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  1. The hero is already overpowered, lets Buff him even more!
  2. Well if you need a PK for Ws (what would be a sad picture of ones skills) its ok. Maybe im the only one able to escape with him without a PK and get the most control out of the Hero with a sheep instead of a PK. But everyone who needs a PK on him or Geo or Kraken can do this. I only say When i play the Hero i have 6 Items that boost my stats and have useful effects instead of 5 and one that only allow me to travel and only if im not attacked. My problem is that i think everyone could this. And maybe im wrong with that. Maybe some players cant get out of danger without it. Well one of the reasons i don't die as much without a PK as some other might be that i choose when to attack and don't run in without thinking what can happen. You don't need to understand me, but try to accept that there is no "one right way" to play the heroes. But a lot of wrongs. And my way is maybe not the easy path, but its still one that works 9 out of 10 times. Most of my loses are because we have a feeder and/or one or more S rank heroes in the enemy team. I don't say im perfect, there are games where i am the weakest player, this can happen. If i get focused, or don't play with full concentration, or try some experiment, no one is perfect. But mostly i have a lot of kills and/or assists more than my deaths, but only one bad team mate can doom your whole team. But don't say my Posts are "Wrong" because they don't agree with what u think. They are not any wronger then yours. Just a different perspective. Maybe try for once playing a WS without PK and u might see that this not only works too, but could be even stronger...
  3. ok so you are right, because you say so. nice thank you for this explanation. As i see this u can play the most heroes at least decent enough to win when the super S heroes are not in the game and you don't need to get PK's on most of them. Anyone can equip his hero as he sees fit, but giving a Spellcaster a deamonic instead of Spellshards is one of the reasons the hero underperforms in the job he has. Or a hardcarry armor because the game does not start with 10 kills for his team. Armor will not change this. A Carry needs damage items. When he has them he will be in his role when the middle or lategame starts. If u give him armor he will not survive much longer and will do no damage. So he will do no damage, what gives him no kills, what gives him no money. Downward spiral just because the wrong item. You can have your Spellcaster go full Tank if this experiment works for you, but if you want others to accept this strange composure then be at least tolerant enough not to say someone saying something different from your thinking is wrong because you say so. Btw im talking about midwars only. PS: Predator in C Rank in one of the Tier Lists. "other in-puts are better and more in touch with the current state of the game" You serious?
  4. I never buy a PK for Geo and end up always with a lot of kills more then death. If he is in a dangerous position after his stun depends fully on the player. I also never get a Heart or a Deamonic for him. Hes a spellcaster, he does not need those items. If you just buy the items that fits the job of the Hero u can never go wrong. Im sorry but u seem to have not much experience with the heroes that not appear in ever list on the S or A rank.
  5. yeah i get it, you are the best, your games are always ultra balanced and you alone can win against 5 players in less then 10 minutes. Even if your own List of played games shows you are not that big of a deal u might think u are. But some of us are normal players, we don't have the luck to have the best HoN players on the world in our team every game and we are not 2100 MMR masters. Nice to see that a player that does 40 Kills in Midwars with a Hero that is viewed as flawed and bad in Midwars is a bad player that deserves a low ranking. Man u must be the hottest shit ever in this game, maybe we have the luck to play a game together or against each other in Midwars one day so i can learn from your skill and knowledge of every item and hero in the game. ...or maybe you get a glance at whats really going on in the normal world....
  6. my suggestion would be move down his Q Damage. All a art does in any game is staying in the back and fire his q and kill most of the players before they can reach him. That is so boring and one of the reasons hes OP as hell in MW
  7. possible to change the cooldowns and numbers to balance it out more
  8. I don't like the DM nerf. Maybe u can keep the drink mechanic and just buff it a little. besides that i think it the patch is not bad
  9. I know, the skill is maybe awesome but it looks so boring it sucks ^^' A skill with the name "perfect Storm" should be a little cooler then some soft summerrain. I thought his Ultimate before it (with that watertornado smacking into enemys) was much cooler, it had some nice "bam!" effect. And if we can not change the Ultimate, can we give him some other skill that looks like action? Please? xD
  10. I don't know, Stats these days are only used to give others a "you are such a noob" speech. If the stats could help make the MMR work im in for it, but otherwise its just another tool for mobbing others.
  11. To me adrenaline is unplayable because i cant hold him alive in any teamfights so i would love some changes to him.
  12. As a spellcaster counter he might could use some kind of silence or magic immunity like Predator has it. Also i think the old skill that passively damaged every use of a skill with some damage was a good idea, only not strong enough. my suggestions toi change him would be like: Q: Have it as it is and add some Mana poison over time to it, something like 5% of the enemys mana over 3 seconds W: The teleport could also silence enenmys in a small radius around magebane for 3 seconds or so. E: I think complete magic invincibility would be too much. I would also take the magic defense it gives Magebane away instead I would have it do superior magic damage in the number of mana cost for spells used inside the radius Also i would give it an activation that boosts every allies magic defense in the radius for some seconds maybe 15 or so for 3 seconds on level 4 R: I love magebanes ultimate, but i think the casttime is too long, if you compare it to Soulreapers ultimate. i would make it faster. Beside that i would let it like its now. (also with the staff Upgrade) Staff of the Master: Should only buff his Ultimate as it already does no need to buff other skills in my eyes. Maybe that can be some changes to make him deadlier against Spellcasters, i don't know what do you guys think?
  13. Yeah i can understand this. And i now have accepted that there will be no Midwars balance. So the next best thing we can ask for is more Bans, or some other way that helps players like me to get a fair game without always the same few heroes that dominate the battle.
  14. With all our lists we can still see some faces in the upper corner and some at the bottom of every list. You don't need to say one list is better then another, but this heroes that are on top of every list needs some nerf wile the ones at the bottom needs some buffs. i think we at least can agree to this?
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