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  1. But i guess i am done with this game - i ony reach deaf ears or people who defend a broken system. There is a reason this game is dying and you see everytime the same people. I am not saying its just because of the report system, but your reports do not count if not more than 1 person also reports then thats BS.. i can understand when they are in the back of the queu of reports but not looked in at all. Have fun and its really sad, i liked this game alot.
  2. i am talking in the game... WHILE you are playing.
  3. What do i care about my reputation, i want people who are toxic to this community gone(either by insulting or playing bad on purpose) and when SGMs dont look into reports , thats a red flag for me. He could have looked into and then say to me i should use the ingame report system for the future (the report system after the game, because apparently when u report someone ingame that doesnt work - THEN WHY NOT REMOVE IT IF ITS NOT WORKING)
  4. When i already reported someone over RAP (REPORT A PLAYER) Menu, then why cant he look into my report and say either false, correct and ADD TO THAT "This section is not a replacement for the in-game RAP system." why does he refuse to look into it and answers the whole time to me instead of just looking into it ? Another SGM did this when i reported someone else over the RAP MENU: Hello, The player has already been handled and currently suspended. Regards, KaimyMadio
  5. I have the feeling that the report system is rigged or somehow is not taking serious. I reported someone over the RAP Menu, because i couldnt report that person ingame, because i dced in the beginning of the picking phase. The SGM Shattered answered quick with "This section is not a replacement for the in-game RAP system." which is fine, because i can understand you dont have the menpower to deal with all the reports. But i explained myself, that i was not able to report the person via right clicking someones icon on the top left corner and thats why i do it here. His response was "right click doesn't work anymore, you report after the game ends" then i replied with "Does that also work in MidWars ? Because thats the only mode i am playing. And is this report now sufficient? Was i right about his conduct? He verbally abused his teammates and then refused to play with one of them. regards" And 48H i heared nothing from him (i replied twice to remind this ticket is still open). Then his late response "If he indeed break the rules then he will get suspended, but since you have low priority, you can't single report him, you will have to ask some friend of yours to help him report him, if multiple persons report the same individual then the report will go through!" Is an indicator for me, that frostburn does not care about reports and/or does not have sufficiant personall to deal with reports. It should not matter if my priority is low or not what. I said that to him (maybe a little bit harsher but not insulting) and his repsonse was: "Please go and read the threads on our rap feedback forums and then if you have a problem you can submit a ticket. till then i guess we have nothing to talk about!" and the ticket of me is on " locked status" When one TEAMMATE asked another TEAMMATE for an item (lets say in my example staff), then the right response is either "yes sure" - "no i am not building it" or "later if i get the gold". But the TEAMMATE'S response was very negative, i dont have the exact words, because i cant see them anymore in the RAP-Menu but he refused and insulted his TEAMMATE, then i replied with "thats great teamplay" and he said to "stfu retard" and from that on he played for himself and not for the team.(and i explained that situation to shattered) But that doesnt matter , why? because my "priority" is low.. i call BS there. I explained griefing and verbal abuse, two offenses and the SGM didnt care, for whatever reason, he even didnt explained, how the report system is working for MidWars, he disregarded me completly and thats really frustrating.. Does any other SGM or player experiences the same behaviour or does shattered has something personal against me? I would like to hear your stories because i have a feeling the report system needs a rework ASAP, people dont report because they are not taken serious or because they know nothing will happen/change. regards
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