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  1. You can use the same phone number again after a certain timeout. If you can no longer access that account, then most likely that timeout expired so you can use your phone number again to verify your new account
  2. what do you mean, he was supporting the grass
  3. I think this is why you can't see garena processes in task manager
  4. I agree with the spamming issue, it's really really annoying... I wish there was a higher cooldown in that. What I would like to see tho, it's the remake vote being replaced by a "fast surrender" vote, callable only before min mark 10 and only if you got at least 1 terminated player in your team. Fast cc vote makes the losing team lose only 1/3 of the MMR and makes the winning team win 1/2 of the MMR... something like this. In this way you don't penalize the teams too much, and also it will punish the leaver properly, since the game gets actually recorded (Current remake system makes the game not count at all, so any leavers, even if terminated, will not get punished).
  5. In the long run, you are the deciding factor of your games. If you have 7 wins and 19 losses then you first need to improve yourself ^^
  6. Mr`Cactus


    how does goldenveil's "rustle sound" work when he is hidden near you? Sometimes i do hear that sound, so i realize he is near... but sometimes i don't!! Is that a bug or is there something i'm missing?
  7. "The program doesn't show up in task manager" : hard to believe but might be possible, are you sure you checked carefully? For the "run as admin" part: try to right click on the executable, go to properties, compatibility then remove the check on the "run this program as administrator" line
  8. I guess it's due to this server:
  9. it's 6 attacks if you attack it from far.. otherwise it's 3
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