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  1. True mate. what can i do?, i could spread over 200-300 players ( without forums, just mates and people on discord) without say nothing here, then im beeing as fair as i can nowadays. Its easy for them add this resources lines to the resources.s2z in the next patch. Stumps break game apareance. I dont know mate, we are on weekend. Maybe monday we have an answer. Maybe this needs a big patch or maybe is posible for them. who knows, this is dificult to calculate, the only who can evaluate this properly is @ElementUser.
  2. windows 10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game as u can see here. https://ibb.co/GJkB6mS
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/528yf6afpnhbxke/resources999.s2z?dl=0 Read the other post if u have any doubt, or PM, ask here, whatever.
  4. if u can download it from here: resources999.s2z with Autoqueue Buyer Mod and stumps. the trees
  5. If u have free time go to reddit and read ElementUser historical Conversations with the community.
  6. I was just joking @doctornik. U know... Gamers like be hilarious.
  7. Unfair advantage, I'm agree with you. The shop size has not sense. During the fights it's impossible to buy if u don't use hot keys. With this small shop u can buy during the fights. I'm offering my resources999.s2z to the community. I did this post to let everybody know how i'm doing. I also suppose that being a Linux user and especially having understood over the years, after soooooo much trouble with mods, it has its reward. To be honest, (this is what @doctornik likes, kisses darling don't be jealous) , I must say that for me it is only a technical challenge, as everything life proposes to me with computer science and I cannot do, it becomes a challenge, I study and I succeed. Winning two games gives me exactly the same. Anyway, this post is public and notorious is on reddit and others. However I am a company man and I respect the hierarchy, (I respect the chain of command) and if the boss @ElementUserdoes not see it as appropriate I swear to stop using it and not spread my resources999.s2z The other day I spent several hours reading all the replies of all the @ElementUser conversations about HoN on reddit to learn and see what has happened in these years disconnected from HoN.
  8. Maybe u could add a timer as creps works, being strongers every some minutes, apply this on heroes could be so hard to rewrite all the heroes for each game mode. Then the solution could be a global buff for the 10 players. For example : +10stats, +5%damage.... Similarly than u did with kongor buffs. This is easier way I think. Could be more complicated if ur team or players in 1000 distance units earn global buff if they kill ancients (the new ancients that you are thinking to place on midwars).
  9. Hi mate. Thanks for the repositories, I will look at that. But I don't use any other mods, anyway I have downloaded already the honmodman.exe which offer ElementUser in other post. My point was to explain how I'm doing during years. And offering my help if someone needs.
  10. Whoot? Mods. Im using this mods for more than 8 years, in all differents Hon versions 2.0,3.04.0. Over differents So, In Linux Debian 7-8-9-1. Windows 7 and 10. I will try to explain good enough. xShop ( some interesting things) : --Shop window size is five times smaller, exactly the same shop than Dota 1. The position actually is also not bad, it's intuitive too. But I don't need text on the shop because I know everything on each item, every Queue during years.... Reading and reading learnatorium, but I really knew it from Dota 5.84c. Even during the game is not good lose time reading. -- Autobuy Queue. U add item to the queue "Shift + right click on the item". You can also change the items position in the Q using mouse over frame that appear on your interface which one move going to Options (F6) - > Mods - > Configure Movable Frames. I have it on left screen border, its small, doesn't lose vision, but enough to check how Q is going during your gameplay. Mods menu -- Saving Gold from being lost when u are in fights and u die instantly by other enemy, with the regular shop u have not time to buy if you have enough gold. But with the Queue in the second u raise the price of item, is bought automatically. Example, u go with legio vs 3 u kill 2 enemys and die, with normal shop doesn't exist gold benefits, with this xShop, u know that u need 800g to get ur barber and u join in the fight relax coz even dying u buy item and doesn't lose gold. This increase your gold more than you can imagine because u don't waste time and attention to buy. Original position is bit hidden Example where to move frame with the queue -- Has guide option also, with automatic level up. And small square over the shop to place item to fast buy with a hot key. Guide smaller, items & skills Maybe sometimes do you think that works weird..... But no, the point is understand why sometimes recipes appear first in the Q if u add item with recipes u must do it 1by 1 in your preference order. For example every game I let Q prepare during the first minute If u move the Q and later u add 2-3 wards, maybe some item will up 1position....is easier just seeing it instead reading here. Later I says how I do it. Because is not easy find the .honmod files in Internet. With the xShop addon u must select "classic" interface on interface menu. (this only happened since 4.0 I think, when they add 2 differents players interface). Stumps -- You will see trees cutted, u gain all the vision and perspective that u lose normally because the trees are o high. This is amazing to juke, because you see clearly where is the hidden ways into Woods. Is not easy click in the correct position to don't send ur hero over longer path.... Juke is easier. --From 4.0 Stumps doesn't works at 100% because the addon is not updated from 3.0, and seems like they added new trees models and new woods positioning. However during whole 3.0 version the addon worked perfectly even when we had changes in woods. Now still works at 45%. Stumps view ######### I have the originals xShop.honmod and Stumps.honmod. files. Now a days I don't use HoN Mod Manager normally on small patches because is doesn't work for Stumps. Doesn't update correctly then this manager doesn't create a proper resources999.s2z, is not readable for the game client and produce unplayable graphics bugs. Then...I have my resources999.s2z saved during years..... Since 2015-2016 no? From HoN 4.0. And I just copy to the proper folder: Windows - > Program Files (x86) /Heroes... /game/ Linux - > $HOME/.Heroes of newerth/game ----> I forget 1 thing....... Jeje this is funny. Because the hon mod manager which I have since 2010 doesn't works in Windows since HoN 4.0. I use the same hon mod man, I repeat, THE SAME Mod manager in Linux," executing Mono runtime complete", "mono HonmodMan.exe. And for a reason that I unknown (two different things can happen but is not important now) the resources999.s2z created on Linux works perfectly every regular patch update. The resources999.s2z in Linux and Windows are the same. The game execution is the same finally. S2 programmers did amazing job, not so many games has Linux client. My resources999.s2z is working on all my friends game clients for years. Every big patch I create new one with Linux and share it. I can send everybody who wants my HonmodMan.exe if needed , .honmod files, or directly the resources999.s2z. Im writing this post because after reading ElementUser writing about HonmodMan and mods I think is totally legal.
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