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  1. More GPM = faster Radiance Slower gameplay = more time to burn your HP Free Evasion. Gameplay favour damage over time more than burst damage it was OP so it got nerfed, no suprise
  2. The only one can be ported without duplicate with other Dota heroes is Puppet Master. Another possible is geomancer or midas because those two have good design and can be improve further. HoN's carry heroes are too much powered creep and overlap with many Dota's carry. (Tarot/Dark Lady = PA, nomad = Skeletion King, Maliken = Huskar). Solstice seem to be become a symbol of Garena HoN so i dont think she have a chance. You may think more heroes like Rhapsody or Empath but I'm very sure they wil be changed everything if they ported because they seem does not fit to Dota's meta. Lord S
  3. Not a chance You may meet HoN heroes in custom map but there is no reason to port HoN heroes to Dota. Dota heroes was design to fill many role while HoN heroes is straight forward in one role. Even if it ported, it will be changed too much to the point you see it as complete different hero
  4. Garena tried to make their own MOBA game. But they failled and switched to mobile game, and they seem succuess in this way
  5. Who come up with the ideal that Golden Apple give 1 damage on 1 charge and 3 damage on 2 charge. Do you try to tell us buy 2 Golden Apple early for bonus 1 damage???
  6. It's not fun to see Deadlift revive his 4 teamates. It's not fun to see Monarch remove your stun when you play valkyrie, Cthuluphant It's not fun to see Enemy heroes can not die under Marty's wing It's not fun to see Arachna destroy your carry while untouched. It's not fun to see your full 6th slot items Ravenor can not fight against permanent bash Chronos It's not fun to see Riptide dominating your mid lane while you sitting at your safe lane and watching your teamates farm all days. I guess HoN is balanced
  7. Halberd cant have a mini stun. Cause some high attack speed early like MoA and Nitro will be too strong and wont let enemy have a chance to attack them. Normal Heroes doesn't have much Attack speed in early/mid game. Morasux: This hero have a problem that More Axes's Retraint remove it slow ms debuff. A strong 60% slow ms at 4 stack complete lost when enemy get restraint. Mage Bane: This hero now is tanky AF for exchange of reduce cooldown in his blink. I can only hope that his armor does not high like before so physical carry can actually deal with him Wingbow: So this item is
  8. i didn't use dawnbringer for a very long times. Does searing effect still have the AOE ?
  9. Nothing special. It's just feeling stupid. Used refrehment stone but your spell is muted by itself.
  10. i'm writing a dream patch. May take a week to find something interested
  11. After reading patch note, I figure out that this is just a up and down balance. Nothing big here, i was expect to see faux bow change but i guess, not done yet. How long for next up and down part 2? well, at least, KK bug is fixed and i can enjoy playing him again
  12. well, the current Gladiator dont need a buff but a QoL for his late game. The on/off on his whisplash like dota 2 could be more reason buff. This hero doesn't support to 1:1 with any hard carry. (also if you do this, plz buff the AOE too )
  13. w3_StarBoy

    Arcane bomb

    Chaos Knight, Naga Siren, Spectre, Phantom Cancer, Arc Warden. To be honest, they are the heroes I never want to see them be picked in game.
  14. Suggestion for his Q and his sub-active skill (E) - E (reworked) + No longer removed the current copy spell + Now target the enemy, copy their Q spell and remove the current copy spell (orginal Q), also silence the target in 3 seconds + Have 5s cooldown if the current copy spell was used recently + Can target yourself to remove current copy spell + Shield Passive remain unchange a QoL for kinesis
  15. Druken Master is in good spot right now. But the Ultimate need to rescale again between his damage or his strength. He deal too much damage while a bit tanky and fast. In my oponion, DM should be focus on being tanky while dealing good damaged. Nerf his ultimate and buff his regenation may be a wise choice. If he want to go full damage, he need to sacrifice his survival. But the Problem is, In HoN, instant killing is always better choice.
  16. Now return to the topic. I normal most playing King Klout, Golden Veil off laner. But after the hundred of match, now both of the heroes is banned every games and i feel like a dumb. My Mmr is not actually high but the fact is I being too familar with those heroes and destroyed off lane so good that they ignore the rest of my team just to counter me. And that's why i only play HoN a few match every week to avoid people remember my name.
  17. HoN heroes design is not bad but somehow it's boring because it straightforward. For example: Mornach: The heroes remain unchange for very long time after her W change and you cant do anything different with her. Her role is remain warding and protected your carry until the end and it get boring very fast after the few match. Or klanx: The heroes is basiclly Power creep because all of you do is shooting and running around. You dont even need to use your Q to slow enemy. Just shoot em up
  18. Same problem as Blitz. Too many click. Clunky when ultimate is on cooldown, being consider as supporter but deal heavy damage more than a support job. My suggetion.
  19. If i remember correct, some of heroes's talent trees in DOTA 2 given the free % life steal, or normal give more stat and hp. That's why Blade mail doesn't feel hurt when it active in dota 2
  20. Lv 19 with spellshard - Refresh orb - Grimoire against Lv 9-10-10-10-12 at 23: 00 ??? LOL, i can bet this is casual. Even i checked his name. It show that he is new account or just used reset stat recently. In other word, this is smurf game, a smurf against full of newbie and noob. Doesn't prove anything :))
  21. It will be too much if you can reduce damage taken while healing your allies large amount of hp. But i suggest reduce the duration but keep the number of HP healing and attack speed. Or make this skill heal less when there is no enemy and reduce the cooldown
  22. If enemy hit twice, then it worth. You dont need to think much how to keep enemy in the storm. Just make sure it hit more than two times.
  23. Yeah, i agree with setting min/max 150-200 or 160-180. It will make people stop complain about AB change
  24. Yeah. It work similar but slightly difference. Transmute gone after it triggered but Haunted will not. It debuff remain until it purged or duration expired. I'm not good on giving the name but i will try to think some alternative for it
  25. Because insanitarius was purpose created for str hero. 25 str for str hero is equal to hp and base damage but it's only give hp to agi/intel heroes With your suggestion, you give same amount of stat to all heroes and that mean those stat number need to be tweak again so it wont be too OP for agi and intel heroes. It is the same as brutalizer work with melee and ranged hero. If brutalizer give the same RNG to both melee and ranged hero. It mean brutalizer will be OP for ranged hero compare to melee heroes
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