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  1. Ok i tried the 32 bit version and it did lagg the same way. Didn't u changed something on the servers a few days ago?
  2. i will now download the 32 bit version and look what works better, because on 64 bit i have unbelievable laggs.
  3. Since i installed the 64bit mode my 1800€ PC i bought September 2020 is lagging in HoN with a Disconnected icon on the left side nd i often get "no repsonse from Server" Maybe i should mention that other Internet games like Apex Legends have zero internet connection lagging problems. And on the old 32bit version i also had no connection laggs... Are there more people with that issue? Right now the game is unplayable at this status
  4. a Nation that has a Nuclear Missile would also say its not overpowered...
  5. For the first time in the History of HoN Artillery is not overpowered ---> "Buff next time"" GG
  6. So lets just make every hero a Overpowered monster? is this your solution to things?
  7. the hero is already very good. If he gets a Staff upgrade it should be something more balanced
  8. The hero is already overpowered, lets Buff him even more!
  9. Well if you need a PK for Ws (what would be a sad picture of ones skills) its ok. Maybe im the only one able to escape with him without a PK and get the most control out of the Hero with a sheep instead of a PK. But everyone who needs a PK on him or Geo or Kraken can do this. I only say When i play the Hero i have 6 Items that boost my stats and have useful effects instead of 5 and one that only allow me to travel and only if im not attacked. My problem is that i think everyone could this. And maybe im wrong with that. Maybe some players cant get out of danger wi
  10. ? ok so you are right, because you say so. nice thank you for this explanation. As i see this u can play the most heroes at least decent enough to win when the super S heroes are not in the game and you don't need to get PK's on most of them. Anyone can equip his hero as he sees fit, but giving a Spellcaster a deamonic instead of Spellshards is one of the reasons the hero underperforms in the job he has. Or a hardcarry armor because the game does not start with 10 kills for his team. Armor will not change this. A Carry needs damage items. When he has them he will be
  11. I never buy a PK for Geo and end up always with a lot of kills more then death. If he is in a dangerous position after his stun depends fully on the player. I also never get a Heart or a Deamonic for him. Hes a spellcaster, he does not need those items. If you just buy the items that fits the job of the Hero u can never go wrong. Im sorry but u seem to have not much experience with the heroes that not appear in ever list on the S or A rank.
  12. yeah i get it, you are the best, your games are always ultra balanced and you alone can win against 5 players in less then 10 minutes. Even if your own List of played games shows you are not that big of a deal u might think u are. But some of us are normal players, we don't have the luck to have the best HoN players on the world in our team every game and we are not 2100 MMR masters. Nice to see that a player that does 40 Kills in Midwars with a Hero that is viewed as flawed and bad in Midwars is a bad player that deserves a low ranking. Man u must be the ho
  13. my suggestion would be move down his Q Damage. All a art does in any game is staying in the back and fire his q and kill most of the players before they can reach him. That is so boring and one of the reasons hes OP as hell in MW
  14. possible to change the cooldowns and numbers to balance it out more
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