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  1. That caps are not offensive :(. It is a basic thing. You are not exempt from complying even if you do not know them because you do not read them. It is that what you have said that information is not public because people do not read it is serious .... Now we can go to off topic chanel. Jejeje because the real offensive thing on this 2020 is your concept about public information and privacy information. That is real dangerous.
  2. What public concept do you have?.It is a very childish concept and lacks reading. That people do not read does not make any information private, the government publishes thousands of laws every day, all companies and because you do not read them does not make them private. Public is something that is published and that EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO ACCESS. Another thing is that you do not worry enough to look for one or another information.
  3. And, do you have that discord server address?
  4. Im Linux user. I will follow this topic
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