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  1. If i remember correctly, you used to reveal tremble if you stood for more than 1 second in the same mound he is standing. If this isn't true anymore, then that tremble probably got stealthed after 2 seconds of not attacking (your Q is 1.5 seconds of stun at least, plus some moving around)
  2. Make sure to uncheck the "no stats" option
  3. Yes it's possible that someone uses scripts/macros to activate items and spells in very short time, in dota there's plenty of them I don't know what is FB position about this, for sure you would need to report such replay in the RAP portal, not here. Coming to your replay: 1st timestamp you posted it look suspicious to me, indeed 2nd timestamp: looks ok
  4. It depends on how the leaves occur... for example if he destroys items before leaving then yes it's bannable, if he abuses the no-leaver bug then yes it's bannable etc
  5. From what i saw, you got hit by valk's Q... does valk Q hit invisible units?
  6. Could make it 50 midwars or so before joining normal TMM... about time we make midwars have an use
  7. It's just a red-border debuff (or status?) so it can be purged, and SH activation purges it. You can still immobilize someone who has already activated SH. And I think it's fine like it is
  8. Top quality suggestion kappa
  9. It's been decided to be that way as per game design. I also wish it were a little bit higher than what it is now ^^
  10. Ah, then it's probably due to the DDoS protection of the servers, I don't know if there is a solution for that unfortunately
  11. The maximum camera distance in replays is higher than the maximum camera distance in actual games. Increasing it is against the rules and if they catch you, they'll ban your account
  12. You need to give more infos, what you said is too generic. Maybe try to record the screen and let's see what actually happens. Also, are you guys in a LAN party?
  13. The mastery books that you used to increase a hero mastery level have been bugged for a while. I don't know if there is a way to still use them at the moment. The hero mastery rewards still work fine.
  14. Not sure why on earth would it be punishable to express your vote, that makes no sense
  15. That's not up to the TMM system, it's up to you to play better and "avoid" getting in games with "total noobs"
  16. Winning streak bonuses help you rank up faster only if there isn't any counterpart for losing streak, which is unfair. If a losing streak MMR penalty is introduced, then nothing will change in term of "mmr gain speed" (assuming 50% win rate players)
  17. Open an inquiry here: Heroes of Newerth RAP system and report the player for stat manipulation
  18. 5L4cKRq.png (927×702) (imgur.com) Works fine for me, but I had to fill the enemy slot with a bot. What settings did you use?
  19. Yes it is of course, but AGI heroes are in general weaker laners, that's why
  20. The item is a fine pickup for anyone, agi str or int, even ranged heroes
  21. Sotm effect isn't supposed to give any extra damage, it just splits the damage in two parts: 60% magic damage 40% superior magic damage instead of: 100% magic damage
  22. You done answering yourself?
  23. Why was it even changed to static gold bounty instead of gold multiplier? Was it considered too strong?
  24. Yes 'cause a -0.4 armor difference will definitely destroy a hero whose winrate has been above 53% since 1915
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