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  1. would you mind posting a screenshot of your pov?
  2. Try in console: g_camDistanceMax 2200 (It won't be 2200 in real games but maybe it unlocks your stuck camera)
  3. Carnage is intended I guess since that ability doesn't use any mana
  4. Try to login with a VPN then turn it off afterwards, could be a temporary routing problem
  5. You can't make a simple numeric comparison like that between hon and dota and claim that he needs a buff, you need to provide better arguments
  6. If they are legitimately queuing with very low team mates, without exploiting any tmm bug (like the old known one), i don't think this can be considered stats manipulation, since he will only gain 0.4 mmr per game or so (except if he goes past 1950, at that point he would get +5-5 and i guess it would be considered an exploit). Only real solution to this is to introduce maximum mmr difference for group queues.
  7. At the moment 5q from same IP address is not possible due to ddos protection of the servers. Try VPN on 1-2 machines
  8. At the moment 5q from same IP address is not possible due to ddos protection of the servers. Try VPN on 1-2 machines
  9. Report the game here: Report DoS/DDoS attacked servers here - Bug Reports - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)
  10. Kinesis transferred his nullstone effect on FA right before sheepstick was attempted on her, as you can see from this screenshot:
  11. the massive exp gain (lv 8+ by min 6) is the only thing that makes jungle viable
  12. I think your last sentence almost nailed it, i.e. we already have a good indicator of how much is a hero liked by the player base -> pick rate
  13. I agree. Leaver percentage should not be based on the total amount of games played on the account, rather something weekly or monthly based. My suggestion is to not remake games when someone behaves like that, then report him for abuse
  14. I think banning group queue is never gonna happen and probably it would do more harm than good... I would just add some restrictions like 1) max 3 q 2) if a member is above 1850 mmr then he cannot group with someone that is below 1750 Something like that
  15. It's the DDoS protection, unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to play as 4-5 stack from the same IP address. You need to try with a VPN on 1 or 2 machines
  16. Too much traffic coming from the same source -> the server DDoS protection kicks you out. What you can do is use a VPN on some of the machines, maybe 2 of them
  17. It's not easy to find specific matchups like that manually, need someone that can filter out the stats (maybe through the hon api). Anyways you can try to fetch game history of GOD`THON`P and GOD`THON`Q, he played riptide often on those accs and maybe you can find a matchup against a gladiator
  18. I watched a little bit and I think you just played sub-optimally, for example you rarely try to get last hits by throwing your hatchet, also you never try to deny creeps exploiting the bonus damage from E (altho it's harder to deny against riptide). Also sometimes you missed the whipstrike on riptide while you were going for a last hit. Try to position yourself in a better angle. Another thing i noticed, you never retaliated after riptide jumped on you (W+Q): when he does this, after he's done autoattacking you, you W him and then Q him for a guaranteed pitfall, then you whip him. It
  19. Riptide doesn't have any innate regeneration ability, so if he's always full health then he's either bringing a lot of regen or he's controlling the runes much better than you. Do you control runes properly? It would help if you could post a match ID just for reference
  20. Gladiator and Lord Salforis are very good picks against Riptide mid. You shouldn't lose mid as Gladiator against Riptide so you probably played it wrong, or maybe you faced a smurf
  21. Ban tb then if you really hate seeing him with striders hahah
  22. I guess when both procs at the same time, only the highest damage multiplier will take effect (I don't know if the bonus 10% max HP damage from riftshards counts toward this decision)
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