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  1. I would place 2 posible camps, but spawn on 1 of them, totally random. On this way u must use wards to dont walk around the map for nothing.
  2. Can i ask?. When do u speak about customer support?, are u speaking about people that work in kalamazoo, china,.... or nowadays they are remote working maybe...¿? what is the situation now?.
  3. I read on reddit something about like " HoN" is more popular in Asia, but im watching the website and the last update is from 2018. They have a new website maybe or what happends there?. ->Could it be that the directors of this project have underestimated the adaptability of different cultures? I play Starcraft2 with Chinese and Koreans and there is no more shock than to see how they pass me by. And if there are problems with chat and behavior, then put the option to play without chat. I don't know .... Of course, if we don't know how to play together, how are we going to live together
  4. Cant see any of my custom accounts icon suddenly? today i uploaded 2 and still the problem... https://www.imagenes-temporales.com/subidas/ver/NknPXm/
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