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  1. dang you would have won by 1 day haha you are a legend its an honor to talk to you i remember your name from the ( special forums )
  2. Alright guys the Contest is over , Falk1 , Anakonda And Jovee congratulation on winning, each one of you guys will recieve 100$ gold gift code Please PM me on Discord so i can give you your codes W-#1111 Special thanks to [FB]Saphirez For exchanging the gold i purchased into gift codes !
  3. Best of luck i think you might win the date creation event, the avatars part Falk1 submitted 16 avatars only
  4. That sounds like a nice idea for next events
  5. Thanks , Just to be clear total number of games should be under the current season including midwars etc. i did check your profile and it only has 10 games
  6. Yes it is , Best of luck to you sir if no one is older than you by next friday then you will be one of our winners
  7. the only reason i asked for 500 games atleast is to help mains with low avatars to enjoy the game abit more technically you can participate if you reach 500 games but since you have more than one account i would suggest you pass on this event but its all fair if you decide to participate and try to win no harm in that lol
  8. haha i know Thanks Every week i will be posting a new event and new categories and maybe next week it will be mastery so stay tuned for next events
  9. haha sorry but this is limited to players not staff you are too powerful no one will beat you in this category lol! (7-8-2009 )
  10. Hello guys i have decided to make a small contest and there will be 3 winners and each of those winners will win 100$ usd that i will be sending to them via paypal or as giftcards (iTunes or google-play ) Every week i will be posting a new contest and new categories First contest : Player with the oldest account creation date will win 100$ Second contest : player with the most amount of games played will win 100$ third contest : player with the least number of avatars owned, must have atleast 500 games played on that account to qualify so we avoid people trying to win on alts or new accounts PS: you must post a picture showing your number of avatars ( winners will be verified ) The winners will be announced on Next Friday 7/8/2020 on this thread so stay tuned i wish everyone the best of luck
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