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  1. Fine, if not possible with the stats reset, can I get Legendary Valkyrie?
  2. Because my MMR got too high I can't play on my favourite account without having to wait 30 mins to 2 hours for a game anymore...
  3. Why doesn't Santa respond to my stats reset request? I must have been a bad boy this year.
  4. No embracing shit. It's Christmas soon and i wish Satan would keep the game running for all of us, for we all have been very (un)good boys over the years.
  5. I get banned several times for reasons completely irrelevant to the RAP anyway. The RAP is just like a beginner tutorial that eventually has nothing to do with reality.
  6. I also wish ElementUser will revert Chipper back to when it was a decent khero
  7. Well said, most immortal players over the last 3 years were around 1600-1700 level yes. Red is the new gold.
  8. He's broken now in higher tier just as i previously predicted. The changes practically turns magebane into a strength kinesis now, in a bad way. The shield effect at early level effectively made him into a very strong and tough opponent, especially in long lane setup. Coupled with another healer = he can outcompete opponent's carry. Previously, magebane requires a brain to be aggressive, e.g. by considering the risk follow after blinking. Now the risk is gone, he can yolo jumping around with much more gains than losses.
  9. @Manu311 do you have any idea how difficult it is to host a private server?
  10. I'm going to face my mid-life crisis in June next year. Imagine the stress knowing that you are approaching your final days
  11. So someone negotiates and say we will build a completely new set of heroes avatar? That'd be a good reason to buy the game right? We only need the mechanics and the map.
  12. Why can Ichor take sticky bomb from a teammate then turn it into his sticky bomb? I mean, I can understand that when Ichor is hit by a sticky bomb from his opposing bombardier and then jump his opponent, the sticky bomb is transferred to his opponent as a debuff. What I don't understand is, under which mechanism, ichor jumps his teammate and the sticky bomb turns from a debuff for him into a debuff for his opponent (and deal nothing to him)?
  13. In high tier we just solve these problems by either banning broken heroes or leave them in the corner. Magebane is like a Berzerker now so I assume many people won't like it.
  14. Thanks for at least checking out the replay. I can comment on several aspects in the game, why I didn't succeed and stuffs like that, to convince you that those factors aren't due to Magebane's weakness. Not to mention the fact that a suicide Magebane reaching almost 500 gpm at some point, and a runed axe pick-up before 15 mins actually imply a success instead of failure. But that would be pointless, as people have very different opinion and experience on things. What I can do is, maybe I could browse my previous replays where I play Magebane suicide or mid versus a wide range
  15. For some reason I can't download the replay of this TMM Match #162638581 I would like to prove to you just how wrong it is to assume that "Magebane does not "assassinate" anyone until 40 minutes into the game". You don't have to believe my words, but try to browse through high bracket replays. Facts can't be wrong. If needed be, I can always provide match IDs of me playing Magebane mid or suicide. It's a bit extreme to see a Magebane being useful since the beginning of the game, but it could be viewed as an extreme counter to your biased claim. ==== On Chipper: His roc
  16. I want a new season... Some of us will have to constantly create new smurf accounts because our rank becomes too high for an average queue time less than 10 minutes.
  17. My insights: Blacksmith: The only reason to buy SOTM on BS was to trigger the multicast aspect of his spells. Removing this option completely is a major nerf to the hero as SOTM will not be cost-effective to get anymore. Imo a less punishing change should be implemented. Remove multicast from Frenzy while leaving a nerfed version of Fireball (e.g. proc rate, multiplication or accumulative damage) Lodestone: Lodestone is overall a stronger than average hero in high bracket. Without any balancing mechanism, the changes are seen as a buff in this bracket, despite being justified in low-
  18. Also, Immortal rank gets 5 mmr no matter how 'balanced' the game may be.
  19. This issue seems to be completely unimportant from the staffs point of view. @ElementUserSince it is so trivial, how about we just remove MMR altogether so everyone benefits from faster queue time plsss?
  20. I solo queue most of the time and it often took me 15-20 minutes to find games on a 1800-1850 account. At the same time, Esthon playing on his 2000+ account and queuing with his 4 silver to legendary teammates and it took him <5 mins to find game. I think when queuing with much lower bracket players, the algorithm allows lower rated players to find game much faster so the higher ones benefit from that. Personally, I'm gonna donate if changes to balance the MMR system is taken into account. For example, every game above 1950 MMR ends up giving the player +/- 5MMR regardless of the ba
  21. So players are given the choice to queue together but those who solo don't get to choose? I don't agree with you on the first point. Solo players should be given this chance. They can make decision to be matched up against other solo players or small groups at the expense of queue time. Personally I don't think that's going to significantly affect queue time for group, as group queue is already blessed with 10x faster queue time than solo players, especially at higher ratings. In terms of queue time, it affects the solo player more than the group if he wishes to select this opti
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