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  1. Moon Queen staff is certainly very strong and can carry you out of low mmr, but nobody in high TMM actually buys it themselves on Moon Queen, typically having their mid player give the buff to them in those rare scenarios where it's both applicable and optimal for both of them to have SotM. For MQ herself, It's more optimal to simply keep building up her farming speed and DPS with an item progression like Steamboots -> Whispering Helm -> Geometer's Bane -> Wingbow. With an item build like this she can farm very fast and have reliable and comparable DPS to staff without being cooldown-dependant or giving opponents an easy counterplay in Shrunken Head. Oh and not to mention her ability to quickly raze buildings which is something that Staff build is way way slower to do.
  2. There's another big issue I wanted to address in regards to the AFK timer in Mid Wars - I'm sure I'm not the only player encountering this problem where I get a notification from the system saying that "I am in danger of being kicked for AFK", which is complete BS obviously because I am just hanging out near the T1 towers trying to leech experience and there's no fights going on. I've even seen teammates being unfairly kicked from games even when they try to cast buffs or whatever because the AFK timer is now way too short, here's an example match ID where Legion's Accursed gets kicked by salty teammates due to the afk timer being so damn short: Match ID #159585400. Obviously Legion loses this game. Can we revert the AFK timer changes for Mid Wars please? Or make it so that afk kicks can only happen if the ENTIRE team votes yes on the matter instead of 3/4? Thank you.
  3. Well Predator is a garbage hero anyway so It's not really an issue.
  4. Doctor Repulsor is broken, honestly. I played a few games with him and am currently 6-1 with him, granted this was only gold/low diamond bracket. He deals so much damage in such a short time when you combo his spells and attack resets properly. He has such a huge power spike at level 3 when he has 3 spells for maximum laning phase harassment, and another power spike at level 6 when he has his Ulty. Yea, not being able to BKB/Sheep when leaving ult is kindof annoying but he has recieved SO MUCH damage in return, it's honestly sickening how much burst damage he has, it's like a Pebbles but ranged and with a free PK at level 6. Here I am gonna post some example combos to calculate how much damage Doc can deal at these power spike windows: Level 3: ~61 Attack damage with items, Attacks enemy (61 damage), Casts Q , Attacks again with E boost with attack cooldown reset (101 damage), Stuns enemy, drawing them into the Q bomb (105 damage) and attacks again with E boost (101 damage). Grand total of 368 damage before mitigation, with multiple slows and a stun too. Literally HALF of an enemy's healthpool gone in an instant. And the combo barely consumes less than 30% of Doc's mana, whereas a Pebbles would be out of mana at this point. Level 6, ~75 attack damage, with max points in E: Flies in with R (minor damage), Attacks enemy he collides into (155 Damage), Casts Q and attacks again (155 damage), Casts W, drawing them into Q bomb (105 Damage) and attacks again (155 damage), and let's say Doc has enough leftover mana to cast R two more times to deal two more boosted autoattacks (155 damage each)(additional minor damage from R), We're looking at roughly 880 pre-mitigation damage total, with multiple slows and a stun to boot. That's almost an entire hero's healthpool at that stage of the game, and that's not even counting other variables such as ally help, or an enemy having reduced health from laning phase harassment, or runes. I love this new combo-oriented Doc and I am enjoying these free wins but even I have to admit that his damage output is in need of nerfs. Maybe you can nerf his damage in exchange for granting him the ability to BKB after leaving ulty? Would be appreciated.
  5. I still have an open ticket in which I was talking with `Shattered about me being wrongly banned, and we were in the process of fixing the issue when suddenly he stopped replying to me in the HoN GM panel. I cannot submit a new ticket, and my account is still permanently banned. Help me.
  6. Yea, I did also have that feeling that Deadwood's success is due to the general array of nerfs in recent patches, I myself am usually the kind of person with the mindset of "buff low tiers before nerfing high tiers". (Still holding out hope for buffs to Flint/Blacksmith) Idk man, I love playing Deadwood too, and I hate taking tools away from heroes, I just feel like Uproot kindof invalidates many melee mids similar to Doctor Repulsor.
