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  1. First of all, I'd like to say that I just LOVED those changes. All lightbrand part items are performing and being picked right now and that was exactly what I was hoping for. Second of all, I'd like to give you my impression and ask for yours on these 2 items and hero in particular Puppet Master: The hero, with the elder change and the E change, is a bit too strong right now. It has 56% win rate and is able to easily jungle too early on. While I particularly love the hero, I would understand if it got nerfed next patch. If you wanna nerf something though, please focus on the damage o
  2. Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this. My thoughts were that this is more of an issue in high tmm, were players know how to abuse keeper's strength right now. Secondly, here are a couple matches where his over the top strength get's highlighted: 160664059, 160736405. After this, i proceeded to pick the hero just to test. I am terrible at managing creeps, have boomer APM, missed several ults, died several times, and still managed to easily win with the hero These are not extreme examples. This is just what always happens. I think EU understands balanc
  3. So, I've been watching this hero for the past week or so and I just want to make sure this gets fixed next patch Keeper is clearly broken op It's good short lane, suicide, long, jungle, mid, anything Imo, Q and W are the issues, I don't think I have to explain why Last game I played was the last drop. My entire team got counter picks to the hero and it was still able to perform well, even though it was on the hands of an average player, who could badely macro his minions I suggest removing the root from Q and lowering how much the buff lasts If you don't agree with me,
  4. One other point. I play arachna a lot and I loved her late game, but the recent change (giving the true strike aura to flint) was actually a huge hit on her for me, since attacking uphill into base towers was one of her strengths. Can we give arachna the true strike back, just not an aura please?
  5. If we log in to hon x64, do we still play with people at hon 32 bits?
  6. By reading your post, I realized you have absolutely no awareness of how patches and balance work Summary: All items you suggested are currently balanced to their best state. Maybe Iron shield is a bit strong, but doesn't deserve a nerf All heroes are balanced and adrenaline is underpowered on purpose, because it's a very dangerous hero when on 50% winrate. Basically breaks the game due to his default playstyle Remake votes are fine. Just because you haven't called remake on better ocasions, doesn't mean you should call for a removal. examples of good remaked games i had:
  7. Maliken: Instead of current effect, change it to his W (Like on MOA, merge it's effects) Doctor Repulsor: Remove the perplex state when using ulti as well or at least remove the perplex after landing Magebane: Change the W boost into his E (making it into a passive AOE effect) Berserker: Instead of boosting his Q, slightly increase damage output from ult (like 1 or 2% of HP), berserker staff rn is basically useless
  8. LennyXX

    HoN Live

    Basically exams Might be back streaming soon, but gotta fix my academic life first
  9. by the way, since no one noticed, the second instance of damage is due to hellbringer's Q hitting the puppet
  10. LennyXX


    I like how moraxus is at the moment. Don't think he needs any changes. But I do feel like he could get a small change on his Q ability, like swapping damage for extra stun time If you feel like moraxus is too weak, try maxing axes, and you will see he is not weak at all ?
  11. LennyXX


    If you don't want people to blink out, get a hellflower it's actually a pretty good item on pharaor But I'm not gonna lie, i've already thought about the restrain inside mummy wall thing. Also applies to chronos though (negating tablets out of chronos ulti)
  12. LennyXX

    HoN Live

    Yea, but that is basically what the HoN Live was for. Watching games without having to work for it or, in other words, facilitating the spectate funcionality
  13. I'm trying to bring the attention to the hero exactly so we try to find ways where magebane gets stronger on laning phase and weaker on lategame carry v carry situation. He should be an underpowered hero that only excels when facing spellcasters and inteligence heroes
  14. But he does have weakness, several weakness actually. Right now, as said on my post, he is the worst laner in the game and, being a hero that cannot jungle or mid, just has no place in the game. I think this is toxic for the hero because it's basically like this: Either you get free farm and win the game out of farm or you don't get farm at all and have 0 chance to recover. Talking about high tier, i can start collecting some data, but I'm almost sure the hero's win rate is pretty damn lower. In my opinion, magebane's weakness should be facing tanks (which is a weakness right now, bu
  15. Considering you acknoledged that the design is flawed, shouldn't it be enough for us to have this changes, separating it from his DotA cores?
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