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  1. I posted a similar mod in the next thread. However, it replaces the icons of items and heroes from DotA 1, not from DotA 2. Also, I have not fixed all of its functionality. I've stopped modding as the game is about to close and my account has also been re-suspended.
  2. I tried to start fixing/updating Bangerz DotA Helper mod, but stopped working when I found out that HoN will close soon. If someone needs it, then here is a partially fixed/updated honmod version: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/AJjn/LUimFzWjs I will not continue to work on it, but you can do it yourself if you want.
  3. Here are some examples of such mods: League of Legends Anime Blizzard games
  4. Yes, why not? Maybe I'll even do that when HoN dies.
  5. I think with Dota 2 Test Server + Source 2 Resource Viewer.
  6. What project are you talking about? Can you provide a link? As far as I know, Savage 2 is not open source.
  7. I said that the abilities are partially similar, not identical. For example, Hoodwink's Scurry ability reminded me of Blitz's Quicken ability. Both increase movement speed and grant Unitwalking when activated. However, I agree with you about Tarot. Indeed Hoodwink's Acorn Shot ability are partially similar to Tarot's Ricochet ability, and Hoodwink's Bushwhack ability are partially similar to Tarot's Bound By Fate ability. It looks like several HoN characters were combined in this character.
  8. As for me, Hoodwink's abilities are partially similar to Blitz' abilities. Also, both heroes are ranged agility heroes.
  9. @Whyzozerious made such a mod, if I'm not mistaken. Ask him to share the link.
  10. As I answered you in a personal message, there are many Blender video tutorials on the Internet. I took 1 minute to find one of them and 2 more minutes to record a video above. If this is too difficult for you, it may be that modding is not for you. Since these are basic things, and then it will be even more difficult things.
  11. Define what you want - a tutorial on how to create animations or a tutorial on how to create ability effects? Blender won't help you with creating ability effects.
  12. It looks like this is version 3 of this mod: http://web.archive.org/web/20120822121225/http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?411897-HD-Winter-Nomad-2-0-Effects Unfortunately, I could not find a working link to download this mod. Without the mod itself, it is impossible to update it.
  13. Models can be found the following paths: ..\game\resources0.s2z\heroes ..\game\resources1.s2z\heroes ..\game\resources2.s2z\heroes ..\game\resources3.s2z\heroes The model files extension is .model. Textures can be found the following paths: ..\game\textures.s2z\00000000\heroes --high ..\game\textures.s2z\00000003\heroes --medium ..\game\textures.s2z\00000005\heroes --low .s2z - this is an archive that can be opened by any archiver. To import models into Blender 2.78, you need a Theli's K2 Model/Animation Import-Export script:
  14. Actually, there is no need to use third party scripts. You can simply export the imported model, then reimport it and apply animation. PS: Due to lack of programming skills and knowledge of Blender I still could not figure out what the problem is.
  15. Blazer is a character from Strife (a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by S2 Games). Same as Aemon and Rip:
  16. Yes, that's what I was talking about. Blazer holds her weapon in her left hand, but attack and projectile effects appear on the right side because Sapphire is holding her weapon in her right hand. It is a pity that this option cannot be unlocked. R.I.P. Balzer mod. This mod is far from complete, to be honest. I had planned to do a lot more things. There is no problem with attack offset and attack effect because the video is from the test game where changing the attackoffset parameter works. In a non-test game, it looks a lot worse.
  17. You better ask the devs to unlock the attackoffset option (remove server side control), then I will find the time to finish my mod.
  18. The updated script will be publicly posted when it is successfully completed (if at all will be completed).
  19. This is Theli's K2 Model/Animation Import-Export script I am trying to upgrade to multiversion.
  20. Eh, I still can't get my hands on to finish updating the script to the multi-version, which should work on Blender below 2.80 and Blender 2.80 and above.
  21. Editing hero.entity file looks correct. At least for now. However, I still don't understand why you are copying the following 2 files: <copyfile name="heroes\hammerstorm\model.mdf" overwrite="yes" /> <copyfile name="heroes\hammerstorm\preview.mdf" overwrite="yes" /> These files are not used because you changed the paths to them in the hero.entity file: <find><![CDATA[model="model.mdf"]]></find> <replace><![CDATA[model="alt3/model.mdf"]]></replace> <find><![CDATA[previewmodel="pre
  22. I downloaded your honmod twice, but I still get honmod in where you copy the entire .entity files, and don't edit it. You can copy any files (.effect, .mdl, .ogg, .tga, etc.), but the .entity files need to be edited. The search here goes from top to bottom of the file. The search starts from line 1, if the search condition is not satisfied, then the search continues in line 2, and so on until the search condition is satisfied. The next search starts from the place of the last search. In this case, the last search was <find><![CDATA[model="pog_skin/model.mdf"]]><
  23. I see, this is what I was afraid of. This is a fake honmod which differs from s2z mod only by its extension. The survivability of such a honmod is exactly the same as that of the parent s2z mod. In true honmod changes in .entity file are made by editing the desired lines, rather than copying the entire file. This increases the survivability of such a honmod exponentially. I recommend downloading my honmod for the Hammerstorm (link in my previous posts) to analyze it.
  24. Hi Fox`Tail. Can you post an example of a honmod created by your program? I would like to check something.
  25. Sorry, but I don't have the psychic ability to figure out what you did wrong. I need your mod file so I can try to help you. I recently had to work with a mod (resources_Hammerstorm.s2z) made by your program, and I would like to say a few words about it: 1. Your program leaves too many junk files that exponentially increase the likelihood of errors and game crashes. On the left is a mod made by me (https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdc8y7bqz01n473/locksmasher.honmod?dl=0). On the right is the mod made by your program with many junk files. 2. Your program has incorr
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