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  1. Also, Immortal rank gets 5 mmr no matter how 'balanced' the game may be.
  2. This issue seems to be completely unimportant from the staffs point of view. @ElementUserSince it is so trivial, how about we just remove MMR altogether so everyone benefits from faster queue time plsss?
  3. I solo queue most of the time and it often took me 15-20 minutes to find games on a 1800-1850 account. At the same time, Esthon playing on his 2000+ account and queuing with his 4 silver to legendary teammates and it took him <5 mins to find game. I think when queuing with much lower bracket players, the algorithm allows lower rated players to find game much faster so the higher ones benefit from that. Personally, I'm gonna donate if changes to balance the MMR system is taken into account. For example, every game above 1950 MMR ends up giving the player +/- 5MMR regardless of the ba
  4. So players are given the choice to queue together but those who solo don't get to choose? I don't agree with you on the first point. Solo players should be given this chance. They can make decision to be matched up against other solo players or small groups at the expense of queue time. Personally I don't think that's going to significantly affect queue time for group, as group queue is already blessed with 10x faster queue time than solo players, especially at higher ratings. In terms of queue time, it affects the solo player more than the group if he wishes to select this opti
  5. How about just have the restriction on 1800+ or 1900+ games where it really matters? Also, what about my other suggestions in the other thread? Options like: 1. Allowing players the option of being matched up against groups or not 2. Calibrating MMR balance for solo versus group queue (incentive for solo + penalty for group) Finally, I believe most players solo in this game. Can something be done about the solo queue time?
  6. http://heroesofnewerth.com/download/
  7. The hero description said “attack and spell” so it wasnt clear.
  8. @ElementUserIs it intended that Bramble Q does not trigger Nomad ulti? I can understand that the channeling should not trigger Nomad ulti, but why the stun as well? Probably Tempest is the only other hero that can stun without triggering Nomad ulti, but that is only achievable with his ulti. I know that there are other types of spells that can bypass Nomad ulti, for example Adrenaline E, Flux R. But again, it's either an ultimate spell or Adrenaline, which is already a super 'balanced' hero on his own.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm using GTX 1070 so I doubt it's a problem. I also want to try 64bit client but too lazy to update it atm... we'll see
  10. From my life-long HoN experience, I predict that between a 5-men queue team vs a 5-solo team, balanced mmr-wise, the 5-men team would have on average 75% chance to win the game and the 5-men solo team would have 25% chance. Averaged out over 5 players, this means that each additional player to oneself increase winrate by 5% and reduce the other team's winrate by 5%. Accounting for this, plus the MMR balance is a good way to go.
  11. @ElementUser How about just specify an option if the player wants to be matched up against group queue? - Option ticked by default, so solo players who don't really care will not change it (default bias) - If players are queuing with 2 or more, this option is always opened - Player have the choice of not allowing himself to be matched up against group queue at the expense of longer queue time due to lower player base This can solve the problem without creating additional player base problems, right?
  12. I'll give you some tips to deal with your annoying teammates: 1. Start going to their lane and farm, communicate your intention clear 2. Start going into woods and farm until you have satisfactory items, communicate your intention clear 3. Start supporting because your support suck, communicate your intention clear Other than that, if you still want an advice on how to deal with your opponent mid:
  13. If nobody else has this issue, and according to your suspicion, I think it is likely my internet then. My CPU is quite strong. and so my problem will not be solved...
  14. Hi, I have been having this issue for a long time so now I am posting this on forum to see if anybody else has the same issue or know how to fix it. Description: - Screen freeze up to half a second, usually happen in the first matches after the game is first launched following PC startup - Constantly happen when a new action happens (e.g. cast spells, use courier, last hit creeps, use items... and also happen when opponents take those actions) - It usually gets better after 15 minutes each game, but it will take between 2 - 5 of those games for the issue to acceptably disapp
  15. Good idea, but then most Immortal players will find it very difficult to win games, you know
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