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  1. Most games i have are with russians that destroy every game. So Russia i asume
  2. Can we have a no russian mode please? Give us at least some fun games till june. Don't let us have HoN in this memory, make it a great end.
  3. No new Patch since Juli..... Is this game Dead again?
  4. Well Midwars is now fun again. If there are 40+ Unstoppable Inbalanced heroes there must be a lot of bans. And right now we have this. Every game is fun, no unstoppable shit or much less then usual. Love it Edit: Yes i just saw there was some april fools message, but the heroes Banned are others then on the list. Even if it was a joke, keep it. Its good. Keep it #Keepit!
  5. Lifewaster

    Thx Devs

    Don't know if its a Bug or intention, did not find it in the changelog, but i had 2 Midwars games today where a lot heroes where banned before we even started to ban, what resulted in no Overpowered inbalanced heroes in the game. It was Fun for the first time in years. Thx when it was intentionally and if not, dont fix it. It makes Midwars 100% better. edit: Ok lets say it makes it 75% better. U still need to do something about the russian problem.
  6. I think hes fine how he is. finally the right items for him as a magician help him because hes int now
  7. there is a reason why Russians dont play on russian servers: Even Russians hate other Russians.
  8. Well something that was fun turned frustrating, wile something else sucked in the past and never changed that. so hard to understand for you? you must be russian, hm?
  9. Why not Pick Ophelia or Parasite in MW? If the enemy team is not a gamebreaker like every game these days with 40 Overpowered Heroes, u can win with them if u perform good. But as i said, not these days where everything is headed thowards more and more imbalance. Like giving Flint a fkn true strike aura for the whole team, who came up with this bullshit?
  10. i just had a game, we had it clearly in our hands, i told them, we should end not mess around. i got some "fk yourself suka blyat" and they started messing around ending up feeding the enemy team and we lost a game that was a sure victory. in the end i had good stats, but what did it change? This is every game since russians started invading european servers. Winning in a solo queue is pure luck. Get more Overpowered imbalanced gamebreaker heroes then the others and get less russians, or u have already lost. thats my experience
  11. i played maybe 50 FoC games and 6500 Midwars games. Midwars is just a ton of fun to me wile i would rather get a burning iron injected in my anus, because to me there is nothing more boring than a game of FoC well another way to solve the picking problem would be to do some kind of each team ban 5 heroes and then all Random mode. But i guess you are right, the problem is not that there are these imbalanced gamebreakers its those human trash that takes em every single game just to be sure to win easy or to prevent them from trying out new heroes. But what could on
  12. Yeah i know this sore excuses already. Thats why i brought a solution right with me: Do that and u will see how most of the million midwars is unbalanced (because its true) threads will just vanish. Poof problem gone PS: i don't want to play FoC because i want to have fun. FoC is when u want to sleep. I don't wanna play 60+ minutes with a total of 5 kills in the game and the highest hero level is 10 there is a good reason why FoC sounds like some other F-Word
  13. Every game falls into one of three possible outcomes: 1. Enemy Team picks the Imbalanced Heroes that totally break the game and the game is lost instantly 2. Your Team picks one of the 30 imbalanced Heroes that totally break the game and the game is won instantly 3. Your team takes imbalanced heroes as well as the enemy team, and the guys in your team are russians that cant even play the most broken easy imbalanced heroes So u are forced to lose no matter how good u might play. As long as there are much more Imbalanced heroes that there are possible bans, th
  14. Are there no more players? If that's the case i uninstall as well. can someone give me real numbers on players please? https://ibb.co/q5cwkqs
  15. How should it get higher when im always teamed up with russians that do feed? I can't win alone against 5 answer me this?
  16. Why do i need to get some russians in my Midwars games that buy totally idiotic items and/or feed the enemys, or stay afk after 5 minutes od the game
  17. Till now i allways was able to make a group with my friends in Queue for Midwars, and now i get a Invalid/Disabled Textbox does anyone else have this issue? how can i fix this? thx
  18. Ok i tried the 32 bit version and it did lagg the same way. Didn't u changed something on the servers a few days ago?
  19. i will now download the 32 bit version and look what works better, because on 64 bit i have unbelievable laggs.
  20. Since i installed the 64bit mode my 1800€ PC i bought September 2020 is lagging in HoN with a Disconnected icon on the left side nd i often get "no repsonse from Server" Maybe i should mention that other Internet games like Apex Legends have zero internet connection lagging problems. And on the old 32bit version i also had no connection laggs... Are there more people with that issue? Right now the game is unplayable at this status
  21. a Nation that has a Nuclear Missile would also say its not overpowered...
  22. For the first time in the History of HoN Artillery is not overpowered ---> "Buff next time"" GG
  23. So lets just make every hero a Overpowered monster? is this your solution to things?
  24. the hero is already very good. If he gets a Staff upgrade it should be something more balanced
  25. The hero is already overpowered, lets Buff him even more!
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