skills. The reason why I questioned your confidence is because insecure people usually have a tendency to throw out challenges left and right like you did. I reacted t
  3. I wasn't planning on responding to any of your nonsense since @Manu311 clearly answered you perfectly enough. However, are you really that insecure that you have to pull me out from under my rock just because I reacted to a couple of posts? Other than you having the urge to bitch and moan right now I can't really see any reason for your complaints. You're conflating what you refer to as sweatshop players with tryharding groups. Even then you're kinda misrepresenting the fact that these players play with eachother because they enjoy playing with eachother, not for the sole purpose of winni
  4. I think Warchief's Spirit Walk was still behaving awkwardly in the last patch.
  5. The regular one works if I'm not mistaken, as long as you choose the path to the executable manually.
  6. I have this irritating issue where I bring up the chat in the client (64, not sure if its the same in 32) and type the character < and it behaves as if I had pressed F10 (brings up the interface). Anyone else experience anything like that? I asked friends that are on 64 and they don't have the same thing. Any way to debug this to find out what's going on, on my side @HyperXewl?
  7. Wow! Amazing work everyone. Thank you so much for this
  8. I experienced this once. Try opening the client as administrator and see if that works?
  9. Another suggestion, if your "issue" primarily has to do with recognition problems, is to tick the box for hero names over health bars. You'll find that under settings :-)
  10. HenryCase

    Old shop

    You can enable it in the settings.
  11. PK brings versatility to these heroes that doesn't scale that well in mid wars. Its primary use in these cases aren't as an escape tool rather a means to give him the necessary requisite to position himself cleverly to use his stun/disable in an effective manner to maximize the outcome in favour of his or hers team. The same goes for geo, and other necessary tools like daemonic.
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