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  1. Holy shit yeah. My RPi 4 would love to try something like this
  2. Isn't turning off exclusive mode the same as running the game in borderless fullscreen?
  3. It's possible to use macros sure. But it's also possible to be very fast with that stuff as well. Especially if you use smart casting, instead of the default settings. Unfortunately it seems like it's been too long. I can no longer see the match in question and download the replay. Anybody that downloaded it and can share it?
  4. HenryCase


    Depends what you mean with supports? I have a 144hz monitor, and it's available to choose in the settings.
  5. Ooooh I see. Thank you for the clarification. I'll give it a try! As long as the filters work I'm happy with your solution. I don't use any of the other GeForce Experience optimizations anyway.
  6. Do you guys do something special to get HoN to even show up as a game in GeFore Experience? I've tried renaming hon_x64.exe to hon.exe, but it's just not recognising the game during a scan. I tried adding the folder manually as well, but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'd like to see BR in MW staying, but tweaked a little bit. I'm not sure how the algorithm works right now but I see some polishing that could improve it. Make sure a repick does not result in you getting the same hero again. Have the algorithm be partially random, with some manual logic built upon it. Base it off of attributes, but limit the possibility of getting too many of the same attribute as to prevent one team ending up with 5 strength, 5 melee, 5 int etc. Manually factor for hooks. So if one team randoms a hero from the hook pool, make sure the opposing
  8. Got it. I'll dig a bit then and see what I can find. Thank you so much
  9. Yeah, so during the pick phase if I shadowpick a hero, ui_debugscript true prints the following. Cl: [17:52:19] main: PotentialHero('Hero_Javaras', 'Base'); And then when I actually pick it: Cl: [17:52:20] main: SpawnHero('Hero_Javaras');
  10. Thank you for this guide @ElementUser! I've been playing around with modding HoN a little bit and I actually find it pretty interesting as a learning experience. I'm curious how the PotentialHero mechanic is set up, for example if I would like to add on it, and do something with it, I'm not quite sure which variable to call upon. Also, I'm not at all experienced with any of this, so apologies for the weirdly formulated question.
  11. This might be the best idea for a fun mode I've ever heard of. Genius Let's go EU, make us happy!
  12. Let's be real. You were here for the argument more so than anything from the get go. Which is my point entirely. You're here to whine, just like all the people before you whining about the same non-issue, just like all the people that will continue to whine about this long after you and me have stopped playing. Yeah. Reading off one dictionary definition of a word and taking it at face value really showcases your socials skills. The reason why I questioned your confidence is because insecure people usually have a tendency to throw out challenges left and right like you did. I reacted t
  13. I wasn't planning on responding to any of your nonsense since @Manu311 clearly answered you perfectly enough. However, are you really that insecure that you have to pull me out from under my rock just because I reacted to a couple of posts? Other than you having the urge to bitch and moan right now I can't really see any reason for your complaints. You're conflating what you refer to as sweatshop players with tryharding groups. Even then you're kinda misrepresenting the fact that these players play with eachother because they enjoy playing with eachother, not for the sole purpose of winni
  14. I think Warchief's Spirit Walk was still behaving awkwardly in the last patch.
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