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  1. My understanding was that the patch deployment could go up until 12 pm EDT - which is about 2.5 hours from now. It will help to be patient until then.
  2. Assisting / killing heroes with minions do not increase Madfred's brass knuckles charges. Note: only tested with Tempest, but probably true for other minions as well.
  3. Actually, that was a mistake. I meant to say group queue doesn't drop out of queue when someone does not successfully connect to the match lobby. My bad
  4. I did try an initiative where Diamond 3 and higher-ranked players from USE/USW solo queued, at a certain time, on specific days, in order to get faster queue times and better quality games. Sadly, that failed because of lack of support from players themselves. Some players rather queue with friends, some cannot play at the scheduled time, etc. Or maybe I just gave up too soon (2 months)? For us who want to keep the game going, we're stuck in a place where we're forced to choose to either play with people who don't respect other players enough to speak a common language (English), or sit i
  5. Have you looked into port forwarding on your local network?
  6. The inventory slot where pegasus boots is supposed to be on appears to be empty after match. Could be very easily replicated.
  7. In general, if you click on an unpathable area, your hero is ordered to hold position. This might be happening with the adrenaline ult. If you try to click outside or somehow clicked outside adrenaline ult while inside, you get hold position and can't issue orders if you have safe action or something. (I really don't know just throwing ideas) This was an issue I raised in the previous map with the lava areas on the top left side. I guess it might be why?
  8. Tested this with beast player WyG_YoU_GoT in every possible way and was able to dispell perplex, whether you activate Grimoire of Power before or after Hellflower perplex is applied.
  9. Background: Vagabond Leader and Catman units cast their respective spells when 3 or more player-controlled units group up in a small range around the unit. Most gadgets, at this point in time, do not trigger this event. However, it appears some gadgets (and non-gadgets) are being considered as player-controlled units. Spells Affected: Riftwalker "E" Riftburn Emerald Warden "E" Overgrowth Engineer "E" Spidermines
  10. When casting farther from normal range, the enemy hero gets pulled towards the original "max cast range" instead of getting pushed back.
  11. Orb walk spells cast range gets reduced. Vindicator W Spell "Master's Incantation" Arachna Q Spell "Webbed Shot" Nitro's Q Spell "Ballistic" Replication steps: Buy Wingbow Buy Jadespire (can be interchanged with step 1) Sell Jadespire Photos for reference:
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