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  1. Steam Path: SOTM suggestion No longer a channeling skill. Creat a smoke area,the smoke give a invisible buff to magmus, magmus can move freely inside the smoke without break the invisible state, the next hit will deal addition 120 bonus phyiscal damage and clear the smoke. Attack, cast spell, use item. move ouside the smoke will clear the smoke and remove the invisible state. Being stunned/silence inside the smoke wont remove the smoke The smoke also deal damage to enemies inside it. Like the non-upgrate
  2. So 330ms isn't different with the leap skill, huh? You compare a skill with 25% chance to trigger with a skill have less than 5% to trigger. Not mention a stun from a skill is complete different a stun from A BASH (or disarm). You really make me laugh here I say it doesn't work well on support because the minium of the stat it stolen. What's wrong here? 1 Agi = 1 attack speed and 0.14 armour 1 Agi = 1 damage if main Attribute is Agility Do you want to tell me that you gain/lost agility doesn't mean you gain/lost attack speed or something else?? And so plz, j
  3. At least, LC dont have the skill that jump into your face?? Dagger aside, you cant use it when being attacked. And from what i read, i can think it work like swiftblade W ?? I dont see any related between a 6s cooldown skill with auto attack. Even with SOTM, you have 15% chance to cast a spell on attack, 33%% chance it will be fireball, so total 5% chance your attack with SOTM will cast a fireball on enemy ? Does blacksmith look like a carry with super high attack spped to you ?? Supporter dont have much armour, so it's not work well. But a carry with 100-200+ agi willl be stolen 35-
  4. The desgin/lore/vorax is the huge problem. If we throw away all of it and start again from zero, only used his model. Maybe the other shine future waiting for him? Or it's just my dream
  5. You can creat a threat in Balance Discussion to see if people agree with you or not. I'm not going to dig into this anymore. To be honest, I hate Circe, k ?
  6. @Venniie Yeah, i agree with you that you can spam your illusion to trick enemy as long as you can subtain your mana properly . No hard feeling here. Dont complain if you out of mana when using skill too much without thinking
  7. Who decide Circe as supporter who spamming illusion? You? The main purpose of circe that she can copy other heroes and use ilusion to trick enemy. Oh, you can still spamming your spell of you can subtain your mana and mana regenation. Circe is intelligent hero after all
  8. His SOTM need some change There are many improve we can have with his SOTM
  9. We are playing the same game. Because Garena forums doesn't work properly or you can say it already dead. No suprise if ppl from SEA come here to post their thought. But somehow, they misunderstand that S2/EU can do something about SEA sever problem. Old map, GM, staff, price, etc... They're not something SEA player can argue anymore. Ophella problem on the old map and new map is complete separated right now. It's better to folllow EU final decision. You dont want Garena to take a lead on balance the game on SEA sever again, right?
  10. I dont see any reason to buy Grimoire of Power anymore. Rest in peace, Grimoire of power 4.9.0-4.9.1
  11. I'm fan of simple and easy to play heroes, i dont like the hero that cause headache when playing And I dont feel like GK need any rework. This hero can almost do anything in the game and his weakness is only his low hp pool. Even mana pool isnt much the problem to him People complain he is ugly and braindead to play but he is just like witch slayer. Spam all of your spell, one shot people, run around, spamming again. The difference maybe Ws is cooler and handsome than him ??
  12. w3_StarBoy


    My opnion is his E should stay together with his ultimate as a passive effect. Current Qi have too many problem. He require full level as a supporter, His damage is busted, his E is useless if it's not lv 4, his Q cooldown too long at lv 1, he drain mana like it's water. His disarm is too broken in late game. He is also risky to pick and require both the heroes picked from two side be fit with his kit Some of my ideal rework on him is make he spam his Q like arachna without disarm, it's can chain also and new passive restore mana when his spell hit the enemy and allow him to disarm
  13. My opnion to improve mw - The developer creat a heroes Tier list basic on win rate or their opnion. Split to High tier, normal tier, support tier - Each match will ban random 2 of each tier, maximum of 6 heroes being banned - This will be called random ban, together with player ban from two side. And it will show the resuit after banning phase end Follow this rule: The heroes being banned will be minium at 10 and maximum at 16 each match with at least 2 heroes from 3 tier list from above. --- It doesnt change the fact some heroes will be instant pick if they do
  14. i could say the current the King klout is one of the best hero design in HoN. He may not strong as a carry but you can almost build anything on him and it still work perfectly. Cast range, move speed, mana, hp, hp regen, Tanker, attack speed, Portal Key. And he is quite fun to play. The only missing item he need is Staff of the master and it' been a long time we dont see any good suggestion about it
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