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  1. Detuks in the Discord server had recently shared the most up-to-date Mid Wars stats found on https://hon-stats.netlify.app/ Here I have sorted the heroes into a tier list by winrate, in precise order from left to right, top to bottom. At the very least this should serve to give players a general idea of which heroes are actually winning games, but keep in mind that what might win games in lower brackets (COUGH Flint COUGH) might not be exactly viable for high mmr play, and vice-versa.
  2. Download link seems to not have the file anymore, do you have another link you can share please?
  3. But I actually like this bug lol, I love sliding around whilst I have a ring of death around me
  4. Moon Queen staff is certainly very strong and can carry you out of low mmr, but nobody in high TMM actually buys it themselves on Moon Queen, typically having their mid player give the buff to them in those rare scenarios where it's both applicable and optimal for both of them to have SotM. For MQ herself, It's more optimal to simply keep building up her farming speed and DPS with an item progression like Steamboots -> Whispering Helm -> Geometer's Bane -> Wingbow. With an item build like this she can farm very fast and have reliable and comparable DPS to staff without being cooldown-
  5. There's another big issue I wanted to address in regards to the AFK timer in Mid Wars - I'm sure I'm not the only player encountering this problem where I get a notification from the system saying that "I am in danger of being kicked for AFK", which is complete BS obviously because I am just hanging out near the T1 towers trying to leech experience and there's no fights going on. I've even seen teammates being unfairly kicked from games even when they try to cast buffs or whatever because the AFK timer is now way too short, here's an example match ID where Legion's Accursed gets kicked by salt
  6. Well Predator is a garbage hero anyway so It's not really an issue.
  7. Doctor Repulsor is broken, honestly. I played a few games with him and am currently 6-1 with him, granted this was only gold/low diamond bracket. He deals so much damage in such a short time when you combo his spells and attack resets properly. He has such a huge power spike at level 3 when he has 3 spells for maximum laning phase harassment, and another power spike at level 6 when he has his Ulty. Yea, not being able to BKB/Sheep when leaving ult is kindof annoying but he has recieved SO MUCH damage in return, it's honestly sickening how much burst damage he has, it's like a Pebbles but
  8. I still have an open ticket in which I was talking with `Shattered about me being wrongly banned, and we were in the process of fixing the issue when suddenly he stopped replying to me in the HoN GM panel. I cannot submit a new ticket, and my account is still permanently banned. Help me.
  9. FluffyBoi


    Yea, I did also have that feeling that Deadwood's success is due to the general array of nerfs in recent patches, I myself am usually the kind of person with the mindset of "buff low tiers before nerfing high tiers". (Still holding out hope for buffs to Flint/Blacksmith) Idk man, I love playing Deadwood too, and I hate taking tools away from heroes, I just feel like Uproot kindof invalidates many melee mids similar to Doctor Repulsor.
  10. FluffyBoi


    Yes, having a stun or escape at the ready can make it harder for Deadwood to be aggressive... we could sit here all day squabbling about what does or doesn't counter Deadwood, but that's not the point I am trying to make with this thread. I am trying to highlight the fact that Deadwood a bit too much versatility in his spells, most notably Oakbolt, being able to secure many creep kills and provide a reliable form of harass/ministun/slow all in one low-mana and low-cd ability cast. Having so much versatility and little advantages adds up, making him arguably the best melee mid hero in the
  11. While we're on the subject, is it too much to ask for a second hardcamp to be implemented? Ophelia and Parasite need all the help they can get in this gamemode. Having multiple hardcamps (one each near each team's base) is one of several things I really loved about the PBT Mid Wars map, giving Ophe/Parasite an actual opportunity to have impact, unlike the current Mid Wars map where it's way too easy to have the solo Hardcamp monitored/blocked, making those two heroes literal throw picks. And of course, I would love to have a couple of Ancient Camps implemented as well! These Ancient camps
  12. FluffyBoi


    That is such a gross oversimplification of a potential "counter" to Deadwood, and you did not even make any attempt to specify how a hero having a stun automatically and magically counters Deadwood. (Hint: having a stun does not make you automatically win a lane vs Deadwood, or any hero for that matter.) Let's say, for the sake of argument, you picked Moraxus as your midlaner to go 1v1 vs the enemy Deadwood mid. Moraxus is certainly a good hero, but I hardly think he is capable of winning the lane without ganks or a dual mid. Deadwood has him completely beat in terms of both last-h
  13. FluffyBoi


    A classic HoN hero that needs no introduction, Deadwood is the epitome of burst damage, capable of obliterating almost any hero caught by his Rotten Grasp + Willowmaker combo. Deadwood's specialty is high single-target burst damage, which is supposed to mean he is weaker in larger skirmishes, however I feel he has a variety of traits that virtually negate/make up for this supposed "downside" of the hero, and tips him towards the "overpowered" spectrum of balance, and is probably in need of a slight nerf. I play several games with this hero on several accounts, and he is quite dependab
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