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  1. Damn just signed on to see this news. Read through this whole thread and I’m legit heart broken. Beta player since 09, I graduated high school in 09 and moved off to college, my brother in law was playing when I went over for dinner. He has me play arachna and moonqueen, I was complete trash but I was hooked. Still is the only video game I play to this day. Married now with my second on the way and I still get on when the wife is taking a tub. This hurts, thank you to all the people who made this game go on for as long as it has. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed. RIP hon characters, I’ll mi
  2. The last update is not finishing when I try to run it. Under the drop down it says make sure you have enough space on hard drive as well as your permissions are on allow or something. I know I have enough hard drive space. Not really sure what permissions made be keeping it from finishing. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Smithsfood


    I think magebane needs a different 3 skill. He is barely played and I really like him. I was thinking something like bombs small area attack but whatever lands lowers enemies mana or gives mana to allies.
  4. Ill never forget the ass whoopins playing only arach and moonqueen back in 2010. I love how this forum talks so negatively on grievers and trash talkers but I am pretty sure we've all done it. Screw a CC when its the only game Im playing for the day. Play like a man Die like a man.
  5. Are there more players playing Foc or MW? If midwars is more then changes need to be made to balance chars like flint moa art.
  6. Same the second actions starts to happen I always lag for a couple seconds into the fight.
  7. I feel like I build chars wrong sometimes. Just wondering on some insight, like when to build armor or hp. Or when to buy certain items. Or a counter char picking guide.
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