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  1. This is a toxicity issue in HoN. It was before, it is now, and it will be forever. This is just how these MOBA games are. people want to get important roles to have an impact
  2. Yes. One or two per patch, you have a new avatar incoming on this patch as well.
  3. As a tester that I got to test the notes , I can tell you that this is a superb QOL patch. You will see many improvements in the game in general . Can't tell you much mate but I can assure you it is worth it.
  4. Usually in your case you get banned 24 hours at maximum I think . However if you get banned by GM it depends on your previous actions, the more you get ban the longer you have t wait.
  5. opppppppppppps my bad, i didn't buy it from the game I just logged into site, my bad how ever i have more than 2k gc and still it doesn't let me to reset my stats it says you don't have enough gold coin https://imgur.com/Djtb2Wq
  6. Hello to my fellow newerth players , I wish you happy new year and all staff members, I have just purchased 30 $ GC but when I logged in to my account I didn't get the free bonus . This either can be a bug or maybe staff members forgot to remove the free GC tag, ( also I have purchased a 10 Usd gc pack and i got the extra gold coins ) it would be nice to fix this problem , for example i wanted to buy GC in order to reset my stats now i am missing 50 gold . welp Thanks !
  7. well than we just need to wait to see if someone has same problem as me, by the way i changed mics from gaming headphones to studio microphones but problem is still there for me personally , I am using my "T" key as push to talk button but for some reason when i remove my hand from it , they can still hear the sound .
  8. its been for few months and still hasn't been fixed yet , and the problem is that when u want to talk to a player using push to talk button , when u release the key for some reason mic does not get muted, so player hears that glitch sound , it would be nice to fix that
  9. @ElementUser Hello elementuser I hope you doing great , first of all thank you for trying the best with all of your limited resources to bring hon to live , it really is hard job and you guys are doing great. I wanted to send you tons of thought and feedbacks but sadly I couldn't reach your discord and general forum isn't always a best place to share thoughts but regardless here are few changes that I had on my mind that I wanted to share , hopefully it helps you and if you want full list I can send it to you or one of staff members so they give it to you . rega
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