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  1. Still get the error. [17:12:36] Your group left the TMM queue... [17:12:36] Writing Database '~/luadata/ui/fe2/HoN_DB.ldb' [17:12:36] Received full TMM group update... [17:12:36] Your TMM group left the queue and was placed into a match!! [17:12:36] Game Type: 3 [17:12:36] Map Name: midwars Team Size:5 [17:12:36] Game Mode: sd [17:12:36] Region: EU [17:12:36] Extra Match Info: Game Type:3|Map Name:midwars|Team Size:5|Game Mode:sd|Region:EU| [17:12:36] Server found, waiting for response [17:12:39] Received first AutoMatchConnect for MatchupID#15464 (2959)... [17:12:39] Connecting to ga
  2. amokhero

    Linux client

    Can you give me an estimated date for the linux client? I play HoN since many years and this is the first time you left me out. I have even donated for a 64bit client and winter map but right now i can't even play at all. Additionaly, there is no information about the dysfunctional client ingame. I had to look up the "no response" error in the forums where the cause is mentioned as a side note to current server problems. I can't estimate how big your Linux/Mac player base is, but that way you may lose some players. They might assume that the patch has added another problem to the
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