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  1. Yes. One or two per patch, you have a new avatar incoming on this patch as well.
  2. As a tester that I got to test the notes , I can tell you that this is a superb QOL patch. You will see many improvements in the game in general . Can't tell you much mate but I can assure you it is worth it.
  3. Usually in your case you get banned 24 hours at maximum I think . However if you get banned by GM it depends on your previous actions, the more you get ban the longer you have t wait.
  4. opppppppppppps my bad, i didn't buy it from the game I just logged into site, my bad how ever i have more than 2k gc and still it doesn't let me to reset my stats it says you don't have enough gold coin https://imgur.com/Djtb2Wq
  5. Hello to my fellow newerth players , I wish you happy new year and all staff members, I have just purchased 30 $ GC but when I logged in to my account I didn't get the free bonus . This either can be a bug or maybe staff members forgot to remove the free GC tag, ( also I have purchased a 10 Usd gc pack and i got the extra gold coins ) it would be nice to fix this problem , for example i wanted to buy GC in order to reset my stats now i am missing 50 gold . welp Thanks !
  6. well than we just need to wait to see if someone has same problem as me, by the way i changed mics from gaming headphones to studio microphones but problem is still there for me personally , I am using my "T" key as push to talk button but for some reason when i remove my hand from it , they can still hear the sound .
  7. its been for few months and still hasn't been fixed yet , and the problem is that when u want to talk to a player using push to talk button , when u release the key for some reason mic does not get muted, so player hears that glitch sound , it would be nice to fix that
  8. @ElementUser Hello elementuser I hope you doing great , first of all thank you for trying the best with all of your limited resources to bring hon to live , it really is hard job and you guys are doing great. I wanted to send you tons of thought and feedbacks but sadly I couldn't reach your discord and general forum isn't always a best place to share thoughts but regardless here are few changes that I had on my mind that I wanted to share , hopefully it helps you and if you want full list I can send it to you or one of staff members so they give it to you . rega
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