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  1. That just means that you can disconnect without getting the leaver penalty, not that the stats will not count. Game stats will always count if the game is not remade.
  2. Target Type could be made Superior Magic indeed, nice suggestion @RUS_AGENT007
  3. Most likely your antimalware removed some files from your installation folder
  4. Hello, Since last patch, Calamity walls (ultimate) seem to last way longer than the visual effect, making it very annoying to walk past it even after its expiration. In some circumstances, those blockers literally invert your hero pathing, making you walk in the opposite direction to the one you wanted to. Also sometimes, your hero gets stuck completely for a bunch of seconds. https://imgur.com/a/BcayYGZ
  5. Either nitro op or account sharing ?
  6. The mana cost on Q is too low (10), allowing him a super cheap and free of aggro harassing mechanism. Arachna's Q, for example, costs 20 per cast.
  7. Awesome work! If it doesn't already, I'd suggest you to add the announcer-disabler feature (replacing all of them with the default one i guess)
  8. It's not a channelled ability, so it's fine i guess
  9. My suggestions: 1) Make his W give clearvision around the area 2) SoTM effect: increase the radius of W, the duration of the clearvision effect and give his Q some bonus magic damage against enemies inside the clearvision flare (to counter the armor buildup which completely destroys artillery right now)
  10. Hello, try to play with openGL instead of directX. To do this, surf your "Documents" folder --> "Heroes of Newerth" --> "game" --> open the file "startup.cfg" with notepad. Look for this line: SetSave "host_vidDriver" "vid_d3d9" "0" and replace it with: SetSave "host_vidDriver" "vid_gl2" "0" Save the file then try to launch the game
  11. is there any remote chance that salomon gets reverted to that iteration with 2 cosmic cleaves and avatar ultimate? (which had insane cooldown)... this salomon right now is very annoying to play with and to play against in my opinion
  12. Mr`Cactus


    you can buy your own tablet on pharaoh to keep chasing people ?
  13. Mr`Cactus

    HoN Live

    little OT: why are you not streaming anymore? ?
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