  7. Yes, having a stun or escape at the ready can make it harder for Deadwood to be aggressive... we could sit here all day squabbling about what does or doesn't counter Deadwood, but that's not the point I am trying to make with this thread. I am trying to highlight the fact that Deadwood a bit too much versatility in his spells, most notably Oakbolt, being able to secure many creep kills and provide a reliable form of harass/ministun/slow all in one low-mana and low-cd ability cast. Having so much versatility and little advantages adds up, making him arguably the best melee mid hero in the game. I'm not saying he's terribly OP, he just needs one or two little changes to help give other mids more of a fighting chance.
  8. While we're on the subject, is it too much to ask for a second hardcamp to be implemented? Ophelia and Parasite need all the help they can get in this gamemode. Having multiple hardcamps (one each near each team's base) is one of several things I really loved about the PBT Mid Wars map, giving Ophe/Parasite an actual opportunity to have impact, unlike the current Mid Wars map where it's way too easy to have the solo Hardcamp monitored/blocked, making those two heroes literal throw picks. And of course, I would love to have a couple of Ancient Camps implemented as well! These Ancient camps should be located somewhat close to the sides of the lane like in the PBT version, allowing both teams a chance to farm them whilst presenting a slight risk if the enemy team feels confident in contesting it.
  9. That is such a gross oversimplification of a potential "counter" to Deadwood, and you did not even make any attempt to specify how a hero having a stun automatically and magically counters Deadwood. (Hint: having a stun does not make you automatically win a lane vs Deadwood, or any hero for that matter.) Let's say, for the sake of argument, you picked Moraxus as your midlaner to go 1v1 vs the enemy Deadwood mid. Moraxus is certainly a good hero, but I hardly think he is capable of winning the lane without ganks or a dual mid. Deadwood has him completely beat in terms of both last-hit and harass potential, Moraxus' Quake deals negligible damage and More Axes needs multiple points to be even remotely threatening to heroes, being mostly relegated to helping Moraxus in his desperate attempt to secure creep kills vs Deadwood's Oakbolt, and in that time it takes for Moraxus to gain a few levels Deadwood has a sizeable gold and exp advantage from all the creep score he racked up, and even tossed a handful of last-charge-trees at Moraxus to bring his HP down a bit. Again, having a stun does not make you automatically win a lane vs Deadwood. Being ranged with a multi-purpose stun/harass/farm tool like Bombardier would fare much better vs Deadwood, but still it's not necessarily a won lane for the Bombardier, as he still struggles to out-CS the Deadwood thanks to Oakbolt +Logger's Hatchet, and Bombardier's low mobility means he is susceptible to a Tree Throw + Rotten Grasp combo. Next time when you post, I would appreciate it if you put just a *little* more effort into explaining your reasoning.
  10. corpulentcod


    A classic HoN hero that needs no introduction, Deadwood is the epitome of burst damage, capable of obliterating almost any hero caught by his Rotten Grasp + Willowmaker combo. Deadwood's specialty is high single-target burst damage, which is supposed to mean he is weaker in larger skirmishes, however I feel he has a variety of traits that virtually negate/make up for this supposed "downside" of the hero, and tips him towards the "overpowered" spectrum of balance, and is probably in need of a slight nerf. I play several games with this hero on several accounts, and he is quite dependable and powerful as a mid/offlane hero thanks to his high burst damage, laning power, and lockdown. I would imagine most players agree too, as he still sees a respectable amount of usage in most levels of play (rank 59 out of 139), and has a 54% winrate in NA/EU. I will go through his abilities one by one and give my personal thoughts on the ability in regards to balance. Q - Rotten Grasp A simple AoE spell and Deadwood's primary "crowd control" ability and damage dealing spell outside of his ultimate, it is typically the spell players max out first (usually after grabbing a point in Uproot level 1/3), with its negative armor effect synergizing well with his Ultimate. It will usually not ever grab more than 1/2 players, if any, and despite the power it offers, the delayed-skillshot nature of this spell makes it fairly balanced. Personally, however, one change I would like to see to the spell is to limit the number of players the ability *can* immobilize, as it still has the quite underrated potential to immobilize most or all of an entire team should the stars align for such an event to occur. A potential 3 second immobilize/dps against a huge chunk of the enemy ranks can be quite