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  1. Fine, if not possible with the stats reset, can I get Legendary Valkyrie?
  2. Because my MMR got too high I can't play on my favourite account without having to wait 30 mins to 2 hours for a game anymore...
  3. Why doesn't Santa respond to my stats reset request? I must have been a bad boy this year.
  4. No embracing shit. It's Christmas soon and i wish Satan would keep the game running for all of us, for we all have been very (un)good boys over the years.
  5. I get banned several times for reasons completely irrelevant to the RAP anyway. The RAP is just like a beginner tutorial that eventually has nothing to do with reality.
  6. I also wish ElementUser will revert Chipper back to when it was a decent khero
  7. Well said, most immortal players over the last 3 years were around 1600-1700 level yes. Red is the new gold.
  8. He's broken now in higher tier just as i previously predicted. The changes practically turns magebane into a strength kinesis now, in a bad way. The shield effect at early level effectively made him into a very strong and tough opponent, especially in long lane setup. Coupled with another healer = he can outcompete opponent's carry. Previously, magebane requires a brain to be aggressive, e.g. by considering the risk follow after blinking. Now the risk is gone, he can yolo jumping around with much more gains than losses.
  9. @Manu311 do you have any idea how difficult it is to host a private server?
  10. I'm going to face my mid-life crisis in June next year. Imagine the stress knowing that you are approaching your final days
  11. So someone negotiates and say we will build a completely new set of heroes avatar? That'd be a good reason to buy the game right? We only need the mechanics and the map.
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