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  1. get a 3v3 on match making with a ranking system and i`m keen
  2. this is not the old days ! POINT
  3. it`s just alot of my lower ranked mates hate the new balance they are faced with way stronger and better oponents as the bronze and silver has merged and it`s kinda unfair on them i`d like a new season maybe a season a year
  4. heyy , i`ll donate a nice amount If cash of we get a new season of con witht he 1250 mmr back in place or just a new season grappie let`s see of you can still do stuff FROSTBURN !
  5. uhm i have had no such problems in my wholeee life patato pc
  6. hey everyone so last night this happend for the first time me and some friends q up for a foc match 9 min in my game freezes and stays like that then i disconected and had no option to reconect tried playing 2 after that tried a game today freezed on 1min 47 secconds andy advise on how to fix this
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