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  1. Remove leaving punishment then ? if that's your best and only solution towards making the community and gameplay experience better.
  2. I do not think so. Referring to the same example, I reported this guy who said all that stuff for me. I got banned 3 games later the same day because I said "wow this team is retarded" and "cc u fuckers". Funny enough I started playing with an Alt account and to my surprise the guy I had reported was playing the same game and I kept track of him, never got banned. Nice ? And yeah... another match ruined, let's move on and join a new one. OH SURPRISE! same guys, they gonna troll because they are still mad from last game so let's RQ and join a new match... OH NOES.. .same thing but w
  3. This is why the community has always been branded as one of the most toxic and racist communities and everyone cried until they migrated to other games. I mean. I love the game and I try my best everytime I play but you just leave my hands tied when This random guy starts insulting everyone, feeding. We are unable to kick them because you removed the option. If I mute them I lose ALL communication and makes teamplay harder. They continue to troll the game no matter how hard you try... If you leave you get punished. If you speak up you get punished. If you report, they don't get punished, If yo
  4. What I mean start punishing players who provoke others instead of the ones getting provoked. And stop banning for calling retards retards. Ban for racism when they call us tacos or mexicans or beaners. But no, u ban people for defending themselves and losing their patience to the actual bullies... LMAO
  5. I just joined a game with an alt account because I was banned for calling a guy retard after he said and I quote "fucking kid trash nigger nigger report me i dont care nigger nigger trash kid hope you get cancer, you were penetrated by your parents" in a game in which he did not participate. The game I just joined started with a guy spamming on mic "Don't pick jungle fucking monkey trashj brazilian mexican shit taco taco" You should stop punishing players who defend themselves from abusers over microphone. It's just infuriating when someone constantly harrasses you and u can't eve
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