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  1. You can try to download the international client and queue for australian servers.. your ping shouldn't be too bad there https://cdn.naeu.installer.heroesofnewerth.com/wac/x86_64/HoN64_Install.exe
  2. The guy above you solved by deleting the HoNx64 folder inside the Documents folder. Did you try that?
  3. Probably the parasite's ranged creep autoattack was the final blow, but it happened after parasite exited it, so it had no owner anymore
  4. You should at least try to gather more proofs rather than 1 nitpick case in which he could've just been lucky and predicting it. Edit: don't even need to be lucky, he could've been watching at his power supply going from +4 to +5
  5. If a hero is among the most picked it means that the players like its design (assuming it's not just an autowin broken hero), so I don't see a reason to rework them
  6. If you mean at 8:31 in-game-time, you did get the assist after using willowmaker on adrenaline. I think the system message just doesn't display the assist list when you interrupt a kill streak on an enemy.
  7. In the meanwhile you can bind that line to a key and spam it when you're about to enter the lobby. Should be something like: bind <key> teamchat short x 2 for example: bind F5 teamchat short x 2
  8. Even low rated players can have a very good games sporadically. That guy doesn't look like he's smurfing at all tbh Report him for feeding on purpose instead
  9. you can use the command "heroeslist" to print out the list of heroes using file names, if that's what you need. Unfortunately that list doesn't give you the associated in-game name of the heroes
  10. Why didn't you put any effort using it then? To answer your "question", you have to report stat manipulators manually here: HoN GM Panel (heroesofnewerth.com) under the section "new ticket"
  11. the official servers aren't shut down, you got a wrong info. Download the client from here and play: Heroes of Newerth - Download - Download
  12. LSDd0pg.png (716×698) (imgur.com) I guess it gets applied before, since i have 455 autoattack damage but i dealt 575 on my first strike
  13. Can you execute them from the terminal so you can get some error output? In this way it's easier to see what's the problem
  14. It works good, use Manu's appimage for an easy setup: AppImage for Linux - Community Contributions - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)
  15. Nice contribution! p.s. correct title since we're in patch, not
  16. I'm pretty sure that if someone spends more time typing provoking stuff rather than playing the game, that's reportable even if he doesn't trespass the verbal abuse limit.. but i might be wrong
  17. afaik, the best way to report people who lose placements on purpose is to just go on the rap site and fill a manual inquiry
  18. Yeah you should definitely get rid of that avast and just use windefender these days
  19. Most likely nope :c i'm not sure, you can try to host test public games with "no stats" so you don't get leaver %
  20. It's the servers ddos protection, you can try to use a vpn in one of the machines
  21. This was in 4.6, the total numbers of vote/bans got increased since then but i guess the method stays the same: New Picking Mode: Ranked Pick + Ranked Pick is our new competitive picking mode. This mode allows everyone on your team to have an influence on Hero Bans and Hero Picks, and does not restrict that influence to the player with the highest Rank on your team. Because of its pick mode mechanics, Ranked Pick encourages teamwork and strategic drafting to maximize your team's synergy and counter the opponent's hero picks and strategies. Banning Phase - The game starts with
  22. That's why i liked more the new mw map with no low ground in the middle and with the current kongor-like boss that there is in normal mode, it pushed people for more early teamfights
  23. Report him for item abuse, GMs will figure out regardless
  24. Maybe there is a problem with the installer, i'm not sure tbh, try asking here in this discord: https://discord.gg/w9eceExBwP
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