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  1. I'm a higher level player, always have been. Since forever, and consistently through pro play and high bracket matches throughout the ages, behe double block has been a staple of the hero and a selling point for it getting a level or two early on into the game, as it is very weak in 1 on and even many 1v1 situations, the hero has a relatively weak laning phase and this is one of its only selling points.
  2. However, the idea remains to be that you need to block from the tier 3 tower in order to get 2 blocks off and thus actually acquire lane control, otherwise, the cooldown doesn't come off at around the time the creep wave is still blockable a second time.
  3. The fix to the creep blocking by giving them unit walking+cliff walking hurts behemoth suicide, and will make him near unviable to play, and will force him to instantly roam from the get-go. Suicide behmoth blocking the first wave has been a staple of the hero in this role and is absolutely necessary as suicide as a role and the players have already been suffering quite a lot.
  4. Keeper of the green (keeper of the forest skin) please !
  5. Got an alt avatar coupon for pollywog priest on my sub-account (inasia) and I only get the coupon for 2 avatars, but it isn't showing up for the rest. Wondering if that could be fixed for me.
  6. I was wondering if there was anywhere we could discuss this or maybe even find a solution to it. I find no reason for why some skins are still unavailable; some of my favorite ones are still locked and I would LOVE to purchase them if that were a possibility. A while ago there was a thread where we could request alt avatars to be unlocked but it was only up for a limited amount of time. I was wondering if there was anything like that happening soon or if we could request something like that? would be very appreciated ?
  7. It's an interesting point you bring through but the rating system is quite fair up to a certain level, as in up to diamond3/diamond 2 it's pretty consistent with who's there, every now and then you'll have someone undeserving or someone too good for the bracket there but those are anomalies. In general, if you really can't get up to a higher rank than gold 4 then that is a pretty strong indicator of your skill level, and higher ranked players, specifically once organized, will be far too tough opponents for the match to even be enjoyable. Considering that it's the only community we got, yes, t
  8. I've found a fix that can run it fine enough, for if anyone runs into this issue again in the future. Go to power options by right clicking the battery icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. then click "Change Plan Settings", no matter what plan you're using. Next, click "Advanced power settings". From there, you'll find Processor power management. Click it and change both "Minimum processor state" and "Maximum processor state". both "On battery" or "Plugged In" for both to 100%, lower your graphic settings until you reach a suitable FPS to play on. After opening the app, Open y
  9. I also tried setting the priority for the game as High and messing around with the affinity to certain cores, only using half for example, nothing seemed to work. I tried repair installing but that didn't cut it. So I just uninstalled and am downloading it overnight as it takes a while, I was wondering if you had any other ideas as I am willing to try pretty much anything, if you need screenshots or have any other ideas where I can mess with certain settings I'm also willing to give that a shot, Thanks again for your help ! ?
  10. It seems my AMD software can't pick up HoN as a game, and thus I can't force it to use my external gpu, being the better one, the 540X; however, and since I checked up with the task manager for both Dota and HoN it seems the main issue is with both the GPU and the CPU underperforming regardless in HoN while performing well with Dota, I have everything updated and double checked and have tried everything, I've ran HoN in high performance mode but it still gives me very low fps, I've also previously tried switching between OpenGL and DirectX before, OpenGL gives me 20~ FPS, which is around 10-15
  11. Acer Aspire A315-42G AMD Ryzen 5 3500U 8GB 512GB SSD Radeon 540X Windows 10 Home 15.6" FHD this is my device's specs, I was wondering what FPS this should yield me? I'm getting 30~ fps max on some of the lowest settings, which makes no sense because as far as I know, these specs are more than enough to yield over 60 fps consistently on medium graphics (which is what I was used to playing with), just replaced my old laptop and I have always been very in love with this game, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have heard that sometimes the issue is with AMD or the fact that my GPU's cap
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