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  1. Hi Mezi , I do agree that almost every game someone is calling jungle and yes , most of the time he afks in it for about 15-20 min.But , with the "meta" that is going on at the moment , letting a free farm carry farm on the opposite team while your own team has a jungler and your own carry is dealing in a 2v2 lane when he isn't farming that much isn't worth the "free farming jungler". I mean of course it is my personnal opinion The thing I can also agree on is , I feel like there is only 1 way to jungle and it makes it very easy for every player to do really well in it..so yeah m
  2. I'm only lagging on USE , even though I'm from that region...I don't know if it's only me , but USW and Eu are fine!
  3. Whenever I play EU servers, I usually get 180 to 210 ping , now I get 400... any changes that could have make this happen ?
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