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  1. BeZzie

    HoN Live

    Are you suggesting that it is a problem on my end? Because I have downloaded the client multiple times on multiple machines and HoN Live does not seem to work on any of the clients. What could the issue possibly be?
  2. BeZzie

    HoN Live

    That is not a bad idea I honestly never thought Of that so thank you! I agree with you as well it was super fun being able to spectate the games live also very easy and convenient! I wish there was a way to keep this feature without compromising the games!
  3. BeZzie

    HoN Live

    So is HoN Live disabled forever? I’m assuming that you can no longer spectate due to ghosting or something like that? Sucks because I loved that feature because it was a place for noobs like me to learn new things. It would be cool to even have access to replays for the safety of the players and the benefit of the lower brackets or anybody for that matter. Did anyone else enjoy HoN Live?
  4. Hello, After watching some streams lately I noticed that the in-game interface has been updated and looks much better than what my game looks like. I am wondering if I am stuck with an old version. I am trying to download the newest game client from the website but the download continues to fail over and over saying internet connection lost. I know my internet is working good so how can I fix this issue? I am using windows 10 via bootcamp from macos.
  5. BeZzie

    Super Taunt

    Hey all, *I hope this has not already been discussed, I tried to search but could not find anything addressing this topic. I have been playing HoN on and off since Beta and just found out yesterday that there is SUPER TAUNT! HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS!! Prob because its kind of a hidden gem but anyways what did I do, I immediately took out the card a bought the 50 dollar coin package thinking that I should for sure be able to buy this item with that much money! I have spent hundreds of dollars on HoN cause I love the upgrades! To my dismay you are currently unable to purchase SUPER TAUNT
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