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  1. I think 6 autos would be too much but I agree with the concept.. maybe something like 2/2/3/3
  2. Yes I know and I'm pretty sure that's the reason why the OP sees no MVP in some of his games, i.e. nobody got at least 3 votes ^^
  3. 1 and 2 only happen when there is nobody with 3 votes or more
  4. Because he got buffed so hard that he can dominate the early game much harder then get a grimoire and resto much earlier.
  5. You forgot: damage on W increased, cast range on W increased cooldown on Q decreased
  6. You should keep TB out of any comparisons atm since the hero got overbuffed last patch (he's getting adjusted next hotfix i've heard).
  7. If your concern is only the damage done to you, then keep in mind that they could achieve the same exact number with a codex
  8. So punish him for wasting all his damage on a non-core hero
  9. Well if a pyro invests 10k+ gold to burst you down (pk+spellshards+grimoire) and you refuse to go any defensive item on a carry, then I don't know what to tell you
  10. Let it finish first, that just started
  11. Well you named VPN so I assumed you just couldn't connect to chatserver from your IP. Anyways, I doubt they would ban you like that and let your other accounts play, but I can't be 100% sure so, try to contact customer support
  12. FB doesn't randomly ban people for posting balance opinions on the forum It's most likely a temporary issue on your end
  13. He doesn't scale exceptionally well in a manfight scenario against other carries but I can guarantee you that a late game Gladiator is extremely scary due to his ultimate being able to negate so much damage to your whole team, if used properly. He is a godlike tier mid hero but you shouldn't play him as a pure right click carry
  14. Mr`Cactus

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    I think they removed it, you stop at silver 5 now
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