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  1. E - W- E -Q - E - R - W TWo point to W for better ganking, 3 E early for farming
  2. Rather give flat amount of phys armor that can be useless in most of the situtation. I suggest this item should give Status resistance, reduce the time of the debuff on the owner and it dont stack with other skill. For Example: Active to gain 50% status resistance in 8 seconds. Stat resistance can reduce the time of blue buff, make if different from shurken head and Void talisman. We can change the recipe of this item to make it worth to buy for the passive bonus
  3. I dont say we pick wild soul/salomon in high TMM. i said if your jungle is "carry", ok this is misunderstanding. Actually in high TMM, it's better if you give your stack neutral creep to your main carry.
  4. In high TMM, putting too much effort on suicide lane is high risk, that's why it's better if one fail but four fat. Having one jungle hero mean you can control your safe lane, rune better and let supporter do his job to protect carry. In high TMM, having your carry fat mean you'll have the chance to turn the tabble. And If your jungle is also carry (wild soul, Draconic, Salomon), they will also do their job same as your carry. The meta 2-1-2 only good in decent TMM and rare see in high TMM, There is even a game where people abadon suicide lane, going roam early game and going back to
  5. I think he mean Kotf punch someone to death with his fist and his enemy cant fight back. It's unfair duel
  6. Kotf finally have a place in game, i disagree nerf his Q. Remove his Q root basiclly remove him in game, again
  7. Jungle Heroes need to have a place in game. You may dislike it but some people not. You cant force the meta destroy the jungle so everyone will go 2-1-2. No matter how you nerf or buff those neutral creep, there is still people keep picking jungle heroes and you must deal with it They are part of this game.
  8. The unique of tremble is how good he can solo mid, slow the enemy on hit, and teleport around the map. As you see, the ultimate like the bonus part to him, you can almost give tremble any ultimate if it work well, a finish skill, a self protect skill, a enhance buff, etc.... The problem is people always looking down of tremble, no matter what skill he have. Giving him a controlable pet doesn't solve the problem but make it worse
  9. I dont hate people picking jungle heroes. But sometimes, being force to pick the heroes who can stay in suicide is boring. I mean, i want to play shellshocks, King Klout, etc... Those hero cant solo suicide lane, you see. I dont ask to change the current meta, just put my thought here
  10. Playing suicide role never fun if you ask me. Only few heroes fit with that role, and can farm as the same times, The rest just hitting exp or running around. It's fun if you 1vs1 with the enemy while put your eyes on mini map to avoid ganking from juingle.
  11. Back then, there's simillar topic with Nitro who want old Nitro back. Now all of them crying, ask for nitro nerf and no one ask for old nitro come back? The old Andrenaline is fun? Excuse me, who actually have fun when playing with him? his teamates, his enemy or the player who play andrenaline himself? The new one is weak, sure, let's buff him next patch
  12. Why the auto attack carry need to have high skill cap to be playable again ??? The more easy and simple that hero have, more player can use it. Old tremble have very few player who can play it and the rest are failling. The most famous carry is always easy to play, people dont like the heroes that too hard to play but small reward. Espeacially if it's carry hero The hero dont design or balance for just "one" or "two" people who play it.
  13. Ok, what do you want to change ?? Old Boris controlable back? Not gonna happen Spent 4k2 gold for Boris to be controlable and blame the hero is weak ?
  14. If the hero is too weak, just buff him until he become good If the hero skill design is the problem, there's no way to fix it
  15. I think the damage is ok, but the stun time is small for hard working. Around 4 seconds stun is better. I guess. Also, i remember the frist introduction of geomancer have ultimate skll deal 300/450/600 magic damage
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