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  1. Lane Creeps should not attack invis heroes unless there is an obvious revelation on them such as dust, they completely give away rev wards and ruin any surprise against enemy invis heroes.
  2. If you begin casting an ability such as devo's hook and then shift queue or order a move command or anything while it's channeling it waits until the cast time/animation is finished instead of the actual channel time (cast action time), I have tried this with various different abilities of different cast times/animation lengths so I can assure this has nothing to do with lag and is a bug. Note: you don't have to shift queue to recreate this bug, even just normally ordering the hero to do something while it's channeling causes this bug
  3. When a hero uses a potion or bottle while the debuff is active the potion/bottle isn't dispelled.
  4. When a melee hero with Toxin Claws attacks and then a ranged hero with the item attacks the same target the melee effect gets cancelled and replaced with the lesser ranged effect, if not making them stack disable the ranged effect until the melee effect is over, thanks
  5. Toxin Claws have been a pretty cool item on melee heroes, however I realized they act just like slithers ult meaning you can deny people effected and the damage is not lethal however neither of those things are stated in the tooltip so I assume this is a bug or unintended, please fix @doctornik nothing else such as slithers ult actually references it as "poison" so that doesn't make a lot of sense
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