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  1. what language is spoken in Australia? I ask for a friend
  2. try to delete the hon folder in your documents
  3. you need to reach account level 5 (which means, play official games in FoC. Not sure about midwars)
  4. First and only change that Tremble needs is to fix that annoying bug that occurs when he places his mounds on steep terrains, they become very hard to target
  5. best thing you can do, actually, is to uninstall any antivirus software you have and just leave windows defender activated
  6. why would them being viable in lane prove that they are imbalanced? I'm missing this point For me only ophelia and draconis are over the top
  7. or you may contact Paradise, who is the main author of all those cool animations that you see in the honcast streams: Paradiseblade@Gmail.com
  8. Because TMM will not be able to find any suitable roster due to cross-banlisted people, very quickly.
  9. I think you misunderstood his question. He asked if it were better to include the hero's name in the topic titles in this section. For example: Pacman - Super Smash Bros ---> [Defiler] Pacman - Super Smash Bros
  10. You are painting DR like he has infinite mana that can jump away from your SH then jump back on you and do whatever he wants on you... if a SH FA is getting picked off by a DR it means that he's playing in dangerous positions and deserves to be punished
  11. @FanOfWoop i think your explaination here is perfect, couldn't say it any better
  12. There are some paid services that gives you a better routing but don't expect any magic.
  13. make so that those who complete the ophelia quest will also have 50% discount in ward purchases XD
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