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  1. The Answer is : Both. Since i want to play Qi, I try to avoid 1st pick, but there is a game where my team didn't show pick any hero, i have no choice but to pick him 1st because i was in blue spot. But even in a game i last pick Qi and The other team have MK, Maliken, solstice. The resuit is still dispointment The problem is his Early phase: A support with a weak slow, long cooldown and drain mana more than WS, Polly ??. E cost 50 mana, lol ?
  2. Me after played Qi a fews match Wait 4 month for next buff then ...
  3. Yeah, i also suggest it, the charge only recover HP and gain resistance. You need to drink in order to reduce cooldown Q and W
  4. Strength carry magebane? - 4k HP, 20 physical armour, 15 magic armour and a 6s Blink ??? No plz
  5. Add active skill Q or E: - Release a shockwave , applied Mana feedback to enemy within 600 radius in 6 seconds, Affected units that use an ability will deal 20/30/40/50% of that ability's Mana cost to the caster. Staff of the master effect: The ability become an aura with half of the radius and half the damage, (still can active to applied debuff in 6 seconds), Damage deal to caster increase to 50/70/90/110%
  6. Rather rework him, we should nerf Sand Wrath, Maliken, .... so they will be on same boat with magebane.
  7. No Magebane doesn't need any rework. What he need is not have two passives skill with long cooldown ultimate My Suggestion - Add Active skill to frist skill: Release a nova that burn mana to enemy around. Deal x damage equal to y mana burn (still have a passive burn mana on attack). Long cooldown early. No cast time - Third skill now have 5 level: Increase 2/4/6/8/10 magic armour.
  8. Magebane: This hero is "tanky" when he have items, he also have a mobility skill so having a hard time early is very much a part of his life. Shadowblade: The str Penality need to be removed. Adrenaline: Q should have 3/2/1/0, but the hero is putting down on purpose so no complain Madman: The hero is still picked and strong, but he need some buff indeed. DR: Should set his passive cooldown same as his ultimate. E didn't proc when use W is enough nerf. Salomon: This hero need change a total change, he isn't annoying but even we putting down him, he still coming back in a flash.
  9. There is no such thing called "report a player" in Garena
  10. Well, Garena cilient now is just a joke. They dont care about the game anymore and just try to take every last money from it. I rare see a game where we have AFK player, Is your game gold rank below ??
  11. Not really like Qi rework. What i see is the hero deal less damage, cost more mana and long cooldown Q early, though i agree that this hero need a damage nerf but ... Druken master's Drink lost the passive that he gain charge on enemy death, but i like the old suicide lane style of DM. Overall, DM rework feel like a nerf on him Finally, i can build Int carry midas without worry about Mana regen.
  12. I dont think Pebbles need nerf. This hero may be throw into trash tier with just a small touch. The power of pebbles is about how fastest he can get a PK. It's doesn't matter if he win or lose mid. If he cant get his Pk soon, he's not a danger threat Counter Peb isn't hard also. If his combo do ~1000 magic damage. Then vestman and some little hp Boost will make pebbles more harder to play. We have soultrap, power supply, Energize and they are cheap
  13. Correct me if I wrong. So Qi ultimate now deal 125 damage Plus passive at lv 1 And 1 seconds disarm + Perplex? I wonder if i worth the skill point And staff the master on W proc his passive Twice?
  14. w3_StarBoy


    Ah i Forgot to report this but - Moraxus W doesn't block the stun from Blitz This bug exsit from the beginning but because I rare play moraxus, I complete forget it
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