disastrous (invoking feelings of Keeper's Ultimate on a basic ability) and something I feel that doesn't quite belong on this supposed "heavy single-target damage" hero. But again, It's just a personal nitpick I have with the ability and isn't strictly overpowered, again to the delayed-skillshot nature of the small-AoE ability. The next ability, however, is one I actually have gripes with: W - Uproot This ability makes Deadwood an absolute nightmare to face against in a 1v1 lane, even some ranged heroes cannot deal with the superior last-hitting & harass power this spell grants Deadwood. On a very lenient manacost of just 20, and a cooldown of only 15 seconds, Deadwood gains a deceptively huge (15,30,45,60) boost to his attack damage for a limited number of attacks and also has the option to throw the tree at an opponent (cast range 650!), dealing his attack damage to the target (minus the bonus damage) and applying a ministun and a hefty tapering movement slow. This is the spell that inspired me to make this thread, I feel it offers Deadwood too many advantages rolled into 1 skill that more often than not allows him to outfarm an opponent (especially with Logger's Hatchet) and out-harass opponents, culminating in a snowball effect that hurtles him quickly towards items such as Portal Key that allow him to completely shut down any target he so chooses. He also has Rotten Grasp to follow up the log slow with for even more damage or possibly a kill (though achieving a solo kill with Deadwood pre-level 6 is very rare against good players). In the past Deadwood used to have to target a tree at melee range in order to gain all of these abilities, but at some point along the way the ability was changed to simply being a self-position skill that can be used anywhere, removing any possible downside of this skill. Now, I don't necessarily think that the amazing numbers on this skill should be nerfed, rather, I think a simple and easy way to reel in this skill a bit is to simply revert the targeting mechanism to how it was before, forcing Deadwood to actually physically rip a tree out of the ground at melee range to reap its benefits, which causes Deadwood to have to make more conscious risk vs. reward decisions about whether he should stay closer to the creeps to try and secure more creep kills at the cost of attack damage and harass, or if he should pull back to grab a tree at the risk of losing 1 or 2 creep kills. Reverting it to the previous targeting mechanism can also hinder the potential for annoying multi-log throws in quick succession in fights/ganks, another risk vs. reward scenario that can still offer Deadwood many amazing benefits without making the ability seem, for lack of a better word, "brainless". E - Clearcutting Deadwood gains a buff that grants him treewalking and bonus movespeed for the duration, destroying trees he passes over and granting additional movement speed and slow resist for a small period after destroying a tree this way. A great spell design-wise and not too OP balance-wise, I don't have too much to say about it, it's a cool thematic way for Deadwood to stalk his enemies or potentially escape danger, my only complain is the Slow Resistance it grants when passing over a tree, scaling to 100% at level 4, which potentially makes it near impossible to pin him down if you don't dedicate multiple direct lockdown spells to Deadwood, granting him the potential to escape situations he really shouldn't have, particularly in overextensions and suicide Deadwoods. But again, these are just other small nitpicks I have with the hero but one that isn't strictly in need of a change. R - Willowmaker Deadwood's signature ability (also known as the Falcon Punch) is a simple single-target spell at melee range that deals a massive amount of physical damage and a stun followed by a slow. Able to pierce Magic Immunity (unlike rotten grasp), this is simultaneously one of the best burst damage spells AND one of the best lockdown spells in the game, with it's main drawback being the very short cast range. Regardless, this spell is always a threat no matter how underfarmed Deadwood is (due to the magic immunity piercing), and it only gets better as Deadwood gains Portal Key to make up for it's terrible range, as well as negative armor items to amplify its already sky-high burst damage. Despite the incredible potential this skill holds, I do believe it is reasonably well-balanced due to the short range and dependence on Portal Key/prior lockdown. If I were forced to make any change to the spell, it would be to cause the movement slow following the stun to be negated by magic immunity, just a tiny change to reel the spell in a bit. In conclusion, I feel that Deadwood isn't horribly overpowered, he just needs a few tweaks to one or two of his spells to reduce the sheer versatility and power they provide, particularly Uproot in the laning phase.
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