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  1. Actually i can wait =). By the way, I think 16 cores its too much. I found this one https://www.locaweb.com.br/servidores-dedicados/ Its 70 USD/month for 4 cores. I dont really know how good it is or how many players it supports, my point its to know how many players will return, and based on that we can do something permanent. But if something related is coming im totally fine with it.
  2. Hello, I am WingDings`, a player from The Brazilian Community that has dedicated a lot of time and effort trying to make the game better for our community. Back in 2016/17, me and S1` took over The Translation Team that was very poorly managed and translated the whole game, every single item, hero, menu and even the EULA. The players were really satisfied with our job, but it was not enough to bring other players back. So, I wanted to ask Frostburn to trust on me again, I want to host a Brazilian Server so our players could have fun with a decent ping, I have posted about this in some Brazilian HoN groups and many players showed a big interest in returning to the game. The amount of people tagging their friends and being happy about this idea gave me an overwhelming feeling that this can work and this will be good for the game. So, I wanted to ask some assist from Frostburn, so we can talk and discuss how can this work, I am willing to pay the Brazilian server fee by myself. I am really interested in either Frostburn or HoN Garena opinion about this, thanks in advance.
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