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  1. Thanks EU! Was wondering this for eternity, what are the core things you based on when you make balance change? Ofc it's statistics, but like what drive you to issue those specific changes among so many other alternatives? Out of curiosity question. Thank you for the uncountable list of balance changes you have made!
  2. Still don't understand ElementUser's point when he said it's intended that bubbles can still be stunned even when using take cover. It's like saying using bkb doesn't save you from magic dps or using void doesn't save you from a physical projectile.
  3. As title said, Bubbles take cover successfully (skill on cooldown) but still get stunned Proof: Match ID 161145302, at around 10:00 minutes in-game time.
  4. - Panda can't use Q if facing close enough to an edge (facing against cliff, being trapped inside pharaoh's wall of mummies) - Panda + Jade Spire if using flurry close enough to an edge will change direction even if there is still a big (moveable) gap between him and the edge Or at least it is an issue with Jeet Kune Dragon avatar
  5. Sure it's broken but not too broken, there are worse heroes that can snowball like Xemplar currently that needs to be addressed
  6. First time I hear an opinion that Valkyrie needs a nerf. In higher gameplay, Valkyrie is a very niche hero that can work best only as a dual offlane that leads to semi-carry hero because of her lack of everything for roles like mid (survivability) and farm (farming capability) comparing to other heroes. Meanwhile Draconis, Zephyr, Solstice can reach 600 gpm in 7 minutes or Grinex can deal 2k physical damage at level 11 with a madfred's knuckle and nobody would have cared because they are 'perfectly balanced'.
  7. Agreed that DR is quite stronger than average Reducing his attack speed bonus from E when casting spell. What makes him strong at the moment is his instantaneous attack speed. His burst is bit too strong even if he goes for survivability items, so DR build will always focus on early survivability and snowballing. Also, is Zephyr ulti + sotm effect not visually correct? I get damaged even when staying outside the typhoon range.
  8. What you proposed are ways to kill an adrenalin in combat. While it is true that adrenalin is quite tough during teamfight (but counterable as well as most other heroes), it is only one aspect that makes the hero seems overpowered. The other aspect is that the laning pressure of the hero is too big. The list of heroes you suggested are not suitable for the laning phase, with the only exception of fayde and succubus. Fayde will be obliterated in a match-up against adre, while succubus is a niche hero that can outperform most middle heroes to begin with but will scale down later in the game.
  9. Yes I completely agree, that rework sounds like something potentially fun and creative. It's just that we need more perspective on the current hero performance so I created this thread to discuss. I haven't had the chance to play against the hero a lot but will try to play a few more and give some more constructive comments.
  10. Personally, I feel that the hero is too strong early game to the point it's kinda broken. - Too strong Q, impossible to dodge, fast cooldown, so easily out-harrass many heroes like devo, bombardier, gravekeeper etc... who are already falling behind as middle hero in current meta. - Strong pulling ability, easily manipulate enemy's position once in range so way too easy to set up a gank - Instantaneous animation combined with super high maneuverability makes him extremely hard to be controlled. Give a significant edge over nukers like hag, ellonia, pyromancer... who need to hit s
  11. There is a temporary ban if somebody leaves 2 games in a row. But it only counts from the moment he gets terminated from the first game. For 2 consecutive leaves, its 6 hours ban, for 3 consecutive leaves, the time ban is like 12 hours? Not sure. Also, there are problems with the way MMR is counted, indeed, and it gives rise to the situations you mentioned above. I personally would like something like Dota 2 ladder. There should be separated solo rank and team rank MMR, and then the scaling of MMR for solo ranks can be less broad (e.g from 1 to 5 per game instead of 0.4 to 4 per ga
  12. I wasn't expecting an answer from a hater. I was expecting an answer from a SGM. It is not in your position to judge whether an action is griefing or not, it is up to the Rule of Conduct and SGM to do so. And, the Rule of Conduct DOES NOT forbid disconnecting the games that I don't want to play. Please read it to have an idea of what griefing means. What I say and what I do in a game are completely different things. And again, it's not your opinion that matters, it's the SGM's decision, so refrain from posting nonsense comments.
  13. Hello, I was suspended today for 3 days without any reason. Can you explain and lift the random suspension pls?
  14. Nomad is still a balanced hero regardless.
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