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  1. But i guess i am done with this game - i ony reach deaf ears or people who defend a broken system. There is a reason this game is dying and you see everytime the same people. I am not saying its just because of the report system, but your reports do not count if not more than 1 person also reports then thats BS.. i can understand when they are in the back of the queu of reports but not looked in at all. Have fun and its really sad, i liked this game alot.
  2. i am talking in the game... WHILE you are playing.
  3. What do i care about my reputation, i want people who are toxic to this community gone(either by insulting or playing bad on purpose) and when SGMs dont look into reports , thats a red flag for me. He could have looked into and then say to me i should use the ingame report system for the future (the report system after the game, because apparently when u report someone ingame that doesnt work - THEN WHY NOT REMOVE IT IF ITS NOT WORKING)
  4. When i already reported someone over RAP (REPORT A PLAYER) Menu, then why cant he look into my report and say either false, correct and ADD TO THAT "This section is not a replacement for the in-game RAP system." why does he refuse to look into it and answers the whole time to me instead of just looking into it ? Another SGM did this when i reported someone else over the RAP MENU: Hello, The player has already been handled and currently suspended. Regards, KaimyMadio
  5. I have the feeling that the report system is rigged or somehow is not taking serious. I reported someone over the RAP Menu, because i couldnt report that person ingame, because i dced in the beginning of the picking phase. The SGM Shattered answered quick with "This section is not a replacement for the in-game RAP system." which is fine, because i can understand you dont have the menpower to deal with all the reports. But i explained myself, that i was not able to report the person via right clicking someones icon on the top left corner and thats why i do it here. His response was "r
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