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  1. please do not close the game, keep it open there are players who are still playing
  2. Good afternoon, I would like to know what happened to the taunt, ward, tp effect miku? why did he leave the store?
  3. Excuse me, what happened to the taunt, ward, tp efect miku? Will you be back in the store or was only for a short time
  4. I've already seen this too much just to make a profit for another player, but I don't know, if this is a suspension or not? you draw your conclusions I just want to know if this is for a suspension. I have been playing forest and I have a user who plays mid I always do not know, if it is controlled by the same user or not, but there was a jungle (ophelia) he was free farm and at minute 15 he gets a lot of gold, but after getting a lot GPM buys items and then disconnects, and leaves everything achieved to the mid that I always see him go shellshock, devourer, jungle, I have also seen
  5. I get this: FATAL ERROR CHost :: execute () - CHost :: Frame () - Bad packet from server I would like a quick solution for this problem that I have
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