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  1. Yeah, i meant "it's a rumor that it is going to continue on Garena"
  2. They announced the shutdown in their thai facebook page as well, so as for now it's just a rumor. https://www.facebook.com/Thai.HON/
  3. Mr`Cactus

    Midwars MMR

    you can see the players midwars mmr once you're in the game lobby
  4. You probably have to set up hon to run on your dedicated video card in your nvidia control panel.
  5. should be the parameter "vid_gamma", if you can see the console (ctrl+f8) type: setsave "vid_gamma" "1.0" if you cannot see the console, go in your documents folder, locate the startup.cfg file and search for the parameter "vid_gamma", then edit and save the file.
  6. kill any stuck hon_x64.exe process from the task manager. It's probably one of the cef instances that gets stuck in the background, you can also try to go inside your install folder, rename the "cef" folder into something like "_cef" then try again. Once the upade is completed you can rename the folder back into "cef"
  7. Yeah, it got changed a while ago, forgot in which patch exactly (but you can search up in the patch history file in your game folder). That system message is outdated indeed and probably, as stated above, it's left like that to encourage people to still try 4v5
  8. You can leave a game which has a terminated allied without getting any leaver penalty. You will still lose the MMR though, and this cannot be changed or it would be abused
  9. sadly Elementuser is not the owner of the game
  10. you might want to ask in the 64 bit discord, i remember someone had a similar issue and he resolved it. Can't find the message though
  11. I guess it does since it takes the position of the source of that spell (hope i'm not wrong )
  12. you should disable your antivirus or put the hon folder under exceptions
  13. that i would report him for griefing, 40 seconds less on lv3 ulti compared to lv1, for only 50 more mana cost on a lv 25 INT hero jokes aside, unless lv1 ulti is bugged and somehow gives advantage, there is no reason for that
  14. because the sticky bomb debuff only damage you and your own allies around it. So when ichor passes it onto enemy bombardier, the bomb will only damage bombardier and his own team mates around it. If you let it run out of time while it's on you, as ichor, you will still take damage from it (and so will your own allies near you)
  15. I really like n°2, would be a very good qol in my opinion. Regarding n°1, i don't see the point of it. Keep in mind that the arrow takes time before reaching the enemy, and at that point you might need to judge carefully if you wanna jump towards it or not. I would never activate that autocast, but that's just my opinion ^^
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