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  1. Maybe get more rewards for people in the mastery system over 100 u get nothing! and fix this bug so you can actually use this mastery boosts
  2. Hello Frostburn studios i can tell you something when i create my own maps they look awesome and you guys cannot even make the new map for the people so everyone feels like something new is happening there is only bugs with this new "map" you guys made and the textures are booring, anyway Create new heroes that everyone can play make cool new skins make things happen and people happy! THINK!!!!
  3. Hello I think Heroes Of Newerth needs to come back to life again and for that you guys need to Make a great Youtube Video and new map textures, Heroes, Skins and the silver coins rate should be x3 at all time so x3 should be the original silver coin rate from matches and make a 3v3 map in matchmaking and make casual mode come back to match making with stats and you guys really need to fix the big/small bugs in the game such small bugs with skins and with the exp system to level up heroes there are probably more things but all i wan't and i know other players/people wan't in HoN is the game to be more fun and alive and more exiting to play again! Think this over and make a patch with alot of new things then you will earn your money aswell!
  4. Hello there are alot of small bugs in HoN but i found a new one! CruxLord Parallax is bugged when you have no boots he walks normally but when you buy Boots(Marchers) or any kind of boots he walks very weird and pls check it out! It is disturbing to play with that bug!